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Hair Color Ideas: Before and After

Hair Color Ideas


Hair Color Ideas: Before and After

Learn how to keep the color on your head for a longer time with these hair color ideas.

Hair Color Ideas

The cosmetic reason for coloring was to cover the gray hair. But it is has become a fashion custom to get the desirable hair color. Several hairdressing processes or sun bleaching discolors the hair. Hence many people opt for dying or coloring. In case you are keen on updating your look or wishing for a transformation then you need to be serious about your choice. There are several things that you need to be aware of hair coloring. Below is your complete hair color ideas for getting the perfect shade.


Just like you prepare days in advance for a big event or celebration, you will have to prepare for your hair color day. Healthy hair tends to take on the color well.

Guides to follow before coloring:

  • Hot oil hair treatment will strengthen the roots and hair. It will keep your hair shiny and prepare them to take the color nicely. If you are unable to follow it for a month, take this treatment at least for 3 days before you go for a hair color.
  • Treat your hair gently. Keep them clean but do not wash them every day. Avoid products that are chemically heavy and harsh on your hair. Use natural or herbal shampoos, conditioners and hairstyling products.
  • A detox or clarifying shampoo will clean the buildup that the hair products leave. Ditch the conditioner as often as you can. This way you can maintain hygiene and prepare your hair for coloring.
  • Do not wash your hair just before you head to the salon for coloring. Washing strips the natural oils and it will not give the right color effect on your hair. For better results, wash your hair 2 days before coloring and only after you had the hot oil treatment.
  • Decide on a color. It is important to choose one that will suit your personality. Never opt for a color that is two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color. This will compliment your skin tone.
  • An alternative to hair coloring is two-tone color or highlights. Such option is complicated and you will certainly want suggestions from a professional. To avoid potential hair disasters, you should get coloring advice from a hair expert.
  • Get a patch test wherein you color only a section of your hair. Chances are you might be sensitive or allergic to hair coloring. Testing will save you from side effects and avoid hair damage.
  • If you’re buying a color, then remember that the shade on the box will vary with the actual one. So, keep your expectations real. Patch test will reveal the actual color and help you decide if the color is going to make you happy or not.
  • Do not think of cutting or trimming your hair before you color. Only if you wish to cut it short, you can opt to cut first and then color. But if you are planning to trim then you should just hold until coloring.
  • Apply moisturizer and petroleum jelly to your face. No matter you get hair coloring at home or at the salon, you will want to avoid the color marks drip into your skin. Apply the moisturizer first and then cover it with a thin layer of petroleum jelly.


Do not assume that once you are done with coloring, you can walk down the street and strut your new look. You will have to care for your hair for few days to keep the color vibrant.

Tips to follow after coloring:

  • Do not wash your hair immediately after coloring. Wait for minimum 2 days so that the color gets some time to settle. They will grab onto the hair strands and give them a rich look.
  • You will have to use shampoo and conditioner that help your hair to retain the color. Such hair care products are specifically developed to care for your hair and boost the exact color. In fact several brands have products designed for specific colors.
  • Turn down the temperature of the water from hot to lukewarm. Super hot water will leech the color out of your hair faster. Lukewarm water soothes the scalp and protects the hair from going dry and frizzy after coloring.
  • Allow your hair to dry naturally. Blow dryers are the enemy of dyed hair. If you wish for the color to last, you will have to keep the dryers in the drawers. In case of emergency, you can switch to cool setting to dry your hair.
  • Do not hit the pool after hair coloring. Chlorine in the pool water will give a full toss to your hair color. If you wish to charm people and maintain the shade, stick to the poolside and avoid the temptation of soaking up as long as you can.
  • Use spray in conditioners that act as sunscreen or UV filters. They will protect your hair and its color from fading away. Additionally, such products care for the scalp and protect it from damage.
  • Weekly hair treatment will keep your color in great condition. If you find the treatments to be expensive, you can opt for a deep hair conditioner. Moisturizing will nourish your locks and keep your hair color lively.
  • Do not hesitate to use color glosses. Regardless of the shade you choose, the glosses will boost the color. If you are not keen on spending too much on hair products then you can look for home remedies.
  • Take 2 ripe bananas, ¼ cup of olive oil and ½ cup of honey. Apply this mask on your hair every week or once in two weeks. This will keep your hair shiny and help the color last for a long time.
  • Faded colors can ruin your look. You will have to commit to hair coloring regularly. It can be expensive to visit the salon every time for a touch up. Instead you can opt to do it yourself by dipping cotton ball into the mixture or using a brush.

