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Simple Trick For Semi Permanent Hair Color [Video]



Simple Trick For Semi Permanent Hair Color [Video]

Look funky this season with the semi permanent hair color ideas.


There are some interesting hair colouring trends that are discussed a lot by school and college girls. The best ones are those that involve no chemicals and no harm to the hair. Semi permanent hair color techniques are safe on hair. They are the best bet when you are unsure and unable to decide upon a shade for hair color. With a temporary coloring you get a rough idea about which color will suit you the best in case you are going for permanent color.

Below discussed is one semi permanent hair coloring technique of Kool Aid.

Instructions to Use:

  1. Decide on the color that you wish to have on your hair.
  1. Depending on the length of your hair buy the packets of Kool Aid. In case you wish to get highlights, a few will be enough. But if you wish to color your entire head, buy sufficient packs.
  2. Empty the packet contents in any regular saucepan. Fill a glass of water and pour it in the pan. If you wish you can fill the saucepan with water first and empty the contents later.
  1. Lesser the water better would be the intensity of the color. Adding the water later will allow you to decide how much water to pour in so that you can choose the vibrancy of color.
  1. Mix it properly and heat the mixture at high temperature. Keep watching at the heating mixture so that it does not boil and ruin your hair coloring.
  1. Do not let the mixed solution to cool or settle down. Dip the end of your hair to see if the consistency is good and as per your expectation.
  1. Slowly begin working on your hair section by section. If you want you can dip and color only the ends.
  1. If you wish you can color your entire hair. Longer hair can be tricky to work on so keep your calm and slowly work on one section at a time.
  1. Get rid of the excess liquid from the solution. While you dip and color your hair, dab the section onto the paper towel.
  1. Allow it to dry and see how the color gets on your hair.

Things to Remember:

  1. Keep your expectations realistic when it comes to semi permanent or temporary coloring. The temporary coloring techniques might not be as vibrant as the permanent ones.
  1. Be ready with gloves, used towels to cover your body from staining. Keep paper towels ready so that when you work on sections you can dab them quickly.
  1. Allow them to dry naturally and do not blow dry them. Once they dry you can style them by curling with hot iron.
  1. If you wisely pick a color that suits your natural hair color and skin tone you can easily pull off this trick.

Change colors with the changing trends or seasons and look happening at all times. Stay cool and keep your hair from damage with this coloring idea.

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