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Interesting Ideas For Long Curly Hairstyles With Bangs

Long Bangs


Interesting Ideas For Long Curly Hairstyles With Bangs

When you think that there are little options for long curly hairstyles with bangs, here are five bang techniques to turn everyday hairstyles into something new.

So, you got some amazing long curly hair but are in a predicament because you want those beautiful bangs. The ‘New Girl’ Zooey Deschanel did it with her sleek brow-skimming fringe and suddenly you feel tempted to have those bangs. If not anything else atleast those short fringes. But you got a problem don’t you? Your hair is naturally curly and getting bangs can add to your complicated situation.

Having curly hair is not as easy as having a walk in the park. And when you are determined to get the bangs, you will have to be ready for your set of odds. Long curly hairstyles with bangs need a lot of prep work and creativity. To take out some of your pressure, we bring to you some simple and inspiring styles and colors to match them.

  1. Long Bangs:

Long Bangs

You can immediately identify with the auburn high ponytail. Those bangs make this everyday ponytail turn out to be creative. Get yourself those long bangs that pass beyond your eyebrows. They look dramatic and give you a very authentic diva look. You get a look that can be elegantly carried out from casual parties to corporate events. Next time you are on a beach-side chilling with your friends or getting dressed up for your dinner date, you know how to look like a smart woman. Go for darker shades of hair color and this is that long curly hairstyles with bangs that will make you stand out.

  1. Soft Bangs:

Soft Bangs

Not everyone has the same type of curls. If you are amongst those who have soft wavy hair or have big curls then you can choose for the soft bangs. They naturally flatter your curls and give you a feminine look. Go for the blues and green along with the soft bangs and get the mermaid look. If your work restricts you from coloring, you can choose the temporary colors for certain events. Styling such curls and bangs is pretty easier as compared to other tighter curls. You can use hair softening gels to bring out the bangs. Think of using hot rods to make the curls and bangs a little sharper.

  1. Straight Bangs and Wrapped Curls:

Straight Bangs and Wrapped Curls

You can best of both the worlds without damaging your hair. Ask your stylist to straighten the front section of your hair and give you the bangs that frames your face beautifully. From straight to slanting bangs, you can play with several styles when you have your straightened hair for bangs. Pile all your curls and tie a bandana to bring out the contrasting look. In case you have fly-aways in your bangs, you can style and set them with styling gels. Shampoo and condition your hair well as you have curly hair and straight bangs.

  1. Short Bangs:

Short Bangs

When you have curls that are so overpowering, all you can do is get the short bangs in the front. This easily cuts through the length and brings out the bangs in your curls without straightening them. Try some soft highlights like blonde or auburn to make the bangs look more prominent. These bangs look amazing on any skin tone. From Maria Carey to Beyonce and Charlize Theron, everyone looked amazing in the short bangs. But you need to be really careful on getting them. You need to see if your face has the structure to carry the curls and the short bangs. They can look anything from cute to sexy. However, it has failed several celebrities miserably. Take the advice of your stylist seriously and think twice on getting the short bangs.

  1. Asymmetrical Bangs:

Asymmetrical Bangs

The best way to look gorgeous in the bangs with curly hair is to create them in a manner that they become noticeable. You need to simple get a good stylist who can decide on an asymmetry that will frame your face well. Only when you work on the bangs creatively, you will be able to make them work on your long curly hair. Pack some weirdness in your guts and head to the salon to get yourself a unique look.

Few Extra Tips:

  • Before getting any bangs make sure you learn about your facial shape.
  • Look out for a good stylist as not every person is good in dealing with curly hair.
  • Even before you get the bangs, you need to learn about taking care and maintenance.
  • Bangs mean a lot of trimming regularly. If the bangs overgrow, they can impact your look.
  • Do not attempt to chop bangs at home or even trim them. It can cost you a look.
  • For straightened bangs, make sure you care for them separately. They can turn dry or rough.
  • You can experiment the regular hairstyles, it is the bangs that will make them new.
  • Color can give you a major transformation. If you are not keen on permanent, go for the temporary.

Try any of these styles especially when Christmas and New Year are almost a month away. But these are the styles that will never fade away. When it comes to curly hair and bangs, there are few basic things that can be cross-matched to create something new. While here we offer the basic tricks to you, feel free to apply your techniques to create your long curly hairstyles with bangs.

