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Box Braid Hairstyles That You Must Try!

The Unique Braid


Box Braid Hairstyles That You Must Try!

It’s the time of the year when you start thinking about new hairstyles for the coming year. We bring few inspiring box braid hairstyles 2016 for you to try.

With 2015 approaching its end, you must be curious about the styles for 2016! The box braid hairstyles are going to be wackier than you expected them to be. Right from vibrant colors to the length of the hair, you will be amazed to see the trending box braid hairstyles.

Be it a college student or a working professional, you will have to maintain certain decorum when it comes to dressing. With box braids, hair will certainly be your concern when it comes to business trips, office meetings, presentations etc. There is no reason to worry about casual and formal hairstyles as we got plenty of options to make your 2016 a happy and a stylish year!

  • High Bun:

Box Braid Hairstyles

Gather all your braids at the mid top of your head. Tie them around your crown and form a cute hair pattern. It is convenient at the same time keeps the heat out of you. This fashionable hairstyle looks well on all the face shapes and skin tones. Try tying the bun in the unusual way. You can twist and roll the pattern the way you want. Also the length of your hair will determine how huge or small the bun would be. Longer the box braided hair, better the bun will turn out.

  • Two High Buns:

Two High Buns

When you have long locks that are box braided then you should certainly try this box braid hairstyles. Tying bun is the simplest hairdo for the braided hair but it can turn out to be boring at times. Try middle partition and tie two buns. This signature hairstyle for the box braided hair is stylish and accurate. Rather than thinking to get just the box braids, go for the coloring or at least highlights to get a refreshing look.

  • Half Bun Up:

Half Bun Up

You can look fancy on special occasions with the half bun. It is totally upto you the exact place you wish to tie your hair. The bun can be in the centre of your head or slightly tilted to one side. If you want, you can even tie it a little lower at the place where you tie your half way up ponytail. Considering the length of your hair, you are the best person to decide how high or low your half bun up should be. It is quirky and brings out the casual and fun side in hairstyles.

  • Playful Ponytail:

Playful Pony

Yeah you can say that ponytails are boring and they cannot be interesting for the box braid hairstyles 2016. It is not just a random ponytail but a carefully planned one. Instead of the regular step up ponytail, get a titled one at the side or layer the hair in a way that it gets an interesting texture. Use contrasting rubber bands or hair accessories to put some bang in the old school ponytail. This hairdo is all about you stepping up in the hair game.

  • Ninja Haircut:

Ninja Haircut

Instead of wondering how to get an edgy hairdo with the box braided hair, think of trimming or giving it a chop. The mean ninja haircut shaves off the section of your hair that gives you the punk or hipster look. Incorporate the undercut along with the box braids and even the regular tied up bun or a ponytail will look amazing on you. Sweep your hair to one side and you are ready to take your day. Who could have thought that shaving a part of your hair, can give you a new style height.

  • Twist and Twirl:

Twist and Twirl

Just because you have got box braids doesn’t mean you cannot tie your hair in a charming way. Get yourself the twisted hair look and stop worrying that they might appear to heavy or thick. Mix the updos and twirl the hair in a way that makes you look out of the league. Interlock the braided hair in any fashion and you become the icon. It is always about the confidence and comfort with which you trot in the hairstyle.

  • The Unique Braid:

The Unique Braid

As shown in the picture, you can braid your box braided hair a step further. All you need to do is divide the braids in 2 sections and get a huge thick braid on one side of your face. This hairdo for the box braid is not just wonderful but easy. Even if you are in a rush, you can get this hairdo and look amazing throughout the day.

  • Fishtail Braid:

box braids styles

Asymmetric hairstyles are so much fancier than the regular ones. When you have the box braids, they look all the more intriguing. Get some practice on tying the fishtail braids and you will look like a Van Gogh painting alive. If you can go a step ahead and try other types of braiding on your box braided hair that would be even more delightful. Eventually 2016 is just another year and let it be filled with all your crazy experiments!

