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New York Best Haidressers Affordable In The Big City!



New York Best Haidressers Affordable In The Big City!

It is hard to miss how the hairstyles keep on evolving. While you can learn to tie and make the updos, you need to have them cut, straightened, curled, colored etc from a professional. A terrible haircut will not give you a bad hair day but jeopardize months depending on your hair growth.

Hence, it is suggested that one should take some time out to identify good hairdressers or salon. Test them and get your experience to know if it is worth sticking by or not. If you happen to live in New York, you would know how glamor and looks speak in most of the professions. You need to talk the talk and walk the walk. To make your life slightly easier, we have compiled a list of New York best hairdressers.



You can be broke and yet manage to get a chop for your mop at this salon. It is hard not to recognize Nick Arrojo from the TLC show What Not to Wear! He has a salon in Tribeca, Soho, and Williamsburg. Well, even if you cannot manage to get the iconic razor technique which Mr. Arrojo started, you can trust his assistants. But, you will have to get an appointment before you get your hair done. Do not hesitate to enquire about their latest pricing for haircuts, color, highlights etc.



You might have to take a 30-minute ride on the subway to reach this salon, but it is worth it. This salon will offer you a bargain hair wash and cut with no fuss at all. It is one of the popular family-based business which has been functional since ’99. With 5 stylists working over 7 stations, you will feel blessed to have visited it. But, if you are looking for pampering like massages then this is not your deal. Also, you might have to shell out some extra bucks for blow-dry or styling.


posh hair studio new york

The salon might look a bit outdated but the stylists are praised for their warm and welcoming attitude towards their clients. You can expect latest, neat cuts and proper trims as per your expectations. Every stylist at this studio is expert with the scissors and know what style is in and which one is out. You can feel safe with your hair around this place. However, make sure you call the store before you head for a cut. If you are not sure whether it is affordable or not, call and ask the executive.



This one is like a haven for those who are looking for a royal haircut but at throwaway prices. The stylists at Laura Braunstein are trained for not only trending haircuts but also the latest techniques of coloring. So, if you are looking for something interesting for your hair, let the stylist play and you watch the drama unfold. Whether you have a look in your mind or want the hairdresser to experiment, this studio is all yours. Not to mention, it serves one of the amazing cocktails while you wait.

  1. FOX & JANE:


It is a tiny and reserved spot for people looking expert haircuts. With praises like welcoming staff, expert stylists, and extremely reasonable haircut costs, you will feel like your prayers are answered finally. You will receive a lot of personal attention here and every detail pertaining to the haircut you share will be considered. Most of the hair treatments at this salon begin at $50 and are covered under $100. So, even if you want to get your hair treated at regular intervals, you can save up the costs easily.


Dramatics NYC

Okay, you are in a rush, have to get a cut, and do not have time to book a slot? Well, looks like today is your lucky day. Dramatics NYC is one of the New York best hairdressers that you can just walk in and get your hair chopped. You can get your hair washed, cut, groomed, styled etc. within $100. What more can you ask for? However, if you are looking for something customized or personal styling like a blowout, setting the hair etc., you might have to shell out some extra. But, with all these facilities, you must be already excited to be here.

  1. TEASE:

tease hairdresser nyc

You will need to book your session at Ming Chiu’s Tease salon. But, you will soon know the worth of it as soon as you step in it. Expect to get not just a cut but a transformation here. Do not be fazed by the array of products that Tease has to offer. Right from scalp massaging oils to the bed head products, you will find it all under one roof. Within no time, you will see the stylists work wonders on your hair. If you wish a simple blow dry along with the cut, you will have to pay an additional cost of $10 or $15. But, in the end, be prepared to be mesmerized.


butterfly salon nyc

This is one of the gorgeous hairdressers you will find in the entire New York. It is primarily known for its stylists, who give an “everyday look” a new avatar. Be it easy layers or perfect haircuts, you will find them easy to maintain every day. Apart from the hair, if you are looking for any other beauty treatments, you will find the staff to be helpful by all means. You are expected to book an appointment for the specific procedures.

When you are new in New York – the land of dreams, you will have your hardships and find it tough to sail through certain times. But, if you are talented, your skills will take you to places. While you will get to read several lifestyle hacks to cut through the competition, we brought you the finest of New York best hairdressers. They will get you the best look at prices that you can easily save. So, now you know where to head when you are looking for a simple makeover or a major transformation for your new role!

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