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Three Tips for Women On Short Hairstyles For Round Faces

Short Hairstyles For Round Faces ....


Three Tips for Women On Short Hairstyles For Round Faces

The secret to look smoking hot with short hairstyles for round faces is here!

Short Hairstyles For Round Faces ....

The first thing that any expert hairstylist notices in a client is the face shape. Since many women have round faces, the experts have come up with several hairstyles. Many women confuse the round face shape with a chubby one. You have to think what exactly are you looking to change? Do you want to cover up the roundness or you wish to highlight and celebrate it? Would you want to look feminine or roaring bold? There is nothing like a perfect hairstyle for a round face. But yes you can mix and experiment. To make your life simpler here is a guide to help you choose from the short hairstyles for round faces.

  1. Volume:

Focus on the volume of your hair. Since the round faces have wide cheeks, you will have to focus on the right volume to create a slimmer look for your face. Creating volume on thin hair might be difficult and doing it every day will be a task. But that is what exactly the hair experts are for. Ask your stylist to focus on top of your head when he is cutting and styling your hair. Placing fullness on top of your hair section will easily take the attention away from your round face.

Take a nice look in the mirror and imagine how a particular style will look on you. Many salons give computerized imaging before haircuts. When you are going for a short hairstyle, you need to keep one thing in mind that you’ll have to own it. Unless you are comfortable with the cut, you will not carry it confidently.

  1. Styles:

Avoid straightening your hair. This is will highlight your round face. In case you have bangs then you should style them right. Get them a thin, wispy layer so that they flatter your face. Tapered cuts on the sides with a cropped look will make you look smart. Such hairstyles create volume for straight hair. You can style your hair with a control hair gel to get waves or curls. Bobs will work very well on round face shape. Go for the bob that goes a little below your chin. If you choose for the smaller one, it will bring out the roundness of your face. Waves or curls can create the volume and fullness for your face.

Go for the trendy styles and see if you will be comfortable carrying them. Certain chops and crops look well when the hair is colored or highlighted. Do not feel coy to try some color. Emo cut are bold and refreshing. If you are not a corporate employee, you can try Emo to look and feel younger.

  1. Variations:

a) Asymmetrical Bob: Short layers can perfectly define your looks and cover up for the round shape. It is easy to style especially during your morning rush. All you need to do is brush and sweep your hair with side parting. Look gorgeous effortlessly all the time with the ‘Asymmetrical Bob’.

Asymmetrical Bob with Side Parting

b) Pixie: Short cuts will surely add a texture to your look. This cut looks the best for the round petite faces. A simple pomade or hairspray will help you style your ‘Pixie’ hair and make you look glamorous for any event.

Pixie for Petite Faces

c) Waves: Adding a bit of oomph to balance the roundness of your face is all you need. There can be no better option than the ‘Waves’. Styling products and collarbone hair length will give you those perfect waves. Besides, they are short enough to keep you cool in the sweltering summer.

Waves for Volume

d) Messy Layers: If you have wide cheekbones then you should get yourself ‘Layers’ and give them a ‘Messy’ look. Use curls or waves to get the messed up look. Make sure you do not go overboard otherwise it will look unnatural. Pull on a hair band to keep the look elegant.

Messed up Layers

e) Curls and Bob: By now you must have figured out that there can be no best style for a round face than a ‘Bob’. It is all about the way you style them will give you a flattering look. Add little soft curls and you will be set for the day. You can use hair sprays to keep the ‘Curls’ in their place for a longer time.

Bob and Curls

f) Blunt: This hairstyle will stay faithful to you and will never give you a bad hair day. A side parting and brush your hair down. Go for a chic hair band or a bohemian headband and make the heads turn. You can never go wrong in styling when it comes to the ‘Blunt’ cut. Instead of highlighting the round shape, this cut brings out those soft and beautiful curves of a face.

Blunt Bob

g) Bangs: One amazing hairstyle that can balance out your face is ‘Bangs’. Your round face can be neatly tucked under a bob and a heavy set of fringes. Since they cover your forehead you can worry less about the shape of your face and look elegant and fun. You will have to head to salon to maintain the right length of the bangs. Or you can simply learn to trim them on your own.

Heavy Bangs

In the end all that matters is your confidence to pull up a look. Only if you feel smart you can reflect it. Think a dozen times about the look that you will want for yourself and then get it cut. Once you get a haircut make sure to style it well.

Visit your stylist to maintain the charm of the hair cut. The specialty of short hairstyles is that you do not have to maintain them much. A little care and good styling can turn you into a diva. So stop struggling and look your best everyday with these short hairstyles.

