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Few Things You Need To Update Yourself With About The Ecaille Hair!

Ecaille Hair


Few Things You Need To Update Yourself With About The Ecaille Hair!

Ecaille hair sounds an interesting and hippie term for colored hair. But, you need to have clear basics and here is the data to clear most of your doubts.

So, your New Year resolution was to get a make-over and it’s been 3 months already and you have done nothing. Well, there is still so much time left and you can do so many things. Starting with your hair will be the best decision ever. A simple haircut or even a highlight can do wonders for your hair. But, you need to calculate your move well. Anything you do with your hair might appear simple but a wrong decision can make you feel stuck with it for a long time. When it comes to hair color, you might be in awe with the ecaille hair. But, are you updated with all its facts? Here is your chance to learn everything about it.

What does Ecaille mean?

Ecaille comes from ‘tortoiseshell’. So, if you get your hair colored in this technique and if someone refers to you as ecaille, do not be surprised or give a shocked look. People who look out for neater and natural color often go for this technique. Since it offers a natural progression from roots towards the ends, the hair color looks more natural. Hence, you will have to watch a few videos to get a precise idea of how the hair is dyed and how it turns out to be in the end.

How to get the Ecaille Color?

If you think that you can just call out the name and you will get the color then you are wrong. Even the topmost salon will make you pronounce what exactly you want. So, it is not ecaille that you will say but begin by describing the colors that you will want on your hair. Whether you want a dark base and soft highlights or golden hues, you need to be vocal about your expectations. If you have precise combinations that you are looking out for, share it with the stylist. If not, you will have to carry the pictures or the photos that you Googled. Only then you will get what you want.

What are the different variations in ecaille hair color you can try?

Since this coloring technique is about experimenting with colors and multiple techniques, you are at liberty to get anything. It is just that you need to be careful with the combinations that you choose.

We got you some combinations that you can try getting for yourself:

  1. Softer Side to It:
Ecaille Hair

Blonde woman with curly beautiful hair smiling on gray background.

The ecaille in hair color is much similar to the ombre but, it is a softer version of it. You will find the fun and dark towards the end of ombre. However, in this one, you will find there is a healthy balance between the roots and the ends. Hence, you need to decide if it is ombre or ecaille. The ecaille gives a whole new variety to experiment with. Choose warm or cool tones, you can get the best hair color that you want for your hair. But, you need to get it confirmed with your stylist as your skin tone plays a vital role. If your hair color does not complement your skin tone, you’ll end up disappointed.

  1. Deep on Roots:
Ecaille hair

Deep on roots

Women specifically prefer the ecaille coloring technique because they would want a natural transition. No matter which natural tones you choose for your hair, they can look dyed. But, with this technique, you can get a natural look for yourself. So, the ground rule is to keep dark roots. Go for any warm or cool dyes; make sure your roots are deep. As you move down, the gradation should follow a smooth movement. While there is a passage from dark to light, it will not make it look ombre or dyed but natural and soft.

  1. Touching Up:
Ecaille hair

Portrait of cheerful pretty young woman touching her long curly beautiful hair over grey background

When you already have a severely colored hair and are fighting to keep up with it, you should wait for the color to wash off. As you find the color or the highlights fading, you can go for touching up with the ecaille coloring. It will help you flaunt the fading colors naturally with the help of few softer hues at play. It does not matter whether your hair is blonde or brunette, dark colored or is coarse. The ecaille technique will help you cover up for all the flaws or possibly wrongs (of course about your hair).

What are the benefits of getting the ecaille hair?

The best part about email coloring technique is that you can rock any hairstyle of your choice. Right from the long locks to the curly lob, you can have any haircut under the sky. In fact, you can keep changing your styles more often as this color complements well with most of them.

Since the technique sticks to giving hair color a more natural look, you will find that even when the color fades, it looks its best. So, gone are the days when you would curse the fading color line. Wave good-byes to your fading or lightening hair color problems when you get yourself the ecaille technique.

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