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10 Easiest Hairstyles For Older Women Updo For Every Occasion!

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10 Easiest Hairstyles For Older Women Updo For Every Occasion!

Graceful hairstyles for older women updo are not easy to hunt. Even if you do come across they aren’t easy. We have compiled 10 easiest updos to help you look like a diva at all times.

Looking charming is not about the age but the way you carry yourself. The best part about aging is that you mature in your tastes. You must have experimented so many times before that by now you must be pretty sure about what looks good on you. Use your experience and confidence as you enter a new phase of your life the 50’s! Be it early 50’s or the approaching 60’s here are the best hairstyles for older women updo. Practice and get them for the best times like weddings, parties and even business get-togethers.

Ever felt that you are born to rule?

Here are your 10 hairstyles for older women updo that will make you feel like a goddess!

  1. French Twist:

French Twist

The best way to hide the aging lines on forehead is not the expensive surgeries or the medicines but a fringe. Wrap your hair with a French twist and let the fringe rest on your forehead. It is not just a classic updo for wedding or cocktail evenings but also formal gatherings like conference or seminars. Women with thinning hair can add some volume at the crown area with a side swept fringe. Get some highlights to cover grey hair and you look even more elegant.

  1. Braided Bun:

Braided Bun

This hairdo will certainly make you feel young. It is casual and allows you to be fussy while styling. Simply braid the hair starting from your nape and tie them in a bun. Use an elastic band to secure the bun. Fancy clips or bobby pins will keep your bun in place and make your updo special for the event. This is a super fun and easy hairstyle that you can get in few minutes. Even if it does get a bit messy during the day, it will only add to your beauty.

  1. Chignon:

Low Chignon

Even the simplest of the chignon can make you look the most elegant when you are attending an event. Take walks in the sunshine or watch the fireworks on a relaxing evening, this hairstyle will never fail you. It will compliment your personality and goes will with majority of wedding gowns. It even matches perfectly with cocktail dresses and is a favorite hairstyle for formal evenings.

  1. Twisted Low Roll:

Twisted Low Roll

Now this hairdo might appear to be very easy, but it needs a bit of finesse to get it perfectly at the first go. Hence, it is best to get a stylist who would do the styling for you on special occasions. Imagine all the barbeques, baby showers or even house warming parties that you get invited to. Instead of just letting your hair down, you can try something creative and fun like this. If you can practice it often times, you can recreate it the way you want.

  1. Braided Chignon:

Braided Chignon

You know how to pull a stylish chignon at your nape. Now you simply have to part your hair either in the middle or at the sides and braid them up. As you reach towards the nape you can roll your hair in a messy bun. It should appear more natural than messier. You can push some fancy pins if you are attending an elaborate event or you can simply stick to the basic ones if it is more of a business event.

  1. Tight Twisted Updo:

Tight Twisted Updo

All you need to do is twist and pin and you get this classic, gorgeous updo. Roll your hair as if you were going to tie bun and instead of tucking them like a bun; pin them at a place that makes you feel classy. Twist them neatly and tuck them with a pin. Use the regular pins to tuck the hair neatly and add some diamond or floral pins to dress up for the event. From medium length to long hair, this is the hairdo that goes well with almost all textures of hair.

  1. Messy Rolled Bun:

Messy Rolled Bun

It is the most convenient hairdo that can make you look stylish on the busiest of your days. Some functions are a bit demanding where you have to look your best and do a lot of legwork. Well, this is the most ideal updo for you. Being on the messier side you need not worry about looking like a couth. In fact you can retouch the style every time you get some respite or are headed to the powder room.

  1. Chignon on the Side:

Chignon on the Side

Somewhere on the lines of the above mentioned updo, this style gives you the room to look your best without much fuss. Brush your hair to one side and roll them into a chignon. Decide on a convenient height and use pins sparingly. Use some stylish headbands to hold the bun. This is one of the simplest and elegant options you can try for special occasions to carry yourself in sophistication.

  1. Greek Look:

Greek Look

Undoubtedly you will look the most graceful in this updo. Inspired from the Greek look, you need to have a hand on the fishtail braid. Part your hair in the middle or at sides and begin with the fishtail braid. Instead of tighter locks, you should go for loose and casual ones. As you finish, tuck both the ends on their opposite sides carefully. Look divine in this casual yet chic look. If your hair is thinning, then this is the best style to cover up and get some volume.

  1. Braids and Bun:

Braids and Bun

Tie two braids above each ear and roll the remainder hair into a bun. This style is as simple as it is described in one line. You of course, need to shape the braids in a messy style and keep them low near the bun. If you have layers in your hair, pull out some from the sides in the front. It appears to be a relaxed updo, but comes out well especially for functions.

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Practice some of these hairstyles for older women updo as they might be bit tricky than they appear to be. Ideally all of these updos are doable on medium length hair. Begin with buns as they are the easiest to do and try out some knots. All these hairdos are about comfort and confidence. When you own them, they bring out the best in you.

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