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Go for the Hanging Bridesmaids Hairstyles For Wedding

wedding haircuts


Go for the Hanging Bridesmaids Hairstyles For Wedding

Don’t let the D-Day of your best friend give you pangs. Here are some tips for hanging bridesmaid hairstyles for wedding.

wedding haircuts

It is certainly not your special day however; you will want to look as heavenly as the bride. With all the duties of a bridesmaid, you have to keep the wedding day running and look magnificent. The loose bridesmaid hairstyles for wedding will help you perform all the activities smoothly while you can look graceful. While you stroll on the internet for good alternatives there are few pointers to keep in mind.

Why Go for the Loose Or Hanging Hairstyles?

  • Convenient:

The wedding day is certainly hectic for the bride. But it is more hectic for the bridesmaid. A loose hanging hairstyle is easy to tie. Even if you do not have the time to run to the stylist to get your hair done, you can do it yourself. Before the event, look out for all the available tie-up alternatives. Practice beforehand so that the style looks natural. Try different options so that you would know which style suits your face shape. Also you can plan on the accessories that will go well with your gown.

  • Alternatives:

While majority of the updos appear to be the same, one hanging hairstyle can be tied in multiple ways. You can twist the hairdo the way you want. It gives you the flexibility to play and experiment with your hair length. Long and straight hair can be curled; short hair can be textured and kept wavy. In short, the alternatives are unlimited. All you have to do is hunt for them and see which ones look best on you.

  • Quicker to Tie:

The loose or hanging bridesmaid hairstyles will not take much of your time for tying. When you have to be with your friend on her wedding day, you might not have time to tie elaborate updos. Hanging hairstyles practically take few minutes to tie only if you have practiced it ample times. Also, you can take away few minutes out on the wedding day to adjust your hair within minutes. With all that running, dancing, attending guests, and hugging people, you can certainly look perfect all day.

  • Redo Your Hairdo:

When it comes to those updos, there are lot of hairsprays and styling crèmes involved. After all of this, there is no assurance that the updo will stay that way till the end of the day. You can notice how robotic girls especially the bridesmaid turn with the elaborate hairstyles sitting on their head. Blame it on the hairstyles that take away their natural grace. But get any of those hanging hairstyles and you can look beautiful in any photograph taken from any angle. They are simple to tie, with few accessories and little styling sprays you can achieve a great hairstyle. In fact you can even redo or readjust the hairstyle any time you feel without any efforts.

  • Suits All:

You may be thin or fat, dark or pale, young or old; the hanging hairstyles can make anybody look like a Greek goddess. You can go for a long, body hugging gown or a short dress as a bridesmaid, these hairdos will never make you feel ‘too much’ or ‘too little’ for the function. Add waves or curls, or you can even straighten your too curly hair to bring some texture to your hair. These hairstyles are sure to make you look charming.

  • Inexpensive Hairdo:

The best thing any loose and hanging hairstyle will give you is that priceless chic look which is almost inexpensive. Any salon would charge you a bit more for the fancy hairstyles. Bride’s and bridesmaid’s styling costs more than any regular styling. But the hanging hairstyles are absolutely D.I.Y. Without putting in much of your money in accessories or styling products, you can concentrate on looking natural and graceful.

Few Options in Bridesmaid Hairstyles:

Waves for Short Hair

  • Waves for Short Hair: Best for short hair, you can look very feminine in this style. You can keep them simple or style it with an accessory like tiara headband.

Messy Side Bun

  • Messy Side Bun: Gather all your hair to one side of your head and tie a loose bun with locks flowing on it.

Top Braid

  • Top Braid: You can simply tie a braid on top of your head and leave the rest of your hair wavy. It works well on medium to long hair.

Side Pony

  • Side Pony: This looks elegant when you have long hair. Gather them all and tie a loose pony at one side of your nape. Style it with accessory that goes well with your gown.

Always keep in mind that when you desire to look the best, it is your friend’s day. Pick a hairdo that will complement well with your dress, accessories, and the event. Choose anything from ponytails to buns, updos to rolls but the best ones are the hanging and loose. They give you that messy texture which is neat and elegant. So, even if few locks fly out while working on your friend’s best day, you will feel and look amazing. Go on steal some glances from the cute guys who are attending the event.

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