Only a good maintenance routine will keep the box braids in better condition. Avoid buildup from the hair products that may cause skin irritations. Accessories can give you a gorgeous look on your special days. If you think you cannot maintain the braids, you can get them treated at salon. Keeping the box braids for too long can damage the hair, therefore get them removed every 6 or 8 months. If you have colored or highlighted your hair along with the box braids, then you need to be extra careful about the hair care regimen. So, care for your box braided hair and take on new hairdos bravely!

Box Braid Hairstyles to Rock for the Year

The years will keep changing but the love for box braid hairstyles will never go out of fashion. Women with natural African hair type would know that the box braids are indeed life savior. Summer is about the right time to flaunt those natural curls most creatively. But, when brushing, washing and maintaining them becomes a pain in the neck, get yourself the box braids. From the easiest ponytails to the exquisite Mohawk styles, you can rock anything on your braids.

So, this summer, we bring to you 10 box braids to rock boldly:

  1. The Half-Half:

Yes, you read it right. When you want the best of the both worlds, you would go for the mid-way. The ‘Half-Half’ is a unique way to style your box braids by mixing them with curls. All you need to do is begin with box braiding from your roots and leave them curly towards the bottom.

Style Tip: Color the end of your hair to get the striking contrast. This will highlight the transition from box braid to the curls.

  1. Beaded Braids:

If your profession allows you to spice up your look, you can go for some beads. You will have to invest some time hunting good beads, though. It is easier to get good hair accessories online. Check all your options and stock them up in your dressing table.

Style Tip:

Practice how to place and take out the beads so that you can dress up neatly for the occasion.

  1. The Bob:

Do not let your short hair keep you away from rocking the box braid hairstyles. All you need to do is find the right stylist and get your hair levelled up. You can accent the look by adding some highlights instead of global hair color. If needed put some beads.

Style Tip:

Maintain the look by getting the hair trimmed regularly.

  1. Undercut Box Braids:

Choose a section of your head and go for a bold undercut. To decide, watch your styling regularly. If you tie a ponytail regularly, you can go for an undercut at the nape. Or, you can simply choose either side with a distinct side partition and go for it.

Style Tip:

You need to be careful about the hair growth with an undercut to maintain the edge.

  1. Bun Ponytails:

This might be a tricky one to get but, you will surely love the end result. Get the regular ponytails on both the sides. Take a small chunk of box braid underneath the ponytail and wrap it neatly around it. It will give an effect that you have a bun on the ponytail.

Style Tip:

Spice up the look by coloring either the section that you want to wrap as a bun or the ponytail.

  1. Spaced Out Braids:

Instead of getting the regular box braid hairstyles which are spaced too close to each other, you can go for the ones that are spaced out. You can choose the distance between the braids. If needed, use hair extensions to get the right effect.

Style Tip:

Make sure your scalp is neat and clean always as space can make it easier for suds to settle.

  1. Mermaid Box Braids:

It takes real skill to intertwine the box braids in a way that gives a look of mermaid’s tail. In addition, you will have to color them with the marine blues or the sea greens. Even the dusty purple color can go well with the mermaid braids.

Style Tip:

Ask your hairstylist on how to maintain the color to keep the dreamy look for a long time.

  1. Crown Bun:

If you feel no less than a queen, then let the world know with this incredible box braid style. You need long hair to get the right effect. While there is a huge bun that sits on the top of your head, there will be a long flow of braids down too.

Style Tip:

Add soft highlights or global color to the braids to get the out of the world look.

  1. Braids and Bantu Knots:

Gone are the days when you had to choose between the braids and the Bantu knots. Now, you can get them both. Once you are done with your braiding, you can get the Bantu knots by rolling up some extensions. They look nice on both the natural hair or colored hair with highlights.

Style Tip:

Form them on the front of your head so that they look like a crown.

  1. Turban Braids:

There are different techniques that the hairstylists are incorporating these days. One of such style is the turban braids. The box braids are styled on top of the head in such a way they give away the look of a turban. You need to have heavy locks to get the right look, though.

Style Tip:

Hair color can drastically uplift your look. So, get it colored if you are going to rock this style for a longer time.

Get any of the styles this summer to feel like a princess. Do not forget to care for your hair, though. Wash and condition them regularly to maintain their health. Protect them from the sun and dust that might make the color look dull. Visit your nearest salon to maintain the look.


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