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5 Men And Women Hairstyles For Wavy Hair



5 Men And Women Hairstyles For Wavy Hair

Waves can look naturally amazing only when you style them properly. Here are some ideas and hairstyles for wavy hair to get the right attention that it deserves.


Curly hair leaves with limited options in styling. One is to cut the hair very short to avoid styling and two is to shorten them in a way that styling becomes easy. There are ample ways to rock that natural, wavy hair wherein you would look amazing. Keep in mind that hair has an amazing ability to impact your personality. We save you from speculating whether to chop your hair down or to go for a sloppy style. Here are five separate men and women hairstyles for wavy hair.


  • Medium Length:

Medium Messed Hair

Medium length hair works the best on the wavy hair. See if you could color your hair to carry that messy look really well. Make sure you don’t try the middle parting or else you’ll ruin your cool look. Go handsome with the side-partition. If your hair is too unruly and unmanageable, you can style them with mousse or gel to set. Scrunch your hair with your fingers and work on the style until you are comfortable with your look.

  • Short Disheveled:

Short Disheveled Look

If you think that you do not have the time to pull medium length or long wavy hair everyday then you can opt for the short disheveled look. While the bottom is neatly trimmed with wavy locks, the top will celebrate your locks and waves. With a simple mousse, gel or crème, you can set your top hair. This can be your ideal executive look that you can carry comfortably every day to your office.

  • Messy Hairstyle:

Messy Locks

Who says you can’t look your best in the messy style? In fact the messed up style looks the best on wavy hair. Get some inspiration from this image and pull this style to look amazing. That messy bunch on your head will give you the look of a dreamy musician. Go ahead and impress the women with your trendy style. To get a glossy look, you can use crème or styling gels. Trim your hair regularly and set them properly for maximum impact.

  • Undercut:


Undercut has been trending in the list of fashionable wavy hair hairstyles for quite some time. You can look amazingly handsome only if you have the confidence to carry this hairstyle. Make sure you ask your stylist to give you some bangs or spike to add some coolness to the haircut. Rest is all upto you and the way you style your hair. This style fits both your casual and corporate events.

  • Volume:

Volume hairs

When you have a mass of hair that is thick and wavy then you simply have to own it. This style is simply modern and intense. You can look as hot as a ‘50 Shades of Grey’ lead. So, next time when you think of chopping that mass, think twice. Get yourself this look that is neatly chopped in layers to bring out the intensity in you. Work on the layers with pomade to set them.


  • Messy Ponytail:

Messy Ponytail

Go for that deliberate messiness by using your hands instead of the comb. Loosely gather up all your hair and pile them at the center of your head. Secure them with an elastic headband. Let the layered pieces tumble down. This style will beautifully frame your face. You can occasionally play with your hair by twirling them. Rub some pomade to get a polished curly ponytail.

  • Blow-Out:


Let those locks flow and curls bring all the attention. Blow-dry the hair and get those waves. Bring out the natural and easy look. To keep the breezy hair texture you can use the mousse or crème. Keeping the waves doesn’t mean that you should rock frizzy hair. Wavy hair can dry out easily so, the best way is to refrain from using alcohol based products. Use jojoba oil to keep them nourished.

  • Boho Chic:

Boho Chic

You can add some bohemian flair to your loose curls and waves by asking your stylist to cut them in layers. Keep them short and use elaborate head accessories to bring out the hippy nature in you. Use a round brush to style your hair. To keep locks in place, you can use holding spray. Run fingers in your hair throughout the day so that the frizz looks elegant.

  • Bob:


You can look like a born style icon in this fabulous wavy bob. Your stylist will give an irregular wavy pattern to bring out the shagginess and spontaneity of your waves. This style can go well on majority of the face shapes. Sport a confident look with this style. Use a pomade or mousse to keep the locks neat and in place throughout the day.

  • Greek Updo:

Greek Updo

The best way to manage all the curls and waves is to lock them up. Get middle or side partition that suits your face frame and pull your hair in a neat updo. You can go for a bun or roll them at your nape. Wear a thin headband and you are set to roll the party. This neat updo might take some time but it will make you look glamorous and total uptown gal.

Don’t cuss your wavy hair for giving you a bad hair day anymore. Style your hair with these hairdos and turn the heads round. From boardroom to beach, you have the looks that can make the guys look like a poster boy and the ladies like poetry in motion. Grab some styling products and pull up your confidence to look like a celeb.

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