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Light Brown Hair Shades For Boys To Rock This Season

Brown Hair Shades For Boys


Light Brown Hair Shades For Boys To Rock This Season

Bring out that cool guy hiding within you with any of these light brown hair shades.

Brown Hair Shades For Boys

Look sensationally iconic this season with a simple change! Yeah you read it right. Go for any of the shades in brown and you can switch from your regular and boring look to something new and inspiring. We bring the famous ‘eight’ options in light brown hair shades for the young men who are hunting for brilliant alternatives in hair color.

  • Medium Neutral Brown:

Medium Neutral Brown

This color looks amazing with the spiky short cut to look amazing. Go for the natural medium shade in the brown. Be it a professional or a regular college student, this shade looks amazing in either case.

  1. a) Skin Tone

The medium neutral brown complements majority of skin tones, but it looks the best on those with fair to medium cool complexions. If you have neutral complexion then this shade will suit you too.

  1. b) Hair Type:

This shade suits all types of hair texture but it has the potential of making the fine hair appear finer when you cut them on sides.

  1. c) Styling Tip:

Run a quarter-sized styling gel to create a casual or a professional look.

  • Copper Brown:

Copper Brown

This is a slightly vibrant shade. Copper brown can bring out the texture of hair especially the curly one. So if you have wavy or curly hair and wondering which color will suit you the most then go for this hue.

  1. a) Skin Tone

If you have a warm skin tone then you can proudly own this color. Since there are olive or yellow undertones, they will be perfectly balanced with the copper.

  1. b) Hair Type:

Look amazing in this color if you have naturally curly or wavy hair. But if you have straight hair doesn’t mean that you can’t wear this one. Go for a shorter and slightly messy style for this shade to look amazing.

  1. c) Tip:

Once you towel dry your hair work with a defining cream on them to bring out the color.

  • Neutral Brown

Neutral Brown

It is quite possible that you are looking for a color change but want to go for a safer bet. Entrepreneurs and professionals are worried about the color going wrong. This hue of brown has a neutral tone that goes well with any look and hair style.

  1. a) Skin Tone

Light skinned guys will be able to carry this shade better. Since the hue is slightly towards the subtle deeper shade, cool complexions can pull off this color well!

  1. b) Hair Type:

The ideal texture for this shade would be medium hair. Too thick or fine hair will not bring out the goodness of the color.

  1. c) Tip:

Style you hair with gel for a good lift and shine for the color.

  • Warm Brown

Warm Brown

The shade has a slight hint of copper. Interestingly when you are in light or sun, the color will shine out instantly. The closer one looks at this color, he will realize that this is one of the royal shades of light brown. It simply leaves a great first impression.

  1. a) Skin Tone

If you have light skin and slightly warm undertone then you are going to carry this shade with comfort and confidence.

  1. b) Hair Type:

If you have fine to medium textured hair then you can get this style perfectly.

  1. c) Tip:

Work with a nickel or quarter-sized firm hold styling cream on dry hair to get a glamorous look.

  • Chocolate Brown

Chocolate Brown

You would not want to tag it as a light brown shade, but consider how dreamy you can look in this shade! It is a bit on the warmer tone but if you have that perfect shade then you will know the difference. Even when it is wearing off, you will not repent this shade.

  1. a) Skin Tone:

This is that safest shade that any skin tone can carry with ease. So, do not worry about your complexion and get this great shade of brown.

  1. b) Hair Type:

This shade will look great if you have dense or thick hair.

  1. c) Tip:

Use a thickening serum so that it pumps up the volume of your hair. Make sure you prepare your hair with a mousse or styling cream for good style and color to stand out.

  • Medium Brown

Medium Brown

This shade can never go out of fashion simply because of the look it creates. Every strand will carry the caramelized brown and enrich the texture of your hair. This shade will help you give a new dimension to your hair.

  1. a) Skin Tone:

It has hint of gold or copper and looks fantastic against the warm skin tones or the neutral complexions.

  1. b) Hair Type:

Men with a medium to thick texture will look amazing with this shade on.


Work with a good hair cream or mousse through your dry hair to bring out the shade.

  • Bright Golden Brown

Bright Golden Brown

Anybody can look sexy like a celebrity in this extraordinary shade of light brown. This shade goes well a shaggy look that has medium length layered cut.

  1. a) Skin Tone:

This shade works well on light to medium complexions. But one should get this color only when you have the daring streak. It will take enormous guts apart from a fair skin or a neutral complexion to carry this color.

