Care For Your Hair Better With The Right Hair Brushes Types!

Get every detail you need to know about the hair brushes types to pamper your hair!

Hair Brushes Types

We never think about spending a bit extra while buying those branded hair care products. Right from bobby pins to hair accessories, you are thoughtful about every little thing you choose for your precious hair. But when it’s time to choose a hair brush and combs, very few know about the hair brushes types. Some look for the ones that match their dresser style while some girls shop for the ones that their beastie has. For men it is simple. They simply look for the brushes and pick anything they like.

Isn’t it surprising that the first thing we need to style, dye or cut our hair is a comb and yet we know very little about it? Here are some interesting brushes that exist and your hair needs them.

Paddle Brush:

Paddle to Detangle

Yes, they look and sound like the ones used for the horses. No, they are not for the horses. They are best to detangle any type of hair. Do you know how many strands you rip out because you use the wrong detangling tool? A paddle brush will smoothen out the hair while detangling them.

Which one to buy?

Paddle brushes are available in wood or plastic. It is ultimately upto you which one feels the best in your hands. Test the tips by running the bristles on your hands. The tips should be smooth and round so that they do not damage your scalp or snag your hair.

When to replace?

The moment you see the plastic tips losing their coat, it is the hint that you should buy new brush. If not, you will end up damaging your scalp.

Boar Bristle Brush:

Boar Bristle for Smooth Hair

If you wish to smoothen out the texture of your hair and the edges then this is your tool. This is the best brush to style the short and straight hair. If you buy the good ones, they will help you maintain the hair. The wrong tool can rip out your hair.

Which one to buy?

When you are looking at the boar bristle brush, go for the soft bristled with natural fibers. They grip your hair in a better way than the synthetic ones. The bristles easily distribute the natural scalp oils.

When to replace?

A good quality boar bristle brush will survive for years. The hint is to keep checking the bristles. When they no longer stand straight, you should replace it.

Round Brush:

round brush

A round brush is the best for straight or loosely curled hair. This tool is very resourceful when you wish to blow dry your hair into a specific style. There is a variety of round brushes available that you can choose according to your hair type.

Which one to buy?

A round boar bristle brush will be perfect for styling but there is no harm in using the nylon bristled brush. You will feel the tension with the nylon one a bit more than the boar bristled. But it is ultimately upto your comfort.

When to replace?

When you notice the bristles begin to fold over and no longer stand straight, you should lose the brush and buy a new one.

Wide Toothed Comb:

Wide Toothed Comb:

Wet hair is more vulnerable to breakage than the dry hair as it is fragile. When you wish to work on the snarl, snags and knots in your hair, this is the tool you should look out for. The best thing about any wide toothed comb is that it works perfectly on any hair type. It does not matter whether you have curly or dry textured hair, this comb will help you settle your wet hair.

Which one to buy?

There are numerous varieties of wide toothed combs. You can choose from the wooden ones to the plastic combs. The wooden ones are considered to be better than the plastic ones as there is less breakage.

When to replace?

Usually the wide toothed combs are sturdy and last for a really long time. But if you have bought a plastic one then it is best to replace the comb when you feel friction while combing. At times the tooth breaks due to force. That is when you need to immediately replace your comb.

Rat Tail Comb:

Rat Tail Comb

Whether you want a center parting or a side one, this comb will help you get the perfect line. Curly hair can get a neat straight or even zigzag parting with the rat tail comb. The pointed end helps you get that precise line whenever you are getting an elegant hairdo.

Which one to buy?

Thin toothed comb is helpful in smoothing the strands down. This way you won’t have any fly-aways around the parting. But if you have curly hair, you should go for the wide toothed comb.

When to replace?

The moment you see a broken tooth or snapped tail, you should get a new rat tail comb pronto. Otherwise you can enjoy parting your hair with the comb as long as it lasts.

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These are few of the basic alternatives that are available for styling your hair. Experts say that you need to stroke your hair hundred times in a day. This action relaxes the scalp, mobilizes the natural oils and improves the blood circulation. In the absence of a right tool, it is next to impossible to achieve what your hair deserves truly. Gift your hair the right tool for combing and styling. In not time you will witness the change in the texture and volume of your hair.