Brushes and How to Use them on Long Curly Hairstyles with Bangs

Only a girl with long curly hair would know the trials and tribulations of keeping up with the strands. Not everyone is good with brushing them and have to stick to the slicked-back buns. In fact, a majority of the people think that all curly hair have the same texture. But, in reality there are grades within each type of curly hair. Unless you know, But, in reality, which category your hair falls into, you will not be able to choose any of the long curly hairstyles with bangs. Furthermore, you will not be able to invest in the right brushes to maintain the curls well.

In an effort to take many curly haired women out of their miseries, we have compiled a list of brushes and how to use them.

Hair Types and Brushes

Types of Curly Hair:

Dermatologists have identified almost 6 types of curly hair. There is:

1] Wavy

2] Curly

3] Very Curly

4] Coiled

5] Very Coiled

6] Zig Zag Coiled

  1. For Wavy and Curly Hair:

So, if you have first two categories of hair, you should have a wet brush and a wide-toothed comb mandatorily. These two can be used when you have wet hair and do not have the time to dry it naturally. When brushing wet hair is required, you can go with either of these 2 combs. There are gentle styling brushes for those who intend to blow dry their long curly hair as they have to style the bangs. Paddle brushes or brushes with mixed bristles are good too for styling the wavy and curly hair.

  1. For Very Curly, Coiled, Very Coiled, and Zig Zag Coiled:

If you belong to any of the other categories, you need to have a collection of good brushes. You will need a paddle brush with a lot of teeth to sift through your tough hair. You will find combs specifically crafted to detangle the tighter curls. Since there are ample brands, you will have to find the one that is accessible to you easily. There is wide-toothed mimic finger comb. This comb will help you to keep the wonderful ring curls in good shape.

  1. For Fine Curly Hair:

You may have a huge mass of long curly hairstyles with bangs, but, if they are brittle, you will have to get a good set of hairbrushes. Go for the soft bristled ones. They are less dense than the regular hair brushes. The bristles are deep and you can reach to the roots of your hair giving your scalp a good round of blood circulation. If you are planning to blow dry your hair, you can easily do so with such brushes. In order to give your fine hair a good volume, you can prep it with a natural weightless styling spray.

  1. For Thick Curly Hair:

You will need the regular boar-bristle brush to take care of your coarse mane. This brush is known to offer maximum tension to the hair which is needed. However, it ensures that the cuticle is safe. All you need to do is hunt for the one that has a good handle and grip. One of the unsaid tricks is to have an ergonomic brush. Without a good grip, you cannot tend your hair lovingly. You can add few drops of nourishing oil to tame the frizz and get manageable and soft hair.

How to Comb and Care for Long Curly Hairstyles with Bangs?

Curly hair, be it brittle or coarse, they are known to break easily. Hence, you need to treat them very nicely. It is not just about washing and conditioning but also combing in the right way.

Rule #1:

Avoid combing long curly hair when they are wet. It will not only lead to breakage but also spilt ends.

Rule #2:

Always allow the hair to relax by letting them to dry naturally. If that means going without combing for a day, so be it.

Rule #3:

Brushing extremely dry hair is also dangerous. So, do not hesitate to add a few drops of oil before detangling the hair and combing.

Rule #4:

Never pull your hair from roots to tips. You are damaging your scalp and hair that way. Work from the ends towards the roots in small sections.

Rule #5:

A wide-toothed comb is meant for detangling and not the paddle brush. If needed, use some hair moisturizer to deal with the frizz.

Rule #6:

Do not buy cheap brushes from thrift stores. Keep looking for discounts and sales so that you can buy good branded ones.

Rule #7:

Like you wash your hair, you need to wash every comb and brush too. Use the same shampoo to get rid of the dirt, grime and dandruff from your hair that sticks on to them.

Rule #8:

Style your bangs with good styling gels. Do not think that the same gels and cream designed for straight hair will work for you as well.

The tips might appear simple but they are effective in caring for the long curly hairstyles with bangs. Working on the curly hair takes time and patience. But, the end result is beautiful as well. You get to have strong and healthy hair. Moreover, if you care for your curls in the right fashion, you can try endless hairstyles with them. And, basic to good care is combing the hair in a right way. So, arm yourself up with the right brushes to deal with the curly problems!


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