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How to take care of synthetic Curly Weave Hair Extensions

Synthetic Curly Hair Extensions


How to take care of synthetic Curly Weave Hair Extensions

How to take care of synthetic curly hair. Here are some steps to maintain them properly so that last with you longer.

How to take care of synthetic Hair

How to take care of synthetic hair extensions are very tempting as they come in unbelievable variety. Besides they are cheap and are easily accessible. Young girls always settle for the synthetic extensions but often crib about the tedious and painful maintenance that comes with the extensions. If you are looking out for how to take care of synthetic hair the synthetic extensions are more difficult to care. However, if you invest your time and efforts in caring for the extensions, they will surely last for a long time.

Tricks to maintain the synthetic curly extensions:

How to take care of synthetic hair quality level:

Check for the quality level of the synthetic hair that you are planning to buy. The cheapest ones cannot bear the heat. Since the hair extensions are synthetic the fibers in them melt easily. This means you will have to stay away from hot irons, curling rods or even hot rollers or else you will end up with burnt hair. There are levels of fibers in synthetic hair like the Monofiber, Thermofiber etc. You can learn about the best level and choose to buy smartly for a good quality one. This way you can use your styling tools as per your necessity and get a hairdo.


Even if your extensions are synthetic, you need to wash them regularly. There is no need to wash them daily, but at least every fortnightly. Use a mild shampoo and conditioner to take out the dirt and grime. In case you have used hairspray or any other styling products then make sure you wash the extensions at the end of that day. Use cold water to wash the curly extensions. There are several shampoos and conditioners designed for the synthetic wigs. You can use them to help the fibers stay intact in the extensions and keep them from tangling.

Detangling Spray:

You should use the detangling spray on your extensions daily whether you use them or not. Neatly comb through them so that they do not tangle. The detangling spray keeps the curly extensions from turning dry or frizzy. While you buy your extensions, invest in a detangling spray as well. This way you can maintain the look of the extensions for a longer time.

Hair Brushes:

Do not think of using your regular brushes to comb out your hair extensions. The normal combs or brushes easily damage the wefts and loosen out the extensions. Only an appropriate comb or a hairbrush will help you to maintain your extension. There are specifically designed brushes meant for extensions. When it comes to curly extensions, it is best to shop for the good quality combs and brushes.

Curling Tools:

Try curling the extensions carefully. Even the curly synthetic extensions tend to go straight. When you wash the extensions the curls might loosen out a bit. If you have bought good quality extensions then you can use curlers to maintain the curls. Warm some water; do not go to the boiling point. Dip your extensions and roll them onto the curlers. Leave them to dry naturally. This way your extensions will remain curly.


Trim the frizzy ends. They might not stand out in the curls but it is best to get them trimmed. Rub some oil onto the extensions and gently comb through. Leave the oil on the ends for an hour and wipe off the excess oil with the help of a towel. If needed you can use shampoo to get rid of the oil and rinse it properly.

Other Care on How to maintain synthetic curly weave hair from frizzing:

Utilize some curl activator cream, serum or gel. These products are formulated to keep the curly texture of the extension smooth and frizz free. Your extensions will look gorgeous and natural when you keep them well conditioned with such care products. Never ever think of blow drying your curly extensions. The heat will simply cause the head of the extension to frizz out. The best way to dry them is naturally. If you are in a hurry you can towel dry them, but keep them away from the heat.

10 Final Tips on how to maintain synthetic curly weave hair

  1. Do not brush too hard or else they will turn frizzy. Also never brush them when they are too dry. The best time to comb is when they are wet and only with the brush meant for the extensions.
  2. Wide-toothed comb works best on detangling the kinky curly hair.
  3. Always start detangling from the ends and work towards the root.
  4. Once the extensions are dry do not run your fingers through them. They are extensions and not your real hair. Touching will eliminate moisture and make them dull and frizzy.
  5. Avoid using alcohol-based products otherwise, they will dry out. Be sparse when it comes to using styling products.
  6. If the locks are too wild, use light accessories like bobby pins or clips to tame them.
  7. Use a lather-free co-wash to cleanse the hair extensions to maintain the curls. Hydrating conditioner with warm water will be good for extensions.
  8. Check the ideal temperature or degree on the packet before styling the extensions. Exceeding the level of heating will melt them.
  9. Daily care can be time-consuming. Set aside a half an hour of the day for tending them.
  10. Stay away from Paddle or Bristle Brush.