10 Short Hairstyles for Round Faces with Thin Hair

Short hairstyles are often looked up as empowering. It is a bold statement that reflects the stronger side of a women. Certainly, one needs to own her personality and bring out the wild attitude. But, it will also need the right hair to support your style. You need to be extra cautious with the volume, style, and the variation while you are narrowing down on one of the short hairstyles for round faces. If you got thin hair, there is no need to curse yourself for it. Even women with thin hair can go for the short hairstyles and look appealing in it. All you need is the readiness to handle the style well and flaunt it.

  1. Curly and Short:

Curly and Short

Keep it light and lovely by styling your thin hair in big curls. You can look extremely feminine with the curls on your short hair. But, this style will surely go well with any outfit and is perfect for every occasion. To keep up with the modern trends, you can go for highlights or interesting color for your hair.

Tip: You will need a good quality hold products to keep the hairstyle intact.

  1. Messy Pixie:

Messy Pixie

This is the most fun and carefree hairstyle for this summer. Style your hair playfully and direct them in all the directions to get the perfect messy look. To get the messy pixie, you will need layers for your thin hair. So, when you style the hair, they will get the right flow and you can pull up thetolook easily.

Tip: You will need a lightweight gel to style the pixie.

  1. Layered Bob:

Layered Bob

This is a great way to cover up your thin hair with short hairstyles for round faces. You need to practice this hairstyle, though. Try to lift your hair at the roots and sweep them to one side. The next step is to give a soft blowout with the dryer. It will help you create an effect that will lift the volume of your hair instantly. With the layered bob, you can step out of the old, dreary, and flat look instantly.

Tip: You will need a round brush, dryer and a light hold cream to style your hair.

  1. Feathered Pixie Cut:

Feathered Pixie

It does not matter whether you are a working professional or a college going young girl, go for the pixie cut. This hairstyle is fun and classy at the same time. Go for the subtle highlights and your thin hair will instantly get a volume. If you are worrying about this hairstyle being a high maintenance, then this is not the case. Even if you are always running out of time to give all the attention to your hair, you can look amazing in this hairstyle.

Tip: Invest in a good round brush and try combing with head down to get a good volume.

  1. Disheveled Pixie Look:

Dishevelled Pixie Look

On the similar lines of the pixie, you can get a sassy cut. In this hairstyle, the layers are placed unevenly. Since there are a lot of layers, your thin hair gets a lot of bounce and volume. Interestingly, you do not have to worry about having a straight hair or wavy one. This style looks amazing on either of them. If you want to spice up a bit of your look, go for blonde or sliver color with dark roots. They make a good cover up for thin hair.

Tip: Sweep your hair to one side of your head to create an illusion of voluminous hair.

  1. Messy Bob:

Messy Bob

This one is tricky and not everyone can pull off the look comfortably. You need to be absolutely sure about this style. It involves a lot of styling and attitude to carry it. Right from the hair texture to your face shape, every element will make up for this hairstyle. Hence, you need to confirm with your hairstylist first on the style before getting it. This is one of the best short hairstyles for round faces.

Tip: Make sure the layered locks fall neatly on the jaw to get away with the thin hair.

  1. Straight Bob:

Straight Bob

With good layers, neat cut and a little bit of color your thin hair can look absolutely gorgeous with this hairstyle. You need a good stylist to get the perfect cut so that your thin hair looks thick. The ideal length of the hair is to the jaw line. However, it is the layering that creates the illusion of great volume.

Tip: Get a good hair color with dark roots to get a depth and make your hair appear lush.

  1. Wispy Cut:

Wispy Cut

Women with thin and fine hair do not have to worry anymore. The key is right bangs and layers. With these two elements, you can trick everyone into believing that you got a thick mane. The wispy layers go perfectly well with the round face type. And, the shaggy hairstyle will simply pump up the thin hair.

Tip: Invest in good hair products like hairspray and gels to maintain the wispy look.

  1. Soft Waves:

On a serious note, one should get this hairstyle if the hair is not only thin but also super straight. The soft waves will give a nice texture and volume to the hair. However, women with wavy hair can try it too. All you need to be ready is for a huge mass of hair. They will give you large volume and make your hair appear thicker than the straight hair.

Tip: Get good styling products that go well with the texture of your hair to keep the waves.

  1. Shaggy Chops:

Shaggy Chops

With the right layers and a texturizing spray, you can get the perfect thickness to your hair. Damp your hair and scrunch the locks. Gently blow the dryers as you scrunch the hair. Stop the moment you feel that you got the perfect look. Use some hair spray to hold on to the look. You will have to practice this style in order to master the look.

Tip: If you feel that the blow dryer does not work, use the curling iron.

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