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Map to Locate the Best Hairdressers Melbourne!

best hairdressers melbourne


Map to Locate the Best Hairdressers Melbourne!

When it comes to trusting someone with your hair, it is not easy. And, finding a good hairdresser is not that simple as it appears to be. The internet will astonish you with so many results that you will feel confused.

You must be looking for someone who can treat your hair the same way you do. The hairdresser should put his heart and soul while working on your hair. He is not just your stylist, he is the one who will be transforming your personality with his skills. When you begin your hunt for the best hairdressers Melbourne, you should look out for certain traits. It will simplify your task and you will find your exact match.

best hairdressers melbourne

Checklist for finding the right salon and the best hairdresser in Melbourne:

  1. Your Specifications:

You might not be a genius in hairstyling but, you surely know what you want for your hair. It might not necessarily suit your hair texture or face shape. But, you will want someone who will listen out to your expectations. What is your idea about the best hairdressers melbourne? Would you want someone who will help you with last minute appointments? Or would you want someone who offers a detailed consultation before the styling? Anything that you seek in a hairdresser has to be written down and checked while hunting for one.

  1. Referrals:

This is the easiest but definitely the surest way to start your search. You must have at least one friend who is specific about her appearance and has a beautifully styled hair. Begin by asking her or him about their stylist. Ask your acquaintances, friends, relatives, colleagues etc about the salon they visit. It is the surest way to find the best hairdressers. They will surely share their experiences with the hairdressers with you, be it good or bad. So, you can definitely have a list of hairdressers whom you can consider visiting.

  1. Online:

Sit with the list that you prepared from the referrals. Run a check on them online. See which ones have an online presence and what people have to talk about them. You can surely learn a lot from the previous or existing customer experiences. The best places to check for the reviews and comments are social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Also, there are customer review websites and forums. All of this will help you to know about the popularity of the hairdresser and the work reputation he or she has set for the salon.

  1. Budget Salons:

The worst place to settle for would be budget salons. You might be tempted to get your hair colored or styled at cheap prices. But, there is no assurance about the quality. You are more likely to damage your hair than to get them styled. So, avoid even thinking of the budget salon as your backup. You will neither have the satisfaction nor the assurance about the quality of the service. No matter how great reviews you come across about such hairdressers, you should try to avoid them at all costs.

  1. Pricing:

Different hairdressers will quote you different prices for the same cut or color that you wish to get. There are several factors that contribute to the pricing. Right from the brand name to the equipment they use, you will be paying for the skills and expertise. If the money is a constraint, you need to first look out for the prices and then think of heading up to the salon. At times, you might come across deals or festive packages that you can benefit from. So, you should keep your eyes open to such offers.

  1. Visit:

There is no harm in visiting few hairdressers in Melbourne. You will get to know a lot about the facility. It is the best way to know how hygienic and orderly the place is to how well the executives greet their visitors. Also, you can check if the ambiance is pleasant for you to wait or get suggestions on which kind of cut would suit you or what color to go for. A single visit can help you decide if the hairdresser will actually give you the best experience or not.

  1. Appointments:

Several Melbourne – best hairdressers have the system of appointments on which they work. This is to ensure that the work flows smoothly. More importantly, you or other clients do not have to suffer inconvenience. Also, many skilled hairdressers are extremely busy due to their popularity. There are times when people have to get appointment weeks and months in advance. So, when you happen to visit or call the salon, you should ask for the appointment system.

  1. Clarify Doubts:

If you are new to the town and have several doubts about working on your hair with a new hairdresser, it is best to settle the queries first. You cannot think of anybody touching your hair without building trust and respect for the person. So, make sure you engage in talks with the reception or the hairdresser himself before allowing him or her to work on your hair. Most importantly, see how excellent the hairdresser is with the consultation. It will give you a hint if you would trust him with your hair.

If you are lucky, you will find the best hairdresser in the first go. Chances are you might have to go through the trial and error process. In either case, you need to be honest and realistic with your expectation. It will help you maintain a transparent communication with your hairstylist and get only the best. Be polite in your conversation especially while pointing out the problem areas. Do not hesitate to praise. And, never think of cheating on the stylist once you found the best one by going to someone else for any of your hair treatment.


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