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10 Long Layered Haircuts With Bangs For Oval Face Shape To Try This Winter!

Long layer Hairstyles


10 Long Layered Haircuts With Bangs For Oval Face Shape To Try This Winter!

Don’t feel that you are stuck with an oval face forever. Experiment with the long layered haircuts with bangs and look your best this winter.

Long layer Hairstyles

Long layered haircuts with bangs can actually look great on long hair. However, it is the oval faces that cannot deal with either the long hair or the bangs. Some bangs can actually cut the oval symmetry of your face and help you get the long hair without making your face look more elongated. All you need is the right options at your fingertips. Here are 10 beautiful hairstyles compiled for wonderful ladies with oval or long face shape. This winter get yourself a drop dead gorgeous look with these long layered haircuts.

  1. Long Layers with Highlights:

Long Layers with Highlights

The key for a gorgeous long layered haircuts with bangs is to have the right length with right amount of layers. It creates amazing depth, and adds right definition and dimension to your hair. In case you have gorgeous long hair then this is the cute hairstyle that you need. Long bangs and careless layers with the right light brown highlights can give you a flattering effect. This Christmas you have the chance to go all stunning on your friends, colleagues and even strangers on the street.

  1. Jagged Ends:

Jagged Ends

When you have deep, dark, and long hair with a right attitude, you should try the jagged ends. The long hair with plentiful layers will give you an attractive look. It is the jagged ends on the bangs and the subtle layers that will give a right frame to your face. When you have a sleek and straight hair a smart twist is all you need to feel beautiful this winter with bangs. This is the most transforming style out of all the long layered haircuts with bangs.

  1. Wispy Layers and High Crown:

Wispy Layers and High Crown

When you have thin and long hair, the best thing you can give them is as much movement as possible. Wispy layers create a good movement. Make sure the stylist gives a height at your crown area. If you have thin and long hair, then this hairstyle will give your hair the lift it needs with the bangs. If you can color your hair blonde then you can look angelic in this style.

  1. Side Bangs and Pronounced Layers:

Side Bangs and Pronounced Layers

Side bangs can create a flirty effect when you opt for the pronounced layers. All you need is few nicely placed layers. With good side bangs, the entire look will be tied together. The layers create a brilliant look when the topmost layer is the shortest and each layer is connected. This can give you a stunning look.

  1. Tousled Strands and Side Bangs:

Tousled Strands and Side Bangs

Give some texture to your hair with the side bangs and tousled strands. Style them with a round brush. It looks the best when you have a good length of your hair. If you wish to get the frizzy effect, then get long layers instead of short and connected ones. Apply some beach spray and you are ready to sport the diva look.

  1. Choppy Bangs:

Choppy Bangs

All you need is loads of confidence to wear the choppy bangs. They are full enough in such a way that they will not separate from your forehead. However, they will not look heavy on your oval face. In fact, they cut the length of the face and bring out the delicate features. The slight choppiness on the bangs brings out the delicate features. While styling, you can slightly round off your bangs at the corners.

  1. Curtain Bangs:

Long layered haircuts with bangs

The Bardot bangs famously known as the curtain bangs are a bit shorter than the regular bangs. They are versatile and suits on a variety of face shapes. But they look the best on oval faces and make the women look like a modern-day queen. You can part your hair in the centre or on either of the sides as the bangs will set beautifully on your face. Curtain bangs balance the oval face beautifully.

  1. Short Layered Bangs:

Short Layered Bangs

Short haircuts are ideal for the oval face shapes but when you wish to have long hair then go for the short layered bangs. They can create a fun look while the stylist plays with the length and gives a texture to the hair. There are layers through in the front hair and they travel up to the mid-forehead. However, you can play with the length of your bangs. You can use a styling paste or a wax to pull the look nicely.

  1. Baby Bangs:

long layered haircuts

There are ample times you must have seen those baby bangs and wondered if you would look good on them. Well here’s a deal, muster some guts and try them. Convince yourself that you can pull that look. You can choose a wearable take with choppiness or fewer bangs. These can really bring out your eyes and make you look amazing.

  1. Straight Bangs:

layered haircuts with bangs

These bangs are a bit heavier and straighter but most proportionate for the oval face Note that you need the right length that skims below your eyebrows to pull off the attention from the oval shape of your face. As shown in the image you can get two pieces on your either side to get a soft look that are of longer lengths. These bangs need to be maintained by regular trimming or you will simply ruin your look.

