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Purple Highlights To Get You Rolling High This Season!

Balayage Purple


Purple Highlights To Get You Rolling High This Season!

There can be any reason why you can color your hair globally and especially a bold color. This is why we bring 13 amazing ways to get the purple highlights.

Nothing can beat the fun of having color on your hair. And, when you think of something bold and fun like purple, you are certainly thinking out of the box. There are many girls who are tempted to get their hair whacky red or soothing purple. But, it is their professional commitments that keep them from it. However, there is an alternative that will not debunk your reputation and at the same let, you have all the fun. The ‘purple highlights’ is your way out to get the color without bringing it to everyone’s (much) notice. You will be certainly appreciated for the color but not sacked from your job.

  1. Subtle Purple:

Purple Highlights

When you have dark or brown hair naturally, you should be looking for this hair color. It is subtle enough for the ones who are shy in their choice but are not afraid to go for a bold hair color. The ends would be radiant and the shades would simply cascade on your smooth hair.

  1. Burgundy Tinge Purple:

Burgundy Tinge Purple

It is a common myth that the bolder the color the lesser it is deemed professional. However, you simply have to pick colors in tinges to be able to look professional and yet have a boldly colored head. Go for a purple that is well hidden under the garb of burgundy. Get a good stylist for the job.

  1. Purple Blue Flash:

Purple Blue Flash

This one is the perfect combination of hair color for any length of hair. Whether it is summer, winter or spring, you will look vibrant in all seasons for sure. Your stylist needs to maintain a dark shade underneath and go for subtle layering of color or highlights on the top.

  1. Purple Highlights:

Purple Highlights

Whether you are blonde, brunette or have colored your hair, you can go for the simple highlights. Mix the purple with some lilac and you will be able to create the most amazing effect on your hair. This color combination would suit the light colored hair better.

  1. Purple Ends:

Purple Ends

If you have the boring dark hair and do not know how to re-do them, go for the purple ends. Whether you leave your locks open or tie them up, you will simply look out of the town with the purple ends. Get layers or curls and your hair will look no less than a magical waterfall.

  1. Magenta Purple:

Magenta Purple

There is a way of cross combining different hairstyles to look gorgeous. Similarly, you need to know which colors work well with the purple hair color. Only then you will be able to look magnificent. Plum base with highlights of purple or vice-versa is one such combination you should definitely give it a try.

  1. Peachy Purple:

Peachy Purple

It is absolutely fine to be tired of the bold colors and go for the purple with softer and pastel shades. Mix purple with peach highlights and there you go looking like an angel. Whether you have to be a bridesmaid or give a board meeting, you will look your best in this color.

  1. Flash Purple:

Flash Purple

So, you have to take permission from your human resources to get your hair colored? No issues, go for the little flashes of purple which are lesser prominent than the highlights. If you are brunette or have a darker shade of hair, you can go for the subtle and soft highlights.

  1. Balayage Purple:

Balayage Purple

Get your hair colored with the Balayage technique and you cannot go wrong with the purple. It is an assured method to get purple hair color exactly the way you want it and precisely in the quantity that is safe for work. When you have a college to attend or work policy to adhere to but at the same bored of your old look, go for the Balayage purple.

  1. Deep Purple Tips:

Deep Purple Tips

You might not be allowed to color your hair because of the fear of ruining the hair texture or you are simply out of money. Go for the deep purple tips. You will get the best of purple color and since it will be only on the tips, your roots would be safe. Get layers or a long lob to make the color prominent.

  1. Pastel Purple Shades:

Pastel Purple Shades

When you have dull or soft colored hair, you can pump them up with the purple color but in a softer version. Choose cooling shade so that it blends well and creates a misty look. Carry a magical fog in your hair with this hair color.

  1. Purple in Streaks:

Purple in Streaks

You cannot wrong with the purple streaks. They are soft and let you highlight your hair in the right proportion. Whether you are learning or are teaching, mother of 4 or have 400 employees to handle, this one will look gorgeous on any age.

  1. Ombre Purple:

Ombre Purple

Nothing is as magical as the purple shade on the long, black hair. And, when you curl them to give a wavy look, it looks like you are carrying the universe in your mane. Do not hesitate to deviate a bit from the purple to the cobalt hue of the purple species.

Long story short, when you are not allowed to get the purple hair, you go for purple highlights. They give you a refreshing look without going out of your way. You can easily go for touch-ups and maintain the color for a longer time. So, get the fun going with the purple on your head.


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