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15 Easy Hairstyles For Men With Thin Hair

Easy Hairstyles For Men


15 Easy Hairstyles For Men With Thin Hair

Worried about thin hair and scalp showing off? Here are some simple hairstyles for men with thin hair that can make you look extraordinary every day.

Easy Hairstyles For Men

The moment you see your hair thinning, you will begin to fret. All of a sudden your attention from the universe will shift all towards your hair. Take this opportunity to stop worrying and start understanding more about the styling options available to you. There are several underlying reasons for the hair to go thin. It can be anything from genetic to stress or even that you have a full head but the hair isn‘t thick. However, you can rock great styles even with thin hair. We offer some comfortable hairstyles for men with thin hair to feel great and look amazing.

  1. Classic Short:

Classic Short

If your hair has a dark color then you can opt for a short crop. The dark color can play its game and make your hair appear denser. But make sure your stylist is careful with his tool. Strictly request him for not cutting them too short.

  1. Undercut:


This can look amazingly hot and trendy only when your stylist gets the right cut for you. There are varying contrasts in lengths between the top section and nape to create a visual thickness. Determining your face shape adopt the variations.

  1. Elongated Trim:

Elongated Trim

When you have thin hair then you will have to wear the short hairstyles extra carefully. The wispy texture of this haircut will give you a stunning look. Go for an elongated top section and gentle, small quiff.

  1. Wavy Hair:

Wavy Hair

Grab on those styling mousse and gels to get that wavy look. Ask your stylist to snip your hair in layers so that it becomes easier for you to style them. Add a light curl to make your thin hair appear thick and lush.

  1. Razor Cut:

Razor Cut

This hairstyle works on a simple principle: when you want to distract the attention from your thin hair then you have to attract with someone else. The sharp, razored edges will immediately cut the attention from thin hair. Use a mousse on dry hair upwards to get that look.

  1. Long Quiff:

Long Quiff

This can be a risky haircut but if you got some descent features then you can successfully pull of this look. A long quiff needs a good personality to carry it with confidence. Go for this style only when your stylist suggests you strongly to go for it.

  1. Tapered Cut:

Tapered Cut

Thin hair won’t be a problem anymore when you get this haircut. Even receding hairline can be handled efficiently with this hairstyle. A side parting and styling gel will set your hair for the day. Interestingly, there are variations in this haircut so ask your stylist to experiment.

  1. Gelled Layers:

Gelled Layers

When you have slightly wavy or curly hair that is thinning or lacks thickness then opt for the layers. Style them with a gel or holding cream to create that messy or ruffled look. There are always some chances of the hair sticking out so make sure that you use pastes, mousses or wax than regular styling gels.

  1. Disheleved Look:

Disheleved Look

This haircut can look bold only if you create the right look with the mousse or holding gel. You will need a sharp and edgy cut to look effortless and spontaneous. Go for spikes but create a random look that is not too long to get this look right.

  1. Slicked Back:

Slicked Back

This is the easiest style for laidback or overworked men! Running out of time and hair? Go for this look that requires a bit of gel or mousse and a comb to pull back all your hair. Avoid blow-dryer and go for a wide toothed comb to get this look.

  1. Neat Professional:

Neat Professional

This preppy look can win you many glances. It is purely stylish, neat, formal and manly. A hair wax and neat strokes with paddle brush will give you this cool professional look. Your thin hair will get a definite structure and a shine.

  1. Lifted Hairstyle:

Lifted Hairstyle

Make your stylist to get you a long quiff and neat sideburns. This style can give a new lift to your thinning hair. Blow-dry your hair while running fingers to create some volume at the top section of your hair. Lift your hair at the roots with a good mousse or hair wax.

  1. Close To Shave:

Close-To-Shave men

You shouldn’t be surprised but stylists actually recommend very short or close to shave look for the thinning hair. There is no need to jump onto that extra short buzz but you can keep it shorter and worry lesser. Once you carry it with confidence you will look nothing less than a top notch professional.

  1. Pompadour Lookalike:

Pompadour Lookalike

If you see closely at this style then it would have been a pompadour style only if you had the thick mane. Nevertheless you can attempt this style with sleek and straight cut. Keep the top of your hair disheveled and ruffled while the sides should be neatly combed down. Instead of keeping the hair straight and shiny keep them dry and spiky.

  1. Layers on Side:

Layers on Side

Get layers and style them to one side of your head. This style is simple and effortless. A long quiff with some ruffled layers would be easy to style. Create some texture by sweeping all the hair to one side with a blow-dryer to create a look that you have thick hair. In order to maintain this look, you will have to get them trimmed regularly. Outgrown hair can’t give you the appealing look.

