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Low Maintenance Haircuts For Women And Men

Low Maintenance Haircuts


Low Maintenance Haircuts For Women And Men

4 interesting and low maintenance haircuts for both women and men are here for the ones who are caught up with work, the real-life heroes, the ones who cannot stand too long in front of the mirror.

Whether you are lazy or got into the grind called “LIFE”, you will have to do something about the hair. No matter how much and where your priorities shift, you need to care for your mane. It makes up for at least 60% of your personality. No matter how big or small they are, you will have to wash and clean them regularly and keep them neat (especially for the white-collared jobs). Right from the interviews to boardroom meetings and client presentations, looking your best is the current anthem and that sings for imperatively well-maintained hair.

Well, when you a lot to juggle, you can only come up with the low maintenance haircuts as your saviour. So, ladies and gentlemen (yes, you read it right) we got some tips to save your time on which haircuts you can try:


  • Lob:


One of the lowest maintenance hairstyle would be the LOB. Right from celebrities like Jenifer Lawrence to Kardashians, everyone vouches for this one. You have every chance to look chic without putting much of your efforts. Running late for the meeting? Just get your hairspray and paddle brush to get your sharp look in 10 minutes. While the hair is short, you will not have to waste time on maintaining them. The haircare procedures remain the same but you will be putting in a little less time on it. What next? No matter it is just shoulder length, you will still look feminine and chic.

  • Pixie:


Undoubtedly, there is a steady rise in the number of women attending (and not to forget reigning) the boardroom meetings. That simply means you will have so many things to look after. When you have all the details to look after that will help you get the client, you cannot miss out on your hair, can you? Well, PIXIE it is then. There will be less to wash and less to dry and certainly less to comb and tie. But, the only catch is you will have to get them trimmed regularly to maintain the short and neatness of your look.

  • Chop it Wavy:

low maintenance haircuts

There are women who are blessed with naturally wavy hair. But, many women do not take the wavy hair as a blessing. Such a mane calls in for a lot of hair care measures. The best way to go about them is to get the WAVY CHOP. There are haphazard but neat cuts that will bring out the flair of your naturally curly or wavy hair. But, you will not have to look after it over and over again thus making it one among the low maintenance haircuts. If you wish to bring in some neatness to your look then pump them up with volumizer and texturizing spray.

  • Blown Out Bob:


It is easy to handle the conference calls, juggle between the play dates and romantic dinners with this hairstyle. Since the hair is short in the BLOWN-OUT BOB, you will not have to look after it much. Paddle brush is the way you want and you are ready for the day. Just like the pixie cut, you will have to get it trimmed regularly to maintain the neatness. Also, you will have to practice your hand on setting the hair right. This works well ideally for women with straight.


  • Taper Haircut:


It is neat and straightforward. There is nothing roundabout when it comes to taper haircut. A hair styling gel, paddle brush, and you are ready to take on the world. You can choose the length of your hair depending on the way you want to maintain them. The shorter your hair, the better it will be for you as you are looking for something in low maintenance. However, you will have to ensure that your scalp is clean and healthy. Even the slightest tinge of dandruff with the TAPER CUT and you will wreck your image.

  • Buzz Cut:


As the name goes, you can have your hair short but it will surely create some “BUZZ” for you. Go the ninja way and do not waste a single second on styling your hair. Wash your hair daily and get a clean scalp when you have this haircut. Make sure you hit the salon to get it trimmed every time you think they have grown out of place. Or you can even learn to trim the hair on your own. This haircut is by far the most cost-effective and time savior by all means.

  • Crew Cut:


A good low maintenance hair cut will surely have CREW CUT in the least. You will need a good stylist though to help you get a good bounce on the top of your head. This haircut will graduate as per the length of your hair. So, you can choose to have as much chunk of your hair as you want on the top and gradually choose to have a little less at the bottom. The length on both the sides would also be in proportion with the hair at the back of your head. Your goal should be to keep the cut as much short and neat as possible.

  • Taper and Fade:


Okay, this one might require a bit of maintenance as compared to the others but, it is a smart haircut you can think of getting. A huge chunk of your hair will be swept up on the top of your head and you will have to work on it like a quiff. Choose any product that suits your hair to hold the volume of your hair well. Whether you have a straight smooth hair or curly locks, the TAPER AND FADE haircut can look really well on you.

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