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Long Layered Hair

long layered hair


Long Layered Hair

long layered hair

Are you thinking about changing your hairstyle for something more exciting? For women, long layered hair is a growing trend because it creates fantastic depth and adds definition and dimension to your hair. Having long layered hair can drastically change the way your face looks and is a great low-maintenance way of enhancing your most delicate features.


Long layered hair was most popular in the 90’s and was succeeded by a sleek, straight mono-length hairstyle that became a favourite in the noughties. Although layered hair is often associated with the mushroom-like hairstyles you would expect from 90’s celebrities, today’s trend is leaning more towards a subtle windswept and delicate look.


Layering your hair removes the right amount of weight to give your hair movement without making the ends look straggly and over-layered. Long layered hair is popular amongst both younger and older women and is a fantastic styling technique to make thin hair look much fuller without having to use styling agents. Most women opt to have bangs to compliment the bubbly nature of long layered hair, which can come in array of styles including straight, baby, curtain, chopped and jagged.


If you are looking to achieve that volumised, windswept look we recommend working a volumizing mousse or a thickening hairspray into your roots and teasing it to pull extra amplification through the length your hair. This method takes 10 minutes to finish and is only one of many ways to add some enthusiasm to your hair.


If you have been looking for long layered hairstyles, make sure to take a look through the different trends shown on our website. For more advice and tips on long layered hair, head over to our ‘advice’ page where you can read through hundreds of posts and articles.

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