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How To Curl Hair with a Flat Iron in 12 Steps!

how to curl medium hair


How To Curl Hair with a Flat Iron in 12 Steps!

While there are a lot of videos to support on how to curl hair with flat iron, you need to have a firm base work. Here are some details you need to know.

how to curl hair with flat iron

Curled hair just like the straight one has its own charm. However, it is not easy to work on hair especially a medium length to get the curls. And, using a flat iron for the same would require some skills. Unless one is sure on how to work with the equipment and cost minimal damage, you should not think of risking the hair. There are various styles of curls as well. So, when you think of getting one, you will have to be ready with your homework. Right from the length of your hair to its texture and the kind of iron that you will be working with has to be studied. If you have medium length hair and want to work with a flat iron, you should be specific with your search and find how to curl hair with flat iron?

Without getting distracted with the multiple entries that the search engines pull up, you need to look out for the right guidance. Here are some tips on how to get started with it:

  1. Preparing your Hair:

The ground rule is to ready your hair for the treatment. Whether you cut it or trim, color it or curl, you will have to wash it clean. Unless the hair is prepped, you will not be happy with the result. So, there is no point in taking efforts for something that will not turn out right in the end.

  1. Thermal Protection:

Using a good quality thermal protection on your hair before putting them under the heat is a good idea. Right from gels and serums to sprays, you will find several options in store. Go for the one that works well on your hair.

  1. Grip and Heat:

The next thing you will need is to use the flat iron. If you have been using the tool for a long time then you have nothing to worry about. But, if you are new to it then you have to follow as much caution as you can. Not only you will risk losing a chunk of your hair but creating a lifelong damage.

  1. Using the Right Tool:

You need to understand that the real job of a flat iron is to straighten the hair. But, if you look for how to curl hair with flat iron then you need to be sure that you are using the right one. Ideally, you should use a thin flat iron (1 to 2 inches) so that you can get the right curls without damaging much of your hair.

  1. Ready with Accessories:

Many stylists and D.I.Y. users would vouch for the importance of being organized. You should follow the footsteps and be ready for everything in advance. Right from clips and pins to comb and hair products necessary during curling, set everything out so that you will not have to rush to fetch anything in the middle of the session.

  1. Section Your Hair:

Decide on how wavy or curly you want your hair to be. Accordingly, you will have section your hair. Since you have a medium length, there will be lesser amount to deal with. Also, you have layers in this length, you need to work safely on your hair.

  1. Safety:

Like any hair procedure, you should be careful when you think of getting your hair curled. So, begin with a small section of your hair. Go for the one that is at the nape. This way if anything goes wrong, you will not have to suffer much. Only when you are comfortable with the styling, you can proceed with the actual treatment.

  1. Wrapping the Hair:

You need to know how to wrap the hair when you are using the flat iron to curl your hair. So, you will have to start with small chunks of hair or else the technique will not work. Your hand movement should be similar to that one of the regular curler. Try a few times when the flat iron is not hot. As you grow comfortable with the movement, you can try with the actual heat.

  1. Heat Settings:

The settings of the heat will depend on the texture of your hair. Also, if you have colored them then you need to keep the settings low. Feel how hot the iron is by touching your hair. Only when you feel warm, you should know that you are doing it right. This means the heat is transferred throughout the patch evenly.

  1. Working on the Length:

Often people ask how to curl with flat iron medium hair. What is integral is to know how long your hair is. If it is medium length then you need to be careful with your flat iron. Neither would you want to burn your hair nor would you want to harm your skin. So, you will have to carefully work with the iron when you have medium length hair.

  1. Twisting and Curling:

When you want smaller curls then you should be working tightly on twisting your hair. But, again, you need to be careful with the length, heat settings and duration for which you will want the iron to stay on your hair. Work slowly and smoothly to get the right amount of curls without killing them.

  1. Hair Spray:

Once you work on section by section, you can use some hair spray to help the curls stay in place a bit longer. Also, once you are done curling, you have to set them by adding some more spray. Avoid combing hair once you got your curls or else you will have to work on them again. Check for consistency overall and accordingly set your hair.

Many women complain about failing at the first attempt. All you need is to follow some caution that there is zero damage to your hair. Rest you can work slowly on building skills for using the flat iron to curl your hair.

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