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Burgundy Hair Tips


Burgundy Hair Tips

It is not rocket science to make the burgundy hair last a bit longer. However, you will have to be
ready for the routine.

Burgundy Hair tips

Coloring the hair can be fun but, not many are aware of what they are getting into. What appears to be fun and exciting in the beginning transforms into a nightmare within a week. If you do not wish to lose the color of your hair, you will have to be ready for the maintenance and hair care. That means you will have to save money for those expensive hair color products and even the salon visits.

So, you need to get one thing straight – getting burgundy hair color is a full-time commitment. You will have to sign up for a lot of homework before getting them colored. And, once you have it red, you will have to upkeep with your routine for the color to last long.

How to prepare your hair before coloring?

  1. To Wash or To Not Wash:

There are long threads of discussion whether one should wash his or her hair before coloring? The answer can be both yes and no. If you engage in workouts on daily basis or exercise intensively, there will be a lot of sweat and grime in your hair. Hence, it is important that you wash your hair. However, if the weather is good and you do not engage in any hectic activities then you should hit the salon to color your hair.

  1. Conditioning the Hair:

It is important that you take specific care of your hair before you go for coloring. Use good hair conditioners to keep your conditioned at least 7 days before you color them. If needed, you can go for deep conditioning with any salon 3 days prior to your coloring. When you engage in conditioning, you will be able to moisturize them well. The hair will absorb the color well and come out vibrant and bright in the right measure.

  1. Choose the Right Brand:

Do not try to save money by choosing low-quality hair coloring packs. Do not try to attempt coloring your hair red at home. You need to understand that coloring the hair is an art and unless you are certified or exceptionally skilled, you should never risk it. Research well on different brands that offer burgundy colors. What ingredients are in the color? How safe is it to use the color? It is important that you choose a good stylist who will help you understand all these factors and get a good burgundy color.

How to work on a long-lasting coloring?

  1. Consistent Routine for Strong Hair:

Whether you choose to go for a dark burgundy or a milder tone, you will find that this color will stay put for a longer duration than any other color. While it is not easy to get rid of it easily, you will have to maintain it well so that the hair does not turn out rugged and coarse. This means you will have to come up with a routine to wash and condition your hair. It should also include hair packs or oil massages. Such care will ensure that not only the burgundy color stays for a long time but your hair quality will improve too.

  1. Shampooing and Conditioning:

So, the first thing you will need is a good shampoo. You can research about the different brands for different hair types. Also, you can ask your stylist to recommend a good shampoo. Just like you would try a patch test before coloring your hair, you should always try the same technique with shampoo as well. It is possible that your colored hair might not accept the ingredients of the shampoo and you end up with frizzy red hair. Go for paraben free shampoos and conditioners for your burgundy hair.

  1. Washing and Drying:

The most important thing is to choose the right temperature for washing your hair. Go for as much cold water as you can while washing your hair. When you use hot water, the cuticles on the outer hair shaft rise. It can strip off the essential oils and moisture in your hair. The result is frizzy hair. So, use the cold water so that all the cuticles are sealed giving you rich and glossy looking hair. Do not scrub the hair too harshly while washing. Round or circular movements will ensure that the blood circulates for strong and healthy hair. Allow them to dry them naturally and do not use any hair drying tools like blow dryers.

  1. Cut Down on Washing and Other Care:

It is important that you maintain the right levels of hygiene for your hair. But, you need to count the number of washes you have scheduled in a week or month. Do not wash your hair too often as it will force the burgundy to bleed. Washing your hair 2 or 3 times a week is safe. The scalp can stay clean, the natural oils remain intact and the color will last longer. Try to minimize the use of hair products like a blow dryer, hair straightener, hairsprays etc. They would only offer temporary solutions and long-term damage to your hair.

  1. Nourishing the Hair:

While you use numerous products from the outside to nourish your hair, you will have to work from the inside as well. Hence, it is important that you work on your diet. Incorporate vitamins and minerals into your diet. Calcium-rich food will take care of hair loss. As one ages, the body loses its capacity to absorb the essential nutrients. Hence, it is important that you learn to set a lifestyle that allows you to rest well. Exercise and engage in activities that will help you unwind from your stress or hectic routines. Only when you are healthy from the inside, your hair will appear healthy as well.

A healthy and well-cared hair will help the burgundy hair color to last for a longer time.

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