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Hairstyles For Long Faces That You Can’t Miss This Season!

hairstyles for long faces


Hairstyles For Long Faces That You Can’t Miss This Season!

Look lively in these hairstyles for long faces and rule your face shape with a pretty smile. No more frowning when you know what will look the best on you!

hairstyles for long faces

Long faces are wider and longer which is why they draw attention instantly. Who wouldn’t want to be remembered? But a wrong hairstyle will make the people remember you for all the wrong reasons. Quit stressing and learn some interesting hairstyles for long faces. Some of them are trending the current fashion and while some are going to hit the circuit soon. Practice them and be an inspirational diva of your town.

  1. Shoulder Length:

Shoulder Length Inspiration

Any shoulder length hairstyle can flatter the long face. But it has to be somewhere between your chin and the shoulders. You can choose anything from waves to bangs especially when you feel you have longer forehead. Ask your stylist to give you a properly trimmed style that will add volumes of confidence to your personality.

  1. Long Bob:

Curled Long Bob

There is nothing like a super trendy bob that can take your long face and make it flattering. The length is near perfect for any face shape, but it is like a holy grail for the long faced. Create some soft waves and look like a fashion icon. Ask your stylist to give ‘A-line Long Bob. The back hair will be around 1 ½ inches shorter than your front hair.

  1. Bangs:

Deal with the Bangs

The best way to break the length of your face is by getting some bangs. They will simply cut off the length of your face and make you look gorgeous. Good news is they will give you an instant makeover. Simply cutting off those locks in the front will give you a drastic change. They will highlight your beautiful eyes and lips to make you look drop dead gorgeous.

  1. Edgy Pixie:

Short Pixie

If you have an edgy personality then you can surely try the short and pixie bob. You will look no less than a punk rockstar. Do not think that this haircut will pop your long face. In fact it will pop out your eyes and other distinct facial features. But you need to be confident enough to own this hairstyle. There are varieties in pixie so go for the one that will bring out your inherent personality.

  1. Shags:

Messy Shags

They will give you a fresh and modern look while it cuts the long facial symmetry. The stylist has to be extremely expert with those chops. You will take some time to adjust to their meanness. This hairstyle might remind you of the 80’s but remind yourself that this style will never go out of date. Right layering and choppy ends will make you look like a sunshine.

  1. Pompadour:

Clean Pompadour

Who says that this hairstyle belongs only to the men? Muster up all your guts and sport this unique pixie to celebrate your long face. The quiff or the pompadour has shaved sides and puffy teased hair on the top. To heighten your look, you can color them or get few highlights.

  1. Ballerina Bun:

Ballerina Bun for some Fun

If you have medium to long hair and do not know how to style them, then go for the bun. It is safe and looks well on many occasions. Stylists and even we advise you to stay away from it as much as possible. But when you are in a hurry, go for the hair donut. Choose for the messy one. Never pull your hair straight back as it will add more length to your already long face. Instead go for the ‘flyaways’ that looks easy and effortless.

  1. Braids and Fringes:

Braids with the Fringes

When you have long face and long hair, you can go for the braids with fringes. We promise they will never let you down. Keep your hair a bit messy and casual. Try temporary hair coloring to celebrate the style. You will look super sensational in this hairstyle. But keep the braids and fringes a little casual.

  1. Shoulder Length Waves:

Waves for Shoulder Length

You can take your simple shoulder length hair and create a magical tousled look with the waves. Add some volume with a good styling product and you are set to pull off all the attention from your cheekbones. Even if you have thin hair, you can get this hair with simple styling.

  1. Boho Waves:

Chic Boho Waves

Taking the regular waves a step further, go for the boho waves. Don’t go by its name and reserve this hairstyle for classic functions. Carefully create fullness to the sides and lift the top hair little bit so that your hair can establish a good balance with your long face. It is upto you to opt for a roughed-up texture or go for a clean pulled back hair. Use beach spray to hold the waves.

Strict No-No:

  1. No matter how popular the middle parting is trending, don’t be tempted.
  2. Long, straight and thin hair can make your long face shape drags down further. Style them with curls, waves or braids.
  3. Never spike up your short hair as it will give you more elongated look.
  4. When you keep your hair short, avoid the layers that add volume on the top.
  5. Straightening the hair will pull all the attention on the cheekbones and long face.

Give Them A Try:

  1. It is suggested to part your hair sideways so that your face appears a bit wider and balance the length.
  2. You might be tempted to grow your hair. Break the rule only by adding curls or waves in your hair to take away the dragging long shape.
  3. Add body to the sides of your face. This way you can balance the length with the width giving a nice symmetry to your face.
  4. Get any of these hairstyles but only learning to style them will help you rule the circuit.
  5. Use accessories, hair sprays and curling tools to style your hair and take off the attention from your long face.

Here is everything that you need to look great with your long face. Go on, feel stylish and look stylish!

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