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Hair Colouring Salons in South and West London

hair salons for colouring


Hair Colouring Salons in South and West London

There are few hair colouring salons that have experts who care for the hair while they play with the colours. Get an updated list of the magicians for expert hair colouring.

hair colouring salons

While you delve about the trendiest hair colour, you need to explore your options in stylists and salons as well. It takes patience and determination to master the skill of hair colouring. This is the field where even the slightest mistake can cost your hair the damage for a lifetime. A true colourist is the one who would study your personality, your character and not just your skin tone. He will be your guide and take you down gradually to the process. South and West of London have several hair colouring salons.

Everything from contour to highlights and balayage to dip dye you get to know the specialists in south and west of London.

Charles Worthington:

Everyone knows the fact that even the slightest of the make-up can elevate your look. Charles Worthington brings to you an amazing technique of hair contouring. That sounds like a piece of art, doesn’t it? Does this thing work? Definitely it does. This method is like a curate art which involves lot of detailing. The art director – Marc Trinder would first study your personality for a ‘face fitting’. This is to determine the sections of the hair that needs colouring. Interestingly, Marc works magic on any face shape. Within few hours, you will be ready with your renewed look.


28 Great Queen Street, WC2

020 7831 5303


The fact is majority of the hair colouring salons are pretty expensive and that is an intimidating fact. Seed is one of the salons that wouldn’t drill hole in your pocket. Wipe off those tears and book your appointment with this salon. Colourists here are experts who can work even with the subtlest shade without making the colour shout out loud. You will be greeted by a welcoming staff which will be eager to help you with any queries related to dyeing, highlights etc. Paint your hair and shine in your town with brimming confidence. Relax as you enjoy your free fizz upon arrival.

789 Fulham Road, SW6

020 7731 5744


If you are looking for the masters in the technique of balayage, then you should try 77. The moment you step in the hip Parisian loft, you will revel in the French music. Stylists with amazing signature techniques will transform your hair brighter and lighter. The beauty mantra followed here is to make the hair look rich so that everyone follows you automatically. It takes enormous patience and skill to learn balayage. If you are run into luck, you can get your hair balayage by the main man here. The way he works with the comb and colours will make you week in your knees.

77 Westbourne Park Road, W2

020 7221 6794


Blondes it is your turn to have it all. No more dealing with the fine and flimsy hair. Look your spirited best when you get yourself coloured at Lockonego. Perfection in hair dyeing and colouring is their expertise. Only the people with blonde hair would know how much they dread the wispy bits that stay uncoloured. Here the stylist would gently work on the tendrils so that the colour frames your face well. Experience the Stockholm syndrome first hand when you are held captive by the colourists here. You’ll enjoy your ordeal while you kill time in foils.

394 King’s Road, SW10

020 7795 1798


The name speaks for itself. It is the dedication and innovation of the team that made it one of the best hair colouring salons. Anything from dip dyed ends to edgier colours for the hair, the colourists would be happier to work on your hair. If you are in a mood to experiment, you can choose the temporary colour which fades with every rinse. Choose anything from red to blue, dark to soft; they can work on your comfort and expectation with grace. Look glorious in your new hair colour and celebrate your renewed life.

2 Berwick Street, W1

020 7734 9009

Jo Hansford:

This salon is for the brunettes. Their colouring technique is spaced into stages. The first step will be an intensive session to understand your personality and match it with a colour. There is lot of involvement and participation to adopt the right techniques for colouring. Even if you have a colour set in your mind, consider the suggestion offered by Jacyln Smith. She has learnt every trick that the art of hair colouring has. Moreover, the stylists here would coat all the unhealthy strand s of your hair so that they turn bouncy and shiny.

48 South Audley Street, W1

020 7495 7774


When you need to fix the highlights or want a quick touch up then you should be at Hari’s. This is an interesting place for highlights. People with little or no patience for highlights or colouring are best dealt here. The stylists here are artists who create an optical illusion for your hair with the colour play. Very delicately they balance the highlights to give a new lift to the hair. It is a salon that brings good news to all the impatient lot. Get your look transformed with simple highlights at Hari’s

233 King’s Road, SW3

020 7349 8722

Learn from the experts about the colours that would suit you the most. Unveil your story with the colour or highlights. No more hiding your true personality. Bring some joy and add a depth to your character with the game of colours. Choose any of these expert hair colouring salons in South and West London.

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