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Ultimate Guide To Style Your Collarbone Length Hair



Ultimate Guide To Style Your Collarbone Length Hair

Before the summer hits you, hit it in style with amazingly well-styled collarbone length hair. Here are the 8 styles that you can try this season.

This summer you need to pump up your style that will never fade from the memories of the people. It is not just about getting the trending crop tops and ripped jeans but also the hair that would help you carry your personality with confidence. For this, you will have to look out for all the hairstyles that will go well with your attitude. Be it long or medium hair, colored or highlights, you simply need to know what will fit integrally and not make you look fake.

Many girls are anxious about getting their hair length shortened. However, it is the short hair that brings the fun and peppy element out. So, if you are not sure to chop it too short, you can always play safe by trying the collarbone length hair.

Guide to styling your medium length hair for every occasion:

  • Bangs are Fun:

collarbone length hair

No matter how short your hair might be, the bangs will never go out of fashion. Depending on the type of your face, you can choose to have long or short bangs. Be it side-swept or the ones that would cover your forehead, you simply cannot go wrong with this one when you have collar length hair. Also, you need to maintain the smoothness of your hair to be able to carry the collarbone length and the bangs. Ask your stylist to recommend you some products that will help you maintain the bangs and keep your hair shining.

  • Half Bun:


You must have seen many men trotting with half bun look dreamy and casual. Well, now it’s your turn to go all sexy on them. If you have medium length hair and crave to have a bun then this is your go-to style. All you need to do is grab the topmost section of your hair like you would for a half pony and roll it in a bun. Secure the bun with a hair tie or a bobby pin. You can spray some hairspray to secure the style as it is. However, try to pull out some messiness to make it look young and casual. This style goes well with any informal setting or a casual event.

  • Half Twist:


This is a deviated version of half bun or a half ponytail. You can choose to have a middle partition, a side partition or no partition at all. Pull out some sections from both the sides of your temple. Twist and twirl them as you pull them together in the middle. Tie a knot or pin them up. You can even tie a small ponytail. Make sure you do not keep the hair neat or comb them too straight. The more you keep it messy and casual, the better it would look on you. If you have colored your hair or have highlights, this style would look great.

  • Bandana Style:


The goal of bandana was to secure the hair in one place and protect them from heat or winds. However, it has become a trending accessory for looking chic during the party or summer events. Pull all your hair together with your hands or a comb. You need not be neat while tying your collarbone length hair. A ponytail or bun would do when you choose to tie a bandana. Make sure you grab all the fancy bandanas to match your outfit. Crossmatch them and carry your hippie look smartly.

  • Pins and Buttons:


There will be formal events or weddings that you might be excited to attend. While you will want to look all neat and elegant, you will need interesting accessories to hold your look together. You can choose anything from fancy pins to headbands. There are pearls, diamonds, leaf and flower motifs etc that you can try. You need to come up with interesting hairstyles and tuck the accessories so that you can look no less than an angel. Try braids and buns for the accessories to look great on you.

  • Puffed Ponytail:


You cannot think of tying your hair in a boring ponytail every day to your office. So, if you have some spare time on your hands, you can try the puffed ponytail look. Pull your hair neatly with the comb and hold them on the top of your head. Tease them backward to create a puff. You will get the essential volume for your hair while tying the ponytail. Before you secure your hair with the hair tie, pull out some sections from the sides. If you have bangs, you will surely look amazing in this one.

  • Side Braid:


One cannot go wrong with the side braid. No matter how pressed with time you are, you can simply get a side partition and take out some chunk of your hair to tie a braid. Follow your hairline and as you reach the end tuck it under the open hair at the nape of your neck. You can carry this look to your office, meeting or any professional and formal setting. It does not take much of your time if you are good with your braiding skills. While a simple braid would look good, you can also try a fish braid or any tricky version that you are comfortable with.

  • Looped Ponytail:


This one is an easy hairdo especially for the ones who have collarbone length hair. All you need is a good comb and a simple hair tie. Pull your hair back neatly with a comb and tie a ponytail at the nape. Gently pull out two sections from the top of your head and pull them towards the ponytail. Twist them in each other to create a loop and tie it at the bottom of the ponytail. It will create an effect as if the loop is holding your ponytail together.

These simple styles will not make you miss your long hair at all. In fact, you can manage your tresses well this summer when you have it short and funky.


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