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3 Easy Steps To Buy Real Human Hair Extensions

Real Human Hair Extensions


3 Easy Steps To Buy Real Human Hair Extensions

Your guide to buy the real human hair extensions is here!

Real Human Hair Extensions

Using the hairpieces and wigs for cosmetic purposes traces its origin back to the days of Cleopatra. The curls and updos were prominent in those days as well. Several generations and countries witnessed this evolution and the women began emulating the trendy styles. Sporting a gorgeous look even when you have thin hair is possible with the real human hair extensions. They have opened up several opportunities for experimenting with hairstyles.

Adding thickness, volume and wondrous length to your thin hair is now not just possible but more natural. Get color or streaks instantly without any harmful chemicals. The magical key to hair styling is the hair extensions. Getting those flowing and luxurious locks of hair is just three steps of away. Flaunt the desirable lengths of hair by following the simple instructions to buy the hair extensions:

  1. Study the Extensions:

a) Synthetic versus Human Hair extensions:

While the synthetic options may appear alluring, you should stick to the human hair extensions. They are a bit costlier as compared to the synthetic ones but you can hot style and even wash them like your natural hair. Women who are allergic to fibers should specifically stay away from the synthetic ones. The real hair extensions will not leave you with any rashes or sneezing and appear natural on your head.

b) Pure Human Hair extensions:

When you are choosing the hair extensions make sure you check that they are 100% human hair. No two products of a particular brand will be the same. Make sure you check if the extensions are pure or mixed with synthetic fibers. Even in the original hair there are some extensions that are poorly processed. Such extensions can easily mat or tangle while using or washing. Choose the ones that are finely processed even if they are a bit expensive. These extensions will surely outlast the regular ones.

c) Different Names:

You might encounter different names for the real hair extensions. While some call it Remy hair, others call it virgin hair. Understand the market and popular brands. This way you will be able to buy the right ones. Check out for the superior quality hair so that they look natural on you rather than a wig. Do not forget to read its styling features. This way you will learn about the ways you can style your hair comfortably. If the extension does not allow much styling there is no point in buying them.

  1. Choose the Extensions:

a) Smaller wefts:

Many women have the tendency to buy extensions in loose bulks for better infusion. Some even opt for strand-by-strand applications. This will help you with the individual braiding. You get the power to choose and add volume in sections where you need to pump up the style. Such extensions are best when you need to add just styling and not to use it as a hairdo. If you do not wish your hair to look fake then you should be choosing the smaller wefts.

b) Horizontal Bundles:

There are hair extensions that are glue bonded or even sewed. They are put together in a particular style so that you simply have to attach them to your hair and style them. The strands of hair are carefully sewn at the base of the horizontal bundles. These bundles are rolled and laid out. You can cut them to the size you like and have them in your hair.

c) Machine and Hand Tied Wefts:

There are two types of wefts available in the market. One is the machine made that are relatively cheaper but come in huge bulks. They tend to make the hair weave appear fake and lumpy. The other one available is hand tied. These are smaller wefts and flatter the natural flow of your hair. They appear closer to your scalp and add more to your natural look.

  1. Know the Extensions:

a) Research:

You can research as much as you want to about the extensions. Check their availability in the local markets. It is best to get your hands on them and feel the texture of the hair. This is the best way to decide if the extension will go with your hair or not. Only when you feel the texture, you will know how you can style them with your hair. The moment you begin to understand brand and its variety, you can begin ordering them online.

b) Solid Attached:

Examine the hair extensions and see if there are any loose strands. Check properly if they are solidly attached. A simple trick is to rake the weft with your fingers through it. This way you will know if the extension sheds or not. You certainly do not want the hair to block your drain. Loose wefts can thin out easily that will give you a drab look after some time.

c) Dyes:

The next thing that you need to check is the dye of the hair extension. There are many low quality products that tend to wash out easily leaving a dull look on your hair. If you do not wish to look lifeless then you should be extremely careful when it comes to the dyed hair extensions. You can even choose to buy the colored ones. One simple trick to check on the dye quickly is by moistening your tip of your finger and rubbing it on the extensions. If the color rubs off, don’t buy it.

Today, when it comes to hair extensions the sky is the limit. You deserve the hairstyles that you desire. Achieving the locks of your favorite celebrities is just three steps away. Go for the extensions that do not tangle or swell less. Check the extensions that you are buying are durable and resilient. Get any glamorous lengths, hairdos and textures at your home with the extensions. Creating a salon and getting the hairstyle that you want is in your hands! Get the urban chic look or the vintage country look with your hair extensions.


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