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Options In Sydney Hairdressers Franchises to Choose From

Sydney Hairdressers Franchises


Options In Sydney Hairdressers Franchises to Choose From

There can be nothing more exciting than starting on your own. Who would forget the day when they move out of their parent’s place and start their independent life? Starting a firm or your first business venture is nothing lesser than it. When it comes to salons, beauty centers or hair therapy clinics, most of the hair stylists in Australia had a head start with Sydney hairdressers franchises. It is all about getting the right push at the right time and there is nothing like getting one from the established franchises.

Sydney Hairdressers Franchises

When you are in the industry, you know a lot about the importance of networking and working for the right people to set a name for yourself. Choosing the right franchises is a part of it. Here are some of the reputed franchises in Australia especially Sydney that you would be interested in starting your work with:


John Azzi has a rich history of 30 years in the hair and beauty industry which has become unchallengeable. It is one of the market leaders and you will certainly want to be a part of one. Interestingly, it does offer franchise opportunities for the skilled and insanely talented hairdressers.

Key Elements of Franchise:

Organized Operations:

John Azzi respects hairdressers who understand and value the importance of uniformity. In simple terms, if you are looking for a set of values on which you should set up your salon and operate then this is your place. You will be trained for maintaining the operating procedures of the salon and how to follow the business ethics and John Azzi practices. This means, while you are new and are clueless on how to operate on your own, you have the professional support of the Azzi team.

Business Coaching:

You need not have the vocational training of hairstyling, but you will be provided excellent training here. With a minimal fee, you will be guided on how to operate a salon of your own. What is more exciting is that you will be a part of the fully established and a professional team. So, at no point, you will feel lost or out of control. The guidance sessions will be spread over few weeks so that you grasp the concept and learn to run a business. Once you are set with the right confidence, you can start up with the salon.


When you wish to own something big and iconic, you should be a part of Toni & Guy franchise. With minimal hairdressing experience, you can dream to make it big by being associated with this team. Toni & Guy has about 400 salons that operate worldwide and 37 are in Australia.

Key Elements of Franchise:

Safe Financial Investment:

Toni & Guy is that one name for skilled hairdressers who lack finances to set up their own salon. There is a steady team to help you organize your business with their expert advice. It is not just the monetary investment that this brand believes in but a personality growth as well. So, once you have signed up for one of these Sydney hairdressers franchises, you get to participate in their shows as well. Also, if needed, you can partner programs with the different teams.

Technical Support:

There are two elements when it comes to running a hairdresser business in Australia – hairstyling skills and marketing. Lack of any one of these can take you from riches to rags. While you can be sure about your hair styling prowess, you might be new to business management and marketing. This where the professionals would step in and help you learn all the technicalities. Be it PR or online marketing, management or other hairdressing training, you will get it all here.


When you are looking at a steady start and growth in the hairdressing industry, you should be thinking of Ella Baché. It is one of the Australia’s largest network of beauty franchises. With more than 150 salons nationwide, you might be pretty excited to be a part of it.

Key Elements of Franchise:

Strong Marketing:

This brand believes that when skills meet experience, they can make a lot of buzz in the town. So, if you are confident of your hair styling skills and are looking for some technical support, you can approach this hairdresser franchise. Ella Baché comes with a strong reputation in marketing skills. You will be definitely learning a lot from this one. Right from brand awareness campaigns to regular promotional plans, you will be trained for every business skill.

Hairdressing Opportunities:

Right from the local market to the international one is open to you when you are at the Ella Baché. So, you can be sure that you will not be missing on any updated that hits the hairdressing industry. You will be up on your toes at all times whether you are learning the new hair coloring technique or pitching a new business venture. Talent is appreciated here and is well-supported with the finances.

You will find the internet is flooded with interesting Sydney hairdressers franchises opportunities. The key is to spot the one that suits your palate. Sit down and write down your skill set, ambition in hairdressing industry and business traits to acquire. Match them up with any of the hairdresser franchise that you come across. Read their terms and conditions in detail. If needed get a legal advice before paying and enrolling for their term. Only when you are sure about the tiniest of their detail, you should proceed with the franchise. In the end, your hairstyling talent and patience will pay off!

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