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17 Striking Blonde Hair Color Ideas!

blonde hairstyles


17 Striking Blonde Hair Color Ideas!

Bringing to you the best blonde hair color ideas to get that adorable look you desire.

blonde hairstyles

Blonde is undeniably a multi-faceted color. Whether you are a brunette, redhead or natural blonde, there are many tones that can look super flattering on your hair. Choose from the clear monochromatic tones or the sophisticated blends to give you the breathtaking looks. Dye your hair; go for highlights or combine different shades. Look godly amazing in the blonde hair color ideas shared below.

  1. Wheat Blonde:

Wheat Blonde

You can look adorable in the soft wheat blonde hair. Try for the subtle golden blonde highlights. If you wish your hair to be distinct then you can try darkening your roots. A simple centre parting will give you a deep look instantly. You can even go for the golden highlights.

  1. Buttery Blonde:

Buttery Blonde

If you have wavy hair then you can go for the buttery blonde look. It is feminine, sensuous and sophisticated. This hue unveils the delicate gleam that is locked in every curve of your curl. Though this color looks good on pearl white complexion, it looks fine on dark complexion as well.

  1. Sandy Blonde:

Sandy Blonde

You can never go wrong with this hair color is no exception. It is rich and warm, but still it is subtle. If you are looking to get some depth then this is the best hair color. This color brings out the intensity of your look. Pull yourself out from the drab look. You can begin with a dark base and go for cool toned highlights to get a perfect look.

  1. Platinum Fade:

Platinum Fade

Get your lob a refined and smooth look with the platinum fade. It begins with a rich brown at the roots and transform into lustrous platinum locks. Ask your stylist to give you a harmonious look. The colors have to blend perfectly so that it has a smooth finish.

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  1. Golden Flare:

Golden Flare

Gone are the days when dark roots were thought nasty. It is fun and very trendy to have dark roots and blond hair. Opt for the golden flare and you will look no less than a celebrity. The golden hue is fun and fiery to bring out the bold personality and yet look very feminine.

  1. Caramelized Locks:

Caramelized Lock

Blonde is a color that can be mixed with caramel streaks to get a refreshing look for your complexion. It restores the radiance and gives a healthy blush particular in winters. If you wish to get a shining and fresh face, get yourself the caramelized blonde locks.

  1. Strawberry Blonde:

Strawberry Blonde

This color is a mid way between blonde and red. It is soft and very light creamy auburn shade that gives you a warm look. The strawberry blonde stays popular every season and suits majority of skin tones. You can look incredibly gorgeous in this color.

  1. Bright Blonde:

Bright Blonde

If you are looking for something bright and peppy then you should certainly pick this color. This color flatters pale skin tone and young girls can carry it confidently. But if you have the right attitude, then age is just a number. There can be no phenomenal blond color than this one.

  1. Icy Blonde:

Want to make others gulp down refreshing coolness? Get the Icy Blonde this summer to succeed in looking fabulous. However, this color flatters only few skin tones. Hence, make sure to get a patch tested and then decide on getting your hair colored.

  1. Ginger Blonde:

Ginger Blonde

If you have a warm skin undertone, then you can rock this warm blonde. The soft ginger hue will bring out your fair peachy skin and eyes. This color looks the best with curls but it goes well with the perfect straight hair as well.

  1. Extra Light:

Extra Light

The color simply lights up the face from within. If you wish to look elegant and chic at all times then you should go for this color. This shade comes out as a natural looking color for your hair. It is effortlessly lightens up the locks.

  1. Vanilla Blonde:

Vanilla Blonde

This blonde shade can create a signature style. Suitable to different color tones, this hue will make your hair look fuller. It is one of the intensive colors that make you look younger. Interestingly, you will look more sophisticated and neat in this color.

  1. Blonde Gradations:

Blonde Gradations

When you know the different colors in blonde, you will know how to play with them. Get the right combinations and you can sport this color. This shade has 3 hues of blonde. It begins with dark blonde at the roots and gradually develops into pearly blonde around the face with golden blonde in the end.

  1. Swedish Blonde:

Swedish Blonde

If you have sleek and polish symmetrical cut then you should go for the Swedish Blonde. This color is clear and serene. It brings out the natural skin tone and keeps you looking fresh and happy.

  1. Golden Apricot:

Golden Apricot

When you add some reddish tints to the regular blonde hair color then you will get a rare hair color. It appears like a golden apricot. It is fresh and ideal for long blonde hair. Try this color to give yourself some refreshing look.

  1. Dishwater Blonde:

Dishwater Blonde

Natural blonde can get darker with the age. Acquiring a nondescript mousy or the dishwater blonde will simply resolve the hair color issues. The fading color can become the base color and balayage technique or highlighting can help you get the right effect.

  1. Brown Sugar:

brown sugar

You can comfortably drift from a darker shade to the blonde locks. This color gives a glazing look to the person who opts for this color. If you wish to settle for something dark in blonde then you can opt for the shifting Brown Sugar look.

It is often painstaking to maintain the blonde color. Without proper care the blonde can look into a bleached hair color. The key to good locks is good hair care. Once you get your blonde, make sure to invest in good hair care products and look stunning always.


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