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Homework to get layers or no layers?

layers or no layers


Homework to get layers or no layers?

It is not tough deciding if you want layers or no layers for your hair. What matters is whether the layers will flatter you after some time or not.

When you are blessed with long tresses, every now and then someone or the other will come up to you and suggest layers. Well, they are not wrong totally but, they are not right either. You will have to weigh the pros and cons to be able to decide if you are doing the right thing or not. While some love the layers absolutely, some repent getting them in the first place. Rather getting a haircut based on the impressions of others, you need to work the map on your own. Begin with the question: layers or no layers? What is the purpose of getting the layers? Is it because someone suggested it to you? Or, is it because you want to try a new look and layers are trending this season?

layers or no layers

Well, to get a haircut from a good stylist might be easy. But, to decide on a good haircut, you need some time. Whether to get layers or not will eventually be your decision. However, we can offer you some help on how to go about deciding on it:

Do You Have A Full Hair Or The Flat Hair?

The first thing you need to know is the texture of your hair. Women get layers for one reason: they want to create a volume for their thin hair. However, if you have a flat hair texture, the layers will only add to your burden. Layers will look good when you get them chopped and set at the salon. But, the moment you wash them once, you will find them flat and end up wasting time on setting them every day. So, if you have thin hair and need to boost some volume, you can get layers. If you have flat and thin hair, avoid layers at all costs.

Will It Suit Your Face-Shape?

You will have to pull up an online guide to know what your face shape in order is to determine if you are getting the right kind of hairstyle. There are different styles of layers that go for different face shapes. If you do not want to go wrong with the layers then you need to brush up your knowledge about your face shape and the kind of style that matches the best with it. Also, you will have to compromise on the length of your hair when you want layers. If your face suits short bob-layers then you cannot crave for long hair. So, you need to get all your statistics right before you decide to get the layers.

Are You Ready For Frequent Salon Trips?

Getting layers or no layers can be simply answered with this question. Are you ready to visit the salon every month or in few weeks (depending on the growth of your hair)? Not every strand or patch of hair will grow uniformly. And, when you choose to have the layers, it means you will have to maintain the varying lengths in the section to get the flow. So, you will have to visit your hairstylist to get them trimmed more often. When you have a straight line, you can possibly think of getting rid of the split-ends or chop the extra on your own. But, you cannot possibly think of taking a risk when you have layers.

Will You Spend Time And Money On Maintenance?

Looking gorgeous comes with a lot of maintenance work. So, do you have the money to invest in the different hair care products? Also, do you have the time to use the products or will they be left idle on the shelf? You really need to think through because there will be occasions when you will have to curl your layers to get a look. You will have to iron them or accessories and for this, you will have to maintain them well regularly so that they look flawless on a special day. You may be a professional or a collegian, if you are ready to contribute to the elaborate hair care procedures, you can go for the layers.

Do You Know Hairstyles For Layers?

Depending on the length of your hair, you will have to try your hand at hairstyling. It is possible that you might not find any style for your layered haircut. So, before you get your layers or no layers, you need to know if you will be comfortable carrying them as they are or adjust the styling available as per your length. Google as much as you can about the different hairstyles that you can have varying length of layers. Unless you are convinced of the style and are willing to go ahead, you should not be getting the layers.

Be it any haircut, you need to be absolutely sure about it. However, when you have to get the layers, you should be watchful of your every move. When you study your style well, you will be able to invest in the right one.

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