Don’t curse your oval face anymore and try any of these long layered haircuts with bangs this winter. Try on some colors to spike up the layers and bangs. Look into the mirror and ask yourself, which of these will make you feel confident everyday and go for it. Add some confidence and walk like a diva.

Maintain the Charm Of Your Long Layered Haircuts With Bangs!

Long layered haircuts with bangs are one of the safest ways to spice up your looks. Without too much of drama, you can look glamourous. But, it is after some weeks you realize that they are growing out of shape. Don’t worry! It is not just you and there are many girls and even boys who share a love-hate relation with their bangs. Certainly, you need to maintain the bangs so that they frame well around your face. However, heading every time to the salon will be an expensive affair. While some of the salons offer to trim the bangs as a complimentary service, many would charge for the same.

To pull you out of the drudgery, we have compiled practical and easy-to-follow tips for maintaining the bangs for your long-layered hair.

  • Choose the Bangs Well:

The first step to maintenance is to choose the right bangs for your long hair. Study the different types of bangs and how to take care of them. While the blunt or sharp bangs are tough to deal with, the side-swept bangs are popular as well as easy to maintain. So, even if they grow after few weeks, you will not have to rush to the salon immediately. You get endless styling options with such bangs. Try talking with the hair stylist to know about the alternatives in bangs that are relatively easier to maintain.

  • Train Your Bangs:

Yes, you read it right! You will come across ladies who crib about ‘bad hair day’ but when you get the bangs, you cannot afford to have one. It is all about taking charge and staying in control of your bangs. Take your time to understand the movement and flow of your hair. Do not worry if you are taking some time to learn how to style them. The easiest way is to stick to a style for few days until you get a grip on it. Then you can move to some other style. Soon you will see that your bangs will fall around naturally.

  • Never Air Dry:

The biggest mistake for any long layered haircuts with bangs is to allow them to dry naturally after a good hair wash. Air-drying goes well only for super straight hair without any frizz. So, any hair with bangs will need some styling post a hair wash so that they set well. You need to bring out the volume well especially when it has been weeks after you got your bangs. If you are against blow drying your hair, stick just to the bangs. After all, who will want their bangs sticking out in an awkward manner?

  • Get a Round Brush:

While you are working on your bangs and trying to set them the way you want, get a right tool for it. The round brush will bring some life back into your overgrown bangs. You will have to learn how to hold and twist the brush, though. Go online and surf for some videos that will give you the smart tricks. This brush will make it super easy for you to blow dry and set your bangs for the day. Most importantly, when you are blow drying your hair with a round brush, do not apply any styling gel or hair product. The brush will take care of everything.

  • Avoid Touching the Bangs:

Many boys and girls have the habit of touching the bangs frequently throughout the day. If you wish to make the grown-out bangs look good, do not touch them as much as possible. Once, you have set the hair, especially the bangs, you should allow it to rest in that shape. It is the bangs that are in contact with your face. They will come in contact with your natural body oils, the makeup, and other greases. Touching them often can only add up and make them look sticky.

  • Be Ready with a Dry Shampoo:

Well, it is unavoidable to go without touching your bangs, isn’t it? This is precisely why you need to keep the dry shampoo handy. It will absorb all the oil stuck in the bangs and make them look fresh. However, you need to research the different brands and their products. You will find that there are some which are specifically crafted for the long layered haircuts with bangs. Go for the good quality ones so that the quality of your hair is not affected.

  • Hair Accessories and Bobby Pins:

Okay, there can be days when your hair overpowers you and manage to give you a tough time. For such testing times, you should have hair accessories and bobby pins. Neatly tuck your bangs under the hair and create a style that would stay with you throughout the day. Make sure you have some pins or clips tucked in your handbag. It is important that you carry few bobby pins with you at all times. You may never know when you might need them to keep your hair in control.

  • Trim the Bangs Once in a While:

This can be a challenging tip to follow, but it is certainly not impossible. You need to be extremely cautious with what you are doing. Go through a lot of videos to get hold of the right technique. Try a patch test to see if you can manage it. See if there is any friend of yours who chop and trim their own hair. Ask for help so that you can save an expensive trip to the salon. However, this should not be the last resort. You will have to go to the professionals to get the neat shape for your hair!

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