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These simple before and after Hair color idea will save you from a bad hair day. Follow them and flatter the crowd with your charming transformation.

10 Myths About Hair color ideas Busted!

When it comes to hair, people have come across numerous advice. What is even more interesting are those tidbits that one gets to hear about hair and hair care products. For instance, one should not pull out the gray hair as it will boost the growth of gray hair in the same patch. Different traditions believe in distinctive notions pertaining to hair. However, one should know the difference between a fact and a myth. Be it trying a home remedy for hair color ideas or heading to the salon for expert treatment, you should think rationally.

Want to know some myths about hair color that you accepted all this while?

  1. Coloring Hair is Tiresome:

When you are at the salon, you will want your hair to be treated in the best way ever. How can it be tiresome? The process of color depends on the length and the texture of your hair. Coloring the hair globally can take somewhere around 20 minutes and highlights may vary from person to person. However, the process is not tiring at all and in the end, you will find it worth spending the time.

  1. Clean and Wash Hair Before Coloring:

It might look fancy to wash and go to the salon with a clean hair for coloring. But, it is recommended to go with the regular hair. Washed hair has a cleaner scalp that might lead to irritation that hair colors often leave. However, the natural oils that release slowly after few days of washing protect your scalp from such irritation. Hence, it is suggested that you should go with the dirtier hair for getting them colored.

  1. Wash Hair After Coloring:

You may have heard someone say that washing hair after coloring will get rid of the excess color. However, it is a terrible idea to wash your hair in the next 24 to 30 hours after coloring. It takes some time for the color to adjust and sink in. The glosses, tints, and toners in the color will get washed away if you shampoo and condition the colored hair immediately. Even if you feel tempted to wash your hair, refrain from it.

  1. Hair color Causes Grey Hair:

It is a myth that coloring the hair causes grey hair. Some even put it on stress. While it does contribute to some extent, it would be wrong to put the entire blame on stress or color. The fact is that melanocytes is responsible for producing the melanin for hair color. As they die, the hair begins to grey. One simple reason can be aging and the other being genetic. Hence, it is about time to give up on the myth that stress or coloring the hair causes them to grow grey when you got your own genes to blame.

  1. No Hair Color During Pregnancy:

There is no research to back this data. In fact, the doctors will not stop you from coloring your hair if you are pregnant. Certainly, there are chemicals in the hair coloring products. But, there is no correlation to birth defects or any other forms of pregnancy problems. However, like every concerned parent, you might not want to take any risk. Well, if you are tempted, you can wait until your 2nd or 3rd trimester to get spice up your hair.

  1. Eyebrow and Hair Color Should Match:

This is one myth you can have a good laugh about. There is no need to color coordinate your eyebrows with your hair color. In fact, it is always good to have some contrast between them. The simplest way to spice things up is going a shade lighter if you have darker hair. And, if your eyebrow is lighter than go a shade darker for your hair. If you are unable to decide for yourself, you can always get the help from the hair experts.

  1. Colored Hair Means Split Ends and Breakage:

It is not the color that makes the hair vulnerable to breakage and split ends but lack of care. One has to invest in different types of hair care products for colored hair. If you do not wash and condition your hair, use the right hair masks, and protect it from the bad weather, you will have hair problems. However, if you oil and massage them regularly, then you will see the best results. So, it is about time to hit the salon get your hair colored.

  1. Coloring Pulls Down the Hair Volume:

No hair stylist has any clue where and when this rumor started doing the rounds. The truth is if your hair lacks volume, then you should think of getting them colored. Using the right color can highlight each strand making the hair appear thicker. Your hair will get a certain amount of depth and dimension. All you need to do is choose the right stylist and the shade to bring out the right weight and density to your hair. However, refrain from bleaching as hair color ideas as it can make your hair look thin.

  1. I.Y. Hair Color is Terrible:

If you have researched well about the technique and understand how to color safely, there is no harm in going ahead. The markets are flooded with high quality products for hair coloring. You need to go through the instructions carefully before taking things in your hands. Few online videos and you are set to get your hair colored at home. If you are not comfortable working on the length, you can ask some help.

  1. Maintenance is Expensive:

It certainly spikes the costs of hair care products, but maintaining the colored hair is not at all expensive. When you can afford to get your hair colored, caring for them is within your budget too. There is no hard and fast rule that you have to buy branded and expensive conditioners and shampoos from the commercials. Get tips from your salon experts on good quality and low-priced products. Besides, there are numerous home care remedies that you can try to keep up the health of your hair color ideas!

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