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Medium Length Hairstyles For Men Inspirations

medium hairstyles


Medium Length Hairstyles For Men Inspirations

Looking hot needs a good haircut. With any of these medium length hairstyles for men, you can look like a model who stepped out of a posh magazine.

medium hairstyles

Stylists are stepping up and offering versatile and variable haircuts. Men are turning up to be well-groomed. They do not hesitate to grow their hair which gives the stylists some guts to try wild styles that are corporate enough for the executives. The best medium length hairstyles for men give them the freedom to style hair for the office meetings as well as parties. These hairstyles are unarguably popular as one can look incredibly sexy in them. Medium length hair is the most perfect length to work on different haircut styles for men.

We have put up a list of medium length hairstyles for men that are easy and refreshing:

Boyish Layers:

You get only one chance to create a lasting impression and this hairstyle will nail your look. There is an interesting work at the front of your hair because of the right length and the layers. The stubble will work great with this style. A clean shave on the other hand will make you look like ‘just out of the college’ charming boy. Since there are bangs that cover your forehead, you need to be uptight about the maintenance. Overgrown hair can kill the look and would not deem fit for an executive.

Boyish Layers

Shaggy Cut:

Undeniably you will feel like a rockstar when you get this cut. There is lot of confidence and intrigue that this hairstyle exudes. If you work in the creatives, you should definitely try some highlights. But if you have a white collar job, then it is best to slick them back with gel and tie a manbun or ponytail. Out of all the medium length hairstyles for men, this one is on the wilder side and suitable for those who are not in the regular 9 to 6 jobs.

Shaggy Cut

Slick Back:

This hairstyle will make the ladies swoon with your chivalrous look. All you need is medium length hair, gel or cream, and a wide toothed comb. Gently apply some gel onto your hair and slick back your hair neatly with a comb. It is the easiest hairstyle that gives you a neat formal look within minutes. Be careful about the amount of gel you use to set your hair. Too much of gel or cream can make your hair look wet and flat.

Slick Back

Medium Length Locks:

The stylist will chop your hair in wonderful layers and you are ready to sport a new look. It is relaxed and brings out the facial structure prominently. Subtle highlights can add some dimension to your hair. This is the safest hairstyle when you are looking out for a change from your regular style. Additionally, the hair does not appear too long as compared to other medium length hairstyles for the men.

Medium Length Locks

Volume on Top:

When you want to look glamorous and picture perfect everyday at your work, you should choose this style. It is clean and neat for any professional who aims to sail his way through the corporate mess. This haircut has tapered sides that come together at the nape section. Men who want to have long hair without shedding off the good boy image. Even though the hair is medium length, it appears to be less long as the entire volume is concentrated on the top of your head. Use some volume boost and hair wax to get the desired look.

Volume on Top

Men’s Pompadour:

Even the slightest contrast in the haircut can give you an appealing and a distinct look. If you wish to look sharp in a medium length hairstyle then pompadour is it. Choose some undercuts for the hair on the top to stand out. Even if you have thin hair, this style will create an illusion of thick hair. Simply sweep them back to get a celebrity look for yourself. This is a low maintenance hairstyle and does not demand many products for hair care.

Men's Pompadour

Layered Blunt:

When you are blessed with healthy hair, you should get yourself a layered blunt. Do not bother if you have thick or thin hair, this hairstyle makes you look very appealing. The layers need not be connected but they should fall in a manner that gives you a look like a theater major or philosopher. You can decide on the length but it looks the best when they are bit longer than your ear and above your shoulder.

Layered Blunt

Straight Layers:

When you are in no mood to experiment and yet aim to transform your look then this is your safest bet. Without any color or highlights, you can get the flowing look for yourself. Once the stylist gives you the layer cut, styling the hair is your job. You can part it or pull it all back, tie it or keep the locks flowing, the possibilities are endless. This is the style that complements the straight hair well. In case you wish to add texture to your hair, you can create some waves.

Straight Layers

Great hairstyle comes only from great hair and great hair is possible with good hair care. Use styling gels and other products sparingly. Trim and maintain your hair neatly. Nourish your hair not just from the outside but from the inside. No matter which style you choose, it is the confidence that matters the most. Along with the great hairstyle, you need to dress up smartly. Besides you can try growing some facial hair. Beard and moustache are making some noise and trending up the fashion charts. Come out of your boy-zone and look manly with these hairstyles and beard!

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