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10 Interesting Ways To Get The Best Bantu Knots Short Hair

Small Knot Bantu short hair


10 Interesting Ways To Get The Best Bantu Knots Short Hair

Update yourself with the latest Bantu knots short hair. Try them this year to look trendy and hot.

Bantu knots make an amazing alternative to the regular curly hairdos. A common misunderstanding is that such knots are meant only for the long and medium length hair. Bantu knots are extremely fun and they can go really well even on the short hair. Only you need to know is how to do the Bantu knots short hair. When you get the hang of it, you will be able to comfortably move your fingers on short hair and get the cheerful knots. Also, gone are the days when the Afros would rock this style. There are women as well as men who are experimenting with the Bantu knots Short Hair.

So, let’s get started with the easy ones that you can try and the chicest ones which are trending this season.

  1. Bantu Updo:

Bantu Knots Short Hair

When you are running short of time or do not have a helping hand for getting the Bantu knots, you should be going for the Bantu Updo. This one is the simplest and even a 5th grader can do it on her own. All you will need is the ability to pick up the right amount of hair chunks and rolling them neatly to get the flattering look. If you are new to the Bantu knotting and do not wish to spend lavishly on salons, you can try this one at home. With little or no help, you can do it.

  1. Elaborate Bantu:

Elaborate Bantu short hair

If you got the time to work on your hair and are confident with your flair for braiding then you should be trying the Elaborate Bantu. You will have to braid the chunks of hair that you would pull out for the regular Bantu. Then you will have to neatly roll them and tie a mini bun of it. If you wish, you can incorporate unique braiding techniques to get amazing Bantu knots and patterns. It is important that you work on the little details so that the hairstyle comes out well.

  1. Half Bantu:

Half Bantu short hair

If you have thin and short hair then you should be trying the Half Bantu. Whether you are running late for the work or want to stand out in the crowd, you can tie your hair in this unique way. These Bantu knots simply take care of the upper section of your head while you leave the remaining portion untied. It would resemble like the half ponytail but you will have Bantu knots instead of flat hair.

  1. Triangle Bantu:

Triangle Bantu short hair

Well, it depends on what kind of Bantu knots would you want. Whether you want the simple rolls or the braided ones, this style depends on the pattern you create to get the knots. So, when you want the Triangle Bantu, you will have to create triangular patterns while getting the knots. It would appear as if your one Bantu knot is locked up in a triangle.

  1. Tight Bantu:

Tight Bantu short hair

When you are blessed with dense hair and thick curls, you should be going for the tight Bantu. It will create an illusion that you have longer hair. Grab massive chunks of hair and tie them close to each other. So, you will end up having massive chunks of Bantu knots short hair with the Tight Bantu style.

  1. Square Bantu:

Square Bantu short hair

Following the footsteps of the triangle Bantu, you can attempt the Square Bantu. Whether you have thick curly hair or medium wavy hair, you can try sectioning your hair with square patterns. The only difference this time is that your Bantu knots would be locked up between a square. So, make sure you have a good comb and an Afro pick or a Rattail comb to help you with the detailed sectioning. Unless you section the hair neatly, the style will not look good.

  1. Accessorized Knots:

As you move up tying your Bantu knots, you can use different hair accessories to deck them up. The best way is to use hair extensions that contrast and blend well with your existing hair color. Either spin them in while braiding up your Bantu knots or use them, in the end, to tie up and get a complete Accessorized Knots. Using colored extensions would spice up your look if you are looking for some fun.

  1. Small Knot Bantu:

Small Knot Bantu short hair

When you have thin hair and get a craving for Bantu knots, it is best to stick to the small knots. They are easy to work with and go well with your short and thin curly hair. Take very small portions of hair and work on tying them in neat small buns. Secure them with hairpins or ties so that they are not visible. You can incorporate the triangle or square patterns to make your hair Small Knot Bantu look slightly funkier.

  1. Dreadlock Bantu:

Dreadlock Bantu short hair

This one might be slightly trickier to work with. You will have to turn your regular curly hair into massive dreadlocks. There is no need to worry or crib that you have short hair. A few hair products and you can get the right amount of dreadlocks in your hair. As you get the dreadlocks, you should start working on getting the Dreadlock Bantu. Make sure you keep them secured firmly so that they do not come off easily.

  1. Sunny Side Up Bantu:

Sunny Side Up Bantu

Now this one is similar to the Half Bantu. All you will have to work on is the lower section of your head. This way you will be left with a curly chunk of hair on the top portion creating mohawk look for you. Go for tight and closely located Bantu knots when you are working on the Sunny Side Up Bantu. This will ensure that the look comes out well and you look good to be it in a professional setting or a casual environment.

These are the 10 best Bantu knots short hair which you can try this season.

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