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10 Haircuts For Round Faces For Men This Winter

Haircuts For Round Faces For Men


10 Haircuts For Round Faces For Men This Winter

Here are your chances to look amazing this Christmas with the haircuts for round faces for men.

Haircuts For Round Faces For Men

Times have changed and men no longer stick to the simple or modest hairstyles. Stylists play with the length and the textures of the hair. Dramatic contrasts and interesting styling has given rise to hairdo like tousled hair, wet look, spikes etc. The next time you head to the salon make sure you fix on a style that will give your personality a new look. Right from fades to undercuts, swank pompadours to slick back gelled hair, here are haircuts for round faces for men.

  1. Side-Swept Undercut:

Side Swept Undercut

Without any doubt, this undercut is the most popular among the men’s hairstyles. The best thing about this style for round faces for men is that it has a slightly temporary appeal and one can try for variations within this theme. You can opt for a blend of fade while the undercut neatly buzzes the hair on your sides. Choose for a halfway up on your head in the back and set off by the longer hair by side-parting on the top.

  1. Dramatic Quiff:

Dramatic Quiff

This style has partly a Mohawk and partly a pompadour style with faded hair on your sides. It needs a lot of daring to get this haircut. When it comes to styling, you will need styling gels and crèmes to set the quiff. The best part about this style is even if you have thin hair, you can get this cut. Determine on the length of the hair for the quiff. Get the hair trimmed regularly to maintain the drama of your quiff.

  1. Edged Fauxhawk:

Edgy Haircut

This haircuts for round faces is more towards the casual ends. This is the hairstyle for round faces for men mixes several styles from the 70’s and the 80’s to co me up with a style that serves well in this era. You need to ask your stylist to fade-shave at the bottom. Gradually, moving upwards there is a need for layers with the top to be little lengthier. To style this hairstyle, you will need holding spray for the front and a gel at the back to set the style. Trim your hair to maintain the right effect o f the hair.

  1. Professional Set:

Professional Set Look

When you are working in a corporate, you cannot think of donning crazy hairstyles. While it will be a proud moment to break the stereotypes, you can’t expect to impress the client with your spiked and gelled hair. This is a neat cut that will make you look a step hotter than Mr. Grey from the ‘50 Shades’. Get yourself a genuine and a sophisticated look for the winter. To create a distinctive look, go for a moustache and a beard.

  1. Medium Length Retro Cut:

Medium Length Retro Cut

This hairstyle will certainly transform you into a supermodel. The longer hair you have, the better you will get at this look. Once your stylist gives you the cut, it is totally upto you on how you style it. Gently sweep your crown area to one side and set it with a pomade or crème. You will surely get a polished look everyday for your office with this sophisticated style for round faces for men . You can work on the length and style it bit differently while you attend the parties or hit the nightclubs.

  1. Medium Length Bob:

Medium Length Bob

You got those cravings to own a long hair? Well, guess what, you can get yourself the sleek and long hair without worrying about your university or office rules. Equip yourself with few techniques on how to manage the mane and you will be set for the day. Get yourself a medium length bob and sweep all your hair up and over the back. If you can manage some subtle highlights then get them.

  1. Long Messy Hair:

Long Messy Hair

The best part about the round face is that you can easily pull any hair cut without worrying about the symmetry of the face. This can be a fun hairstyle if you are not tied to any professional commitments that demand you to look stiff professional. Ask your stylist to clip the sides of your top hair. The messed look comes out only if you have natural wavy hair. Or else you will have to work on getting those waves with lot of grooming products.

  1. Tapered Down Cut:

Tapered Down Cut

When you have a round face and straight hair, then you can opt for this interesting hair cut. While the front is gently parted on one side, the back is neatly cut with an elongated haircut that gently tapers towards the end. It comes out nicely when you have straight hair. To upkeep this hairstyle, you should regularly shampoo your hair and comb it neatly as frequently as possible. Do not hesitate to use hairstyling products if you wish to create some action in the front.

  1. Edgy Haircut:

Edgy Haircut

If you are still in college or in a profession that allows you to experiment with your look then make the most of this opportunity. This haircut suits the round face and plays around the mass of hair beautifully. Show off your wonderful hair if you have in plenty. Ask your stylist to create some volume in the front with edgy layers. After shower you can towel dry your hair and style them with hair smoothing crèmes.

  1. Tousled Hair:

Tousled Hair

Disheveled or tousled hair looks amazing on the round faces. The greatest advantage of this style is that you can have them neatly slicked down or scrunch them with gels for creating the mess. If you have naturally wavy or curly hair, then you might not even have to work on the mess. Depending on the event you have to attend, you can wear them straight or messy.

When you have a round face, you can experiment with loads of hairstyles. So, why procrastinate and keep all the styles locked up for next season. Try any of these looks for round faces for men this winter and surprise everyone around you.

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