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Hair Care Tips for Women with Long Hair

hair care tips for women


Hair Care Tips for Women with Long Hair

Look sensational with the healthy long hair when you follow these hair care tips for women.

hair care tips for women

Be it long hair or short, every girl desires it to be healthy and shiny. Given the stress and hectic lifestyle, that we live in, maintaining the health of the hair becomes a daunting task. There are hoards of hair care products that are marketed to create the illusion of perfect hair. We are even keen to try them and save those pretty strands. What every girl with long hair should be ideally looking out for is a shift in her lifestyle. A few changes and you can bring back the life in your hair. Interestingly they are simple to follow and you will witness your frail hair transform into strong and healthy.

Simple Steps to Keep Your Long Hair Healthy:

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1) Head Massage:


We are not talking about the expensive spa massages here. Buy a nice prong hairbrush and you are set for a head massage. All you need to do is softly rub your scalp with the brush in circular motions. Do it every day for few minutes. Circular movement relaxes the scalp and circulates the blood in the hair follicles. It induces hair growth and turns your hair healthy. Set a routine for yourself. Every day before going to sleep, dim the light, play some soothing music, and massage your hair. This routine will result in good sleep and healthy hair. Within few weeks you will see the change in the volume of your hair.

Tip: Do not massage too vigorously or else you will damage your scalp.

2) Oil Massages:


No matter how tight your schedule is you should find at least 10 minutes in a week to massage oil onto your scalp. It would be best if you warm the oil before applying as it relaxes the scalp and triggers hair growth. Dip your fingers in the warm oil and gently massage it in circular motion. This way the scalp will absorb the oil better. Experiment with herbal hair oils. Choose from flower, fruit or mixed seeds oils to strengthen your hair. See which oil works wonder on your hair. When it comes to hair oil, you need to be a little patient to see the results. So, before you think of switching the oils you should try the oil for one or more month.

Tip: Do not wash your hair immediately. For better results, leave it overnight or for 3 hours.

3) Healthy Hair Care Products:

Healthy Long Hair Care

You save your bucks only to buy those expensive hair care products to make your dreary and limp hair strong. But here comes the important question that you should ask yourself. How many times you think before buying the hair care products? Unless you understand each and every ingredient in it, you are wasting your money and damaging your hair. Majority of the hair care products have heavy proportions of chemicals that nourishes the hair less and damages it more. Know your products and research on the ingredients well. Switch to green hair care products. Several companies use botanical and flowers extracts in their products that are safe for hair and nourishes them. Hair care products also include hair combs and brushes. Invest in good brushes that have smooth bristles that would detangle your long hair without damage.

Tip: Learn about natural hair care products and be a wise buyer.

4) Three Hair Washes:

Three Hair Washes

Maintaining hygiene for your long hair is one thing and washing it excessively is all together different thing. You need to understand that washing your hair excessively will strip out the necessary oils out of your scalp. This will result in brittle and dry hair. You certainly do not want to wake up with drab hair. Depending on the length of your hair, you need to decide how often you need to wash your hair. 3 is your holy number. Do not wash your hair more than 3 times in a week. It will help your scalp to retain the natural oils. They will nourish your hair and make it healthy and strong.

Tip: It is best to wash your hair at the interval of two days instead of alternative days.

5) Clean Hair Wash:

Clean Hair Wash:

Long hair consumes a lot of time for washing, drying and brushing. Many young girls and working women grow their hair but fail to maintain the right hygiene. Simply shampooing and conditioning the hair does not mean cleaning the hair. If you do not wash your hair thoroughly, it will have chemical buildup on the scalp that damages the scalp, stunts the growth of hair and makes them brittle. One great tip while washing your hair is to take the shampoo on your hand, lather it well and then apply it to your scalp. This way your scalp will not feel irritation of the shampoo and it becomes easier to distribute the shampoo evenly all over your scalp. Cleaning the scalp and washing the hair becomes easier when you do not apply the shampoo directly to your scalp.

Tip: After washing your hair, allow them to dry naturally and do not blow dry them.

It is definitely challenging to grow hair and maintain their health. Only when you invest time and efforts you will be able to have strong hair. Keep some time reserved for hair massages and washes. You can save some money and treat your hair with a spa therapy. Cut or trim your hair at regular intervals. Trimming will take care of split ends and you will grow healthier hair. Do not hesitate to visit a dermatologist if you witness tremendous hair fall or scalp problems. With these few long hair tips, you will be able to gain gorgeous hair. Go ahead and strut your voluminous hair or sport any trendy hairstyle when you have the perfect mane.

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