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Hair Color Ideas For Rainbow Hair [Video]

Rainbow Hair


Hair Color Ideas For Rainbow Hair [Video]

Add some fun to your hair with the amazingly innovative hair color ideas shared here.

Rainbow Hair

Youth these days are bold and they are not afraid of trying out new hairstyles or colors. Salon is no longer a coloring haven. Anybody with common sense can do it themselves at their place. A little bit of research and good hair coloring products will give you beautiful colored hair. There is a spike in the search options for hair color ideas. People are interested in knowing about all the innovative and creative techniques for coloring the hair. Rainbow colored hair or sunset shades are doing major rounds in coloring trends.

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Easy DIY steps for a rainbow colored hair:

  1. Choose some vibrant colors for your hair. There is no necessity that you have to pick all the 7 rainbow colors. The aim should be creating a cheerful look for your hair.
  1. You can go for dark and light shades to create a harmony and each color strikes out well. No color should overpower the other shades.
  1. Apart from colors you will need rubber gloves to protect your fingers from the colors. Get a good dyeing brush and a bowl to mix the color and for applying on the hair.
  1. You will also need rubber bands for sectioning the hair. Tin foil will help you wrap the colored hair and keep them in proper place.
  1. Separate the hair in proper sections so that you can color them in different shades. Tie them in the rubber bands so that they don’t interfere when you are coloring a section.
  1. Wear your gloves and begin mixing colors in the bowl and start section by section. Carefully color each section and wrap it in the tin foil.
  1. Remember that you pick the same shade for different sections that are far from each other. Otherwise you will leave with a big same colored blotch in one side of your hair.
  1. Color all the sections in light and dark colors to get the right effect. Don’t forget which color is in which section so that you can blend lighter shade besides a darker one.
  1. If you have long hair you might not be able to cover all the areas properly. Do not hesitate to get help from your friend.
  1. Allow the color to set in the hair for some time. Carefully remove the tin foil and wash the sections with water. Make sure you get rid of the entire residue and the color doesn’t stay behind.

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  1. The rainbow colors look wonderful on blonde hair. If you attempt it on dark or brunette hair you might not get the same results.
  1. Instead of the regular colors, choose the ones that will work well on the dark hair.
  1. You can also bleach your hair to get the wonderful sunset or rainbow colors.
  1. Creatively work on subtle shades and sections so that it creates a wonderful effect.
  1. Pick safe hair colors so that you do not damage your hair texture and growth.

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