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Toronto best hairdressers now in your neighborhood!

John Steinberg


Toronto best hairdressers now in your neighborhood!

When it comes to hair spotting the genuine Toronto best hairdressers can be tough. Well, not anymore. Here is a list compiled as per the location.

There are plenty of hair salons in Toronto. The stylists here with their scissors are like the magicians with their wands. With plentiful and immensely talented folks to take care of your hair, you will not have to cross the town. Unless, if you wish to be loyal only to your favourite hair stylist. We bring to you the 10 Toronto best hairdressers in an alphabetical order of its location:



Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday’ which was earlier known as the Saloon will bring to you a charming and relaxed feel that Miami has to offer to the Harbord Street. This is one stop for anyone who is looking out for a comprehensive job on his or her hair. Right from subtle hues to full blown colorful hair, you will find the best hair job here. The moment your hair is done, you will step out of the salon in full awe.



Trevor Odho Studio

Trevor Odho Studio’ is handled by a genius hairstylist who worked in several best salons like Day and Night and John Steinberg in Toronto. He is the head stylist and is very popular in building rapport with the people. This helps him in understand their psychology and help them bring a big change in their personality with beautiful hair colors. You will have to get an appointment before heading to the parlor.



Parlour Salon

Parlour’ originally operated in Ossington but the moment it opened up in Beaches, it has been leaving an imprint on the people. It creatively handles the hair styling and coloring for both men and women. The first best thing about one of the Toronto best hairdressers is that they charge the same to both men and women. And the second best part is you will not be forced to try anything new that you are uncomfortable about.



Angst Salon

Angst Salon’ is the best choice if you are looking for a straight and an honest opinion about your hair. You will get genuine suggestions rather than fake or pretentious things that stylists usually make up. So, when you really need a hair makeover you should know where you should be. It operates as a co-op that was founded by Billy Angst who has been celebrity stylist as well as a TV expert. You can totally depend on this one for your lovely hair.



Fraiche Saloon

You will find that there are ample salons around the neck of the woods. But there will no more fanciful than the ‘Fraiche Salon’. This is one of the best salons that you will come across. It has the best professionals, who know how to work on highlights and hair coloring. If you wish to straighten your hair without making them appear fake then this salon is your heaven.

Apart from hair, this salon takes care of waxing, facials etc. This salon in true sense is one stop for all who are tired of jumping to different places to get their hair and other things done. The best thing you can do is get a complete makeover at one go.



Bob and Paige

Bob + Paige’ which is situated between the Broadview and Chester, will give a feeling of rustic downtown. It has a clientele from all age backgrounds and entertains people peculiar fashion sense. The space is quite modern and light. Stepping every time in this parlor is like getting a fresh breeze of air. Stylists here are exceptionally trained to work on hair type and texture. They are trained for the facial symmetry and which hairstyle goes well with it. Interestingly you will be guided well to carry your new look with full confidence.




Barberella’s’ has always been Dundas West favourite. It will continue to do so for years to come. It has quite a neighborhood with all the locals swearing for a decent cut. Additionally, it has been able to successfully manage the competition by Grateful Head and Lebel. This is the best place if you have unruly and unmanageable hair. This salon is one of the Toronto best hairdressers who would take on the challenge on working unusual hair type.



Day and Night

Day and Night’ initially began with Dundas West and was able to rule the salon scene. It has been working and creating raves in this place. Stylist Chanel Croker has built a strong team with an aim to make their client’s happy. They work on a simple motto that the client should step out happy. Stylists here are known to work on a style that complements the person’s overall look and personality. So, if you wish to play safe, you should know that this is your place.



Good Day Hairshop

Good Day Hairshop’ might be a recent addition that not many people are aware about. But it has done a good job in terms of hairdos and creative styling. If you are a confident person with strong and wild personality, Good Day Hairshop is your comfort place. The moment you come across any whacky hairstyle on Instagram or any fashion blogging site, you can get it done here.



John Steinberg

John Steinberg & Associates had a namesake as a competitor however, this salon managed to have its own followers. It managed to stand out as a cult among the fashion enthusiasts. This was possible only because of the friendly staff and the skilled stylists. If you are tired with your dark look then you should be looking out for stylist Kristopher who is a wizard in turning dark to light and make them look natural.

These are the first 10 Toronto best hairdressers that you should be giving a try. The stylists at each of these salons are experts and your hair will receive the best care that they deserve!

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