  1. b) Hair Type:

Thick hair can hold this color better.

  1. c) Tip:

Go for razor cuts and messy layers for the color to come out better.

Handy Tips on How to Maintain the Light Brown Hair Color?

While you get yourself the trendy light brown hair color this season, it is maintenance that can make you pull your hair out. Like any other hair color, light brown is prone to fading and losing its gloss. In no time, your hair can look dull and boring. But, that does not mean you have to sit helplessly and do nothing about it. There are a bunch of tricks to help you restore the shine back and redeem the charm of light brown hair.

  1. Know your Hair Type:

The first step in caring for any colored hair is to know the hair type. Depending on your hair type, you can determine which hair care method to adopt. So, if you have curly, frizzy or dry hair, then the hair care method will be different than the one for thin or smooth hair. It will help you a great deal in investing the right hair care products and style your hair in the best way possible.

  1. Wash Hair Only When Needed:

Trick one is to wash your hair only and only when it is absolutely necessary. This rule is applicable from the day you get your hair colored. The chemicals in the shampoo strip the color down and the more you wash, the more your hair will suffer. Hence, avoid shampooing your hair every day.

  1. Use Color Specific Shampoo:

You will have to research about the shampoos and conditioners that are specifically designed for colored hair. They help in locking up the color and retain the shine with every wash. In fact, you will come across shampoos that are created for particular hair colors. So, go ahead and find the one that is good for the light brown colored hair.

  1. Do Not Skip the Conditioner:

No matter how much the shampoo claims to give you the best of both – shampoo and conditioner, do not skip the conditioner! The latest research suggests that one should first use the conditioner and then shampoo the hair. This helps the hair lock in the necessary moisture that usually the shampoo pulls out. And, make sure the contents in the conditioner matches with that of the shampoo.

  1. Say No to Heat Styling:

Yes, you read it right! Heat styling like the straightener, blow dryer, curling irons etc. can be very tempting. In fact, with the light brown hair color, you will want to style the even more. However, in the best interest of your colored hair, you should stay away from such styling as much as possible. There are videos on YouTube to help you style your hair without such tools.

  1. Use Hair Care Products:

Not many people know that there are many hair care products that provide good protection against the bad weather, hot styling tools, sunlight etc. You need to search for the products with SPF protection. In case you cannot find such products or run out of them, try to cover your hair with a scarf or hat. There can be nothing worse than the sun for any colored hair. Hence, make sure your care for your hair in the right way when you are outdoors.

  1. Choose Right Styling Products:

Do not stop at shampoo and conditioner whenever you are shopping for your hair. Go ahead and find some good hair styling products. On some occasions, you might curl your hair or want a wavy look. For such times, you will need the right hair sprays to keep the style in place throughout the day. The regular hairsprays would surely keep the look intact, but it will mess up the hair color. Hence, you will have to intensively research on hair care products that are designed for the lighter shades of colored hair.

  1. Try Hair Gloss Treatments:

Hair stylists are constantly researching about techniques to give their clients the best hair care treatments. One of such process is the hair gloss treatments. There are special treatments that are crafted for the brown hair and its different shades. In the long run, they will help you to maintain the color of your hair and boost the shine. If you cannot invest in such treatments regularly, then you can visit the salon for special occasions or big events.

  1. Relax with Hot Oil Massages:

Never forget to spend some good time with your colored hair. The colored hair would only look good if it is maintained and cared well. By this, it is suggested that you should give a hot oil massage to your hair 2 to 3 days before you get the light brown hair color. Even after you get the hair colored, you should follow the practice once every fortnight or at least a month. Try virgin coconut or almond oil for best results. The oil will hydrate your hair and keep your locks rich with the brown shade.

  1. Comb Your Hair Regularly:

In order to achieve the perfect messy look, many avoid combing their hair. However, it takes a toll on the shiny look that brown color is known to give. Make sure you comb your hair every day. Tangle free hair simply means shinier hair. Besides, combing improves blood circulation in the scalp and gives good volume to your hair. The best practice is to put your head down and comb gently so that the brush touches the scalp.

With these 10 tips, you can surely maintain the color for a longer time. Be consistent with them and you will have healthy and shiny hair. These tips are applicable to both men and women. While you are serious about your hair and the new color, do not forget to have fun. Try new hairstyles for wavy hair or regular hair so that you look a bit different every time you step out of the home. Learn new tricks so that even the subtlest brown shade is noticed by all.

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