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6 Best hairdressers in Sydney You Should Try Once In your Life!

Edwards and Co


6 Best hairdressers in Sydney You Should Try Once In your Life!

There are times when girls and even men feel to pamper themselves with all the love and money too. Here are 6 best hairdressers in Sydney who will make you feel royals from the time you get your cut!

Wondering who did the wonderful bob for Lara Bingle last year? You can simply get it done for your hair, wouldn’t you! Or are you looking out for the best hairdressers in Sydney who can do the best balayage. There are hair experts in Sydney who have been painstakingly practicing their art to offer brilliant cut to their clients. They are exceptionally genius at cutting and trimming, coloring or highlighting. But it takes finding the one that knows your personality, understands your expectations and work on it like a magician.

Precisely why we are here for! We assemble the best hairdressers in Sydney for you:




20-22 Elizabeth St, Paddington 2021

(02) 9360 2444

This is more than a regular salon. It is an institution, a kind of a cult in the Australian hair industry. You will find this salon boasts loyal celebrity clientele which has Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts, Cate Blanchett, Toni Collette etc. Remember the ‘Bingle Bob’? The entire Sydney was in frenzy over this style and every young girl wanted to have it. Well, this salon introduced the style! Just name the style you want and you will have it here. You will find the best hair designers here who work for the Australian Fashion Week.

To have your precious tresses cut here is like a special event. Valonz gives you a life-changing transformation. So, when you wish to start your life afresh, like a new job or new boyfriend, you know where to go!

  1. EDWARDS & CO:

Edwards and Co


1/99-103 Kippax St, Surry Hills

(02) 9211 6631

Jaye Edwards – one of the leading colorist of Sydney was visionary enough to transform the warehouse into a very stylish meeting place. It has a chic communal table that welcomes the freelancer approach. This studio salon puts up together the best freelancer hair experts. Do not be surprised to run into Byron Tumbull or Remington Schulz when you are into this studio.

So, are you wondering what is Edwards & Co. great at? It’s Balayage. You will get the witness the wizard at work when you choose for this technique. No matter you want a perfect blonde or a beautiful blonde. Heading to this salon this once in a lifetime experience that you will get every time. The moment your hair had a treatment here, you will never look at any other options.


RAW Salon


100 Commonwealth St, Surry Hills

(02) 9211 4444

Anthony Nader is your ‘THE MAN’ if you are looking out for a creative genius. Majority of the Australian beauty editors absolutely adore this salon and its genius. In fact many of them prefer to have their hair cut and styled here. If you intend to create a bold statement with your style then this is the place you should be headed to. You will find only fresh styles, accurate colors and the most enviable cuts here at the Raw Anthony Nader.

Ever since it started in 1997, it has been the favorite place of all international and Aussie celebs. If you dig Gisele Bundchen, Kershaw, Miranda Kerr, Abbey Lee (and of course the list will go on), then you know where to get your style from. Once in a while it is good to indulge in yourself and this exactly is the place that will spoil you to the core.


Best Hairdresser in Sidney


352 Bourke Street, Surry Hills 2010

(02) 9331 8635

As compared to the ones discussed above, this o ne is relatively a newer one. However, do not let the age get you. It comes with a quirky space that has been giving rave styles. This salon has Alan White who has been coming up with insane and innovative hair styles. As the name suggests, it is a space that offers killer haircuts, styling, colors, and even blow-dries. Your hair will be treated only by the expert stylist with amazing professional background.

Right from a keratin treatment to a haircut, a trial for wedding or new cut for a new job District will deliver you only the best. Once you are seated for hair treatment, you wouldn’t feel like moving out of here.


Barney Martin


399 Riley Street, Surry Hills 2010

(02) 9212 0204

Want to get your hair treated at the same place where Kate Moss does? The British-born Barney Martin became an international success because of the way he makes his clients feel. He has earned a reputation of offering a gorgeous hair and personalized styles peculiar to a person. Officially recognized as Pantene Hair Expert he has worked on different sets of hair. No one is more trustworthy with the hair and tresses than him. You will be more than glad that you had your best hair experience here!


Brad Ngata


284 Crown Street, Surry Hills

(02) 9281 1220

Just imagine what 30 years of rich experience in the industry of hair can do to you? Ngata has been awarded as ‘Australian Hairdresser of the Year’ many times. His works are known to be appreciated as an art work. If you do not believe in fairytales then this is your time to step out of your home and visit Brad Ngata. His Balayage technique has been the reason of envy for many. It brings out a distinct personality out in you. So, if you ever consider ending your blondes and playing with the color, then you know you should bow down only to one man – Ngata.

Well, that’s all folks! Show some love for yourself with any of these 6 best hairdressers in Sydney. In the meantime we shall hunt and bring more for you!


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