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Top Mega 10 Blonde Hair Colors For Inspiration [Video]

blonde hair color


Top Mega 10 Blonde Hair Colors For Inspiration [Video]

Try some funky hair color this season inspired from this video and rule your town!

blonde hair color

Tapped out of ideas for hair colors this season? We share an amazing video that will inspire you with the top mega 10 blonde hair colors this season. Get out of your boring blonde hair color and lighten up the spirits. The colors are simple and you will not have to rack your brains in getting them. You are free to choose the color brands and get it done yourself. If not there is always the option of heading to the salon.

  1. Soft Brown:

There is no color that works the best on blonde than a shade that is closer to blonde. It looks smart and easy to achieve. Go for the darker roots. They create a glamorous effect and are in fact a neat choice for the blonde hair. Be it a short crop or long layers, this color will never fail you.

  1. Golden Brown:

Unleash your inner goddess and free your spirits with the golden brown this season. If you wish for a darker tone, this will be your safest bet. This color shines and if maintained properly will last on your hair longer. Condition your hair properly and you will look amazing this season.

  1. Soft Pink Highlights:

Still not sure whether to go for a color change or not? Go for the highlights. They give you a midway in coloring and change of look. Choose any shade in pink and you will look no less than a rockstar. Use dark to soft, subtle shades of pink intelligently and you can pull off a mesmerizing fairy like look.

  1. Fiery Red:

If you think you have all that madness and fierce energy in you then go for the red. You can choose from soft red hues to full red. Experiment by mixing red and brown to create a magnificent look that is shared in the video. There is no need to worry if you lack the skills. Head to the parlor and ask the stylist to color your hair.

  1. Soft Ombre:

This color will give you the look of girl next door. You can look smart and chic. Steal some glances while you have some serious work to catch up at your office. This color will give you a change in look without messing with your original hair color much. See if you can patch test some part of your hair and understand if you will be comfortable in the color.

  1. Light Brown:

Take a close look at your skin tone. If you do not want to pale it down further you can choose for the light brown. It’s fun and does not act harshly on your natural blonde hair. If you are looking for a simple change without disturbing your skin tone then the light brown is your holy grail.

  1. Golden Highlights:

Give a kick to your dark hair with the golden highlights. They can never go wrong be it on a blonde or brunette. This is the best way to test colors and go for the one that you like the most. Golden highlights work well on dark hair well and perfect on blonde too. So, if you wish for something dramatic but aren’t sure exactly then go for the highlights.

  1. Pixie Green Highlights:

Go green and wild with the green. Opt to color a patch, highlight them or turn them full green. Be in complete charge and transform into a pixie with this close to nature color. Get some expert advice on combining the colors.

  1. Red Highlights:

While you are not sure about red but there is some part of your heart that clings on to this color, you should go for the red highlights. The color might be bold but when you go for the highlights then you will never regret it.

  1. Silver:

Highlights or full head in silver will give you a hot and wise look. Choose the right finish and you will be set for the season. Only a few skin tones can pull up this color. So you have to be absolutely sure about it. Rope in a good stylist who can educate you better about the hair colors.

There is a bonus Blonde hair color ideas here.

  1. Blue Phoenix:

Amazing blue hues will never go out of fashion. All you have to do is try them. Impress your peers and friends with the sensational blue tones. You can go for varying highlights or color your hair blue. This cool color tone looks best in summer, but it rules all the seasons.

The best advice for trying out colors is to go for the temporary ones when you are not sure about the colors. Once you decide on a color then you can go for the permanent color. With some online imaging tool, you can try changing the hair color on your photo. This way you get an outsider’s perspective on hair colors for your own hair.

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