Even after caring a lot some extensions loosen out. Usually, the good ones last for 6 weeks but it also depends on the care you take. In the end, you need to decide when you have to renew or remove the old extension otherwise you will end up looking ratty.

Buying Guide on How to take care of Synthetic Hair Extensions for curly hairstyles!

Having a thick and shiny hair is a dream for every woman? While your natural hair can have some different plans, you can fix them with the synthetic curly hair extensions. Right from celebs to singers, professionals to college going girls, everyone is investing in this hair accessory. The general availability of the synthetic hair online and offline has made it easier to access and use them. But, there are some secrets to buying the right ones. Eventually, the goal is to look natural and buying the wrong ones can ruin the entire look.

Here is how to go about shopping the synthetic hair:

1) Understanding the Textures of Synthetic Hair:

The first thing that one needs to understand is the texture of the synthetic hair. There are different fibres that go into making the artificial hair.

  1. a) Polypropylene Fibre: It is also known as the P.P. Fibre. It is one of the earliest types of fibre which was used in making the artificial hair extensions. Since these extensions are not fire retardant, they phased out from the market.
  2. b) Toyokalon Fibre: This is the most commonly used fibre on how to take care of synthetic hair extensions. They do not tangle easily and are easy to maintain. However, they are slightly glossy and might look a bit unnatural but are flame retardant.
  3. c) Kanekalon Fibre: This one is called as KK fibre and popular like the Toyokalon fibre. These extensions are easy to style and seal using heat. They are lesser glossy than the Toyokalon ones and look close to the real hair.
  4. d) High-Temperature Fibre: This is relatively new development in the synthetic hair industry. They can be curled as the way one wants it to. One has to be careful while picking on these extensions as not each of them is flame retardant or heat resistant.

2) Choosing the Length Mindfully:

It is essential that one is cautious about the length. There are several lengths at which the curly hair extensions will be available to you. Understanding the structure of your face, you will have to choose the right extension. Your hairstylist can suggest you with an ideal length. However, it is suggested you try a few wigs in the market to know which length looks good on you. Also, it is the curly hair extension that you are looking for. Many girls feel that they can chop off the extra length. While you can certainly try that but, it will kill the natural look.

3) Getting the Perfect Color Match:

If you have colored hair or even highlights, then you might find it tough to find the right extension. The trick that many women engage in is coloring the extension to match their hair. However, it can leave a lasting damage on the hair. It might also be the case that the synthetic hair might not react well to the chemicals in the color and look fake. Hence, it is suggested that you should look out for the extension that matches your hair color.

4) How to Use It:

There is no point in investing something which you do not know how to use. Hence, take some video tutorials online to know how the different types of how to take care of synthetic hair can be attached. There are two popular methods: gluing or taping and clip-on. Only when you understand which of these procedures you are comfortable with will help you buy the right extension for your hair. Learn about the different methods to use the extensions creatively so that you can buy accordingly.

5) Trying on Some Extensions:

If you are planning to buy the curly hair extensions online, then you need to be very cautious. Read the description carefully and do not go by the photograph at the display. Right from the length of the curly extensions to the color of the hair, from care to treatments, learn every detail of it. If possible, you should first try some hairstyles with the cheaper extensions. It will give you a better idea about the extensions you should buy. There are chances you might feel confused. But, there is no reason to panic. Ask your stylist to guide you with the curly synthetic extensions.

6) Don’t Go Overboard:

Women usually go crazy over discounts and sales. However, if you are buying for the first time, you need to go really easy. Try to get some grip on the different brands and how they go with your face and hair. Once you are comfortable with a brand and its versions of extensions, you can keep stocking them. Also, there is no need to stick to one brand. You might want to try different looks every season. Hence, one should think about shopping at the beginning of a new season or after they get their hair cut, trimmed or treated.

These are very simple pointers to buying synthetic hair extensions for curly hair. However, it is the excitement of buying that makes one lose their focus and settle for the wrong one. Take some time and jot down what is it that you need. Explore all the options in the markets and at online shopping portals. Discuss with your friends and stylist to get a perspective. Such measures will always guide you to buy the right extensions that would go well with your personality. Most importantly, they would look natural and part of your original hair rather than fake!

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