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Take A Peep On What Is Takes To Get The Hippie Hairstyles!

hippie hairstyles


Take A Peep On What Is Takes To Get The Hippie Hairstyles!

Before you jump on to a decision of getting the hippie hairstyles, you need to get yourself
acquainted with it.

hippie hairstyles

The most interesting look that reigned the fashion industry for quite some time was the hip, Jamaican-style for hair. The reggae look was totally sold and people actually paid tons to get the rugged look. While the hippie hairstyles lasted for few years in the 1960s, it is slowly picking up the pace. Along with women, there are men who are following the reggae look. No matter how easy it looks when it comes to maintenance, one will have to keep up with its demanding care procedures. So, if you are planning to go for the hippie look, you need to educate yourself on everything related to it.

What is the hippie look?

There are several elements like the nookie tops, cotton shorts, flowing dresses, maxi gowns, ripped jeans, bracelets, armbands, headgears etc that make up for an entire hippie look. And, hair is certainly a crucial element of the look. Undoubtedly, hair makes up for the personality and if you are aiming for the bohemian, out-of-the-town look, you will have to put in a lot of effort. Right from studying the look to carrying it with confidence, you need to be thorough with it. So, go ahead and start browsing for pictures or following celebrities who are doing the Boho way.

Who is the hippie look meant for?

Whether you are a college student or work for an organization, you need to understand the formal setting and go by their rules. If you work in the creative department for an advertising or media agency, you can probably think of getting such hair. However, you should always get in touch with the heads or the seniors for the permission. Imagine how pointless it would be to spend hours in the salon only to know that you have blown away all your money as your firm does not approve of your look. Hence, it should be on your number one list to know if you are allowed to have the hippie hair or not. If you are at-home, freelance worker, you can certainly think of rocking this hair.

How to study the hippie style well?

The first rule is to look out for the right sources to study the look. Search engines will pull up the antique looks which might make you look out of place. So, if you want to look Boho and chic in the 21st century, you will have to go to social media sites. Right from Instagram to Pinterest, you will come across interesting styles that will make you look the ultimate traveler. Get a copy of the fashion magazine that has covered such styles recently. Follow the style journals on the internet that will help you get a tight grip on what is trending currently in the hippie hairstyles.

Where to look for the hairstyling?

There is no dearth of hairstylists who will help you with the hippie style. But, not everyone will be able to do justice to your hair. Hence, you will have to go by your face type. Learn whether the style will actually suit you or not. Additionally, you need to know if you should be going for the long hair or the short one. Gone are the days when hippie hair would mean only long hair. But, now it is the wavy, messed hair that stands for the hippie. So, a good stylist is the one who will craft a look for you and make you look hippie instead of just giving a style. Try to find out interesting artists who got flair with scissors and know how to play with the hair.

How to go about shopping for the trendy hairstyles?

Before you go for shopping any hair accessories, you should be looking for care and maintenance products. So, start looking up for products that will help you keep your locks clean and fringes neat for weeks. Watch video tutorials that teach you how to keep up with the hippie look without investing too much time. It is only when you are sure to keep up with the stylish locks, you can invest in hair ties and accessories. Look up the internet to shop interesting charms for your hair. Do not hesitate to hit the flea markets to actually buy something from the 70’s. Also, do not miss out talking with your mom or grandma to know if they have something from their younger days.

How to set up a routine for maintaining the hippie hairstyles?

You know your routine better and have to come up with a timetable to clean or wash your hair. Whether you want to hit the salon and treat your hair for the spa therapy or you want to create an at-home mask, the choice is yours. The bottom line is when you think of going for any hairstyle, you should be mentally prepared for caring for it. Depending on the length of your hair, you will have to spend on the hair products as well as on time. Only if you are ready to put in your time and efforts for the hippie hair, you should commit to the style.

Getting any hairstyle is a serious life commitment. You will have to be honest with your care so that you can maintain the real charm of the style. At times it can be extremely boring and on certain days you will be too tired to do it. But, only the ones who keep up with the routine know that they would look their best always.  If you feel you are amongst such people, go ahead and have your taste of the Bohemian, Hippie life.

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