All of these styles are easy to achieve. Regardless of your age and face shape most of them can look well if you have the confidence. Stop being grumpy and start looking fantastic in these fabulous fifteen hairstyles.

Easy Guide to Boost Hair Growth to Try Hairstyles for men with thin hair!

It is not easy to deal with thin hair. And, when it comes to styling the pain can be gruesome. However, with all the ground-breaking research in hair care products, it has become possible to work on the volume. Be it aging or hormonal changes, hereditary or ailments, there are some tried and tested ways to grow thick hair. While the results will vary, there is some respite in knowing that you can try some hairstyles for men with thin hair. However, the struggle is real and you need to be up for a challenge.

Here is how to get started with working on growing healthy and thick hair:

Question: Why is your hair thin?

The safest way to work on any given problem is by digging out its root cause. When it comes to thin hair or balding, you need to investigate what is it that triggers the condition. Without knowing the actual cause, nothing is going to work out in your favor. You can try the most expensive and branded products and yet won’t be satisfied with the results. Hence, you need to track down the cause.

Question: What are the most common causes for thinning hair?

  1. Smoking: You must have read and heard it hundred times that smoking is injurious to health. And, before it kills you, it is killing your organs first. The most prominent part would be hair. If you are a chain smoker, you are at a greater risk of balding. A single cigarette releases toxins that cut down the supply of blood to the hair follicles. This is how the thick hair treads on the path of thinning.
  1. Protein Deficiency: The hair strands are made of protein fibres. Lack of protein can automatically trigger thinning of hair. Hence, you need to find out a healthy diet that incorporates a good deal of protein. If it is not possible, then you can simply ask your therapist to help you with some supplements.
  1. Medical Conditions: Often times people have the habit of neglecting the body signals. While the hair is thinning, you might hunt for hairstyles for men with thin hair. However, what you need to do is get yourself tested. It can be a simple infection or a serious illness that you might not be aware of it. No matter how young or old you are, if your hair is thinning at a faster rate, you need to book an appointment with the specialist.
  1. Medicines: It is quite possible that certain medications might trigger thinning of hair. There is no need to worry about such condition as it would recover after some time. However, if the condition continues, chances are you might be allergic to any of its content. Hence, you can run an allergy test or visit the doctor to know if you need to change the medication or discontinue it all together.
  1. Stress: Even the simplest lifestyle change can affect your body and the first target is the hair. You need to analyze your routine and monitor what has changed that is taking a toll on your hair. If it is work-related then you need to organize and get it sorted at the earliest. Reserve some time for yourself every day to relax and relieve the stress. Take small breaks throughout the day and plan vacations.

Question: How to improve the health of the hair?

  1. Look before you Eat: It is about time you need to take your diet seriously. A simple change in the diet can improve the growth and quality of your hair significantly. Incorporate 5 different colored fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Eat protein rich food. Omega 3 is a very rich source for thick hair. For this, you will have to eat salt water fish. Iron and Vitamin C are also important in hair growth.

Tip: Make a diet chart so that you do not miss out on essential nutrients amidst so much of information on what to eat.

  1. Stay Hydrated: It might seem to be insignificant but, a quarter of the hair molecule is made of water. Hectic work schedule or cold weather might not allow you to drink water. However, it is prescribed to drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day. As you get into this habit, you can slowly increase it to 3 litres a day. Soon, you will find tremendous improvement in your hair growth.

Tip: Carry a bottle everywhere with you as a reminder to drink water.

  1. Cleanliness in Right Manner: Yes, it is important to oil and washes your hair. Using the right hair products that suit your hair type will be helpful. But, doing it the wrong way or overdoing it can ruin the health of your hair. Make sure you use herbal or natural hair products to care for your hair. Over-washing can strip the essential oils from your hair and make them dry and dull. So, follow the routine carefully.

Tip: Read the instructions on the product to use them effectively.

  1. Minimal Styling: If you have long hair, you need to be extremely specific about styling your hair. Do not use too much of heat, styling gel or hairspray on your hair when it is thinning. After washing your hair, ditch the blow dryer and allow it to dry naturally. If you are in a hurry, you can use a towel to get rid of the excess water. Even such small measures can improve the quality of your hair and boost growth.

Tip: Stick to styling only for special occasions and events. On other days go all natural.

Soon you will notice changes in your hair.

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