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Kick Off Summer With The Summer Hair Colors

summer trendy hairstyles


Kick Off Summer With The Summer Hair Colors

Wanna beat the summer heat with the summer hair colors? We got some ideas for you!

summer trendy hairstyles

As the summer hits, you switch to your summer wardrobe and make up. But ever thought of getting the gorgeous summer hair? The prettiest summer hair colors are the ones that are impactful and rich. A simple change in the hair color can have a powerful impact on your entire look. Go lighter or darker for the sunny months. But before you touch the dye make sure you go through the guide below.

  1. Copper Red:

Chic Copper

Do you remember those days when red was said to be a wild and beasty color? You could see only one or two celebs in that color at an awards show. Well, the scene has changed now. Red hair is major. All you have to do is a wee bit of tinkering and it works out well on any hair be it dark or blonde.

  1. Monotone Brunette:

Monotone Brunette

Good news for the brunettes who kept their hair dark and solid. You already have the color for summer and require maintaining it with the regular glosses. For those who don’t have dark color, go dye your hair to beat the heat.

  1. Solid Brown:

Montone Brown

This is a wildly popular trend for girls with dark hair. Get the rich monochromatic look that works ideally for dark brunettes who aim for one solid color. This color is low-maintenance and does not cost much if you have dark hair and wish to switch the colors.

  1. Caramel Blonde:

Caramel Blonde

Being blonde is not easy. One cannot resist the alluring highlights. The best way to avoid them is with the buttery tone that blends well with the blondes. Do not go for the dreaded striping that resembles the Ombre. This color is easier to get on blonde hair. You will look fresh and natural at all times in summer.

  1. Icy Blonde:

Icy Blonde

There is no better way to look relaxed and chilled in summer than to get an icy blonde color. Get yourself the platinum look that is low maintenance. The undone and rooty look is very chic and fashionable. However, you will have to get a gloss regularly keep up with the platinum icy look.

  1. Pastel Pink:

Pastel Pink

Pastel hair has always been on the radar and do not be surprised if you see this color a lot in summer. Girls are not restricting themselves to blonde, strawberry or chocolate anymore. You can have a lot of fun with the pastel color. In case you are not sure, opt for the matte gloss that creates a very subtle pastel wash like look.

  1. Blue:

Blue on Blonde

While you can choose to go smurf blue on all your hair, but highlights work well in the summer. This color looks the best on brunette hair. Decide on the intensity of the color. While the subtle shade looks the best, there is no harm in choosing the brighter shade for summer.

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  1. Rainbow Effect:

Colorful Rainbow

Coloring your hair in different shades can be absolute fun. The multiple colors on your head can spice up your look in the summer. Have fun with your look and make your hair a style statement. Be creative and mix any colors of your choice.

  1. Dusty Lavender:

Dusty Lavender

Do not mix this one with the subtle pink. They can be very close on the color wheel but you need to realize the subtle difference and choose the one that suits you. This hair color is soothing on eyes in the summer. It works well on the blonde hair. Bleach your hair to get this color if you are a brunette.

  1. Highlights:

Black and Brown Highlights

If at all you feel that nothing suits you, then you should try some highlights. There can be nothing better than this option for people who wish to change their look but hesitate to color. This is the safest bet for summer but a sure way to introduce yourself to the world of hair color.

  1. Mahogany


This sumptuous looking color is definitely tempting every brunette in the summer. Look your best with the polished dark brown hair that has earthy red undertones. In simpler words the mahogany will simply warm up the otherwise boring brown shade.

  1. Babylights

Heavenly Babylights

It is impossible to not know about the babylights. Every girl wishes for the highlights in which the balayage technique is used. The stylist will hand paint the lighter color and give your hair the healthy and natural looking highlights. It requires serious technique and the best way to get them is salon, unless you are expert in hair coloring.

  1. Deep Sea Green

Sea Green

While the summer lights up everything with the heat, you can go and make your own way with the rich sea green. This jewel tone looks sophisticated and is a great take on the pastel hair color trend. While blonde hair can take only its lighter version, the brunettes can take any variation o this hair color.

  1. Aubergine


The deep violet-red hair color has been trending to give the hair a poetic look. This hair color shade is most perfect for cool or neutral brunettes. Go wild and naughty this summer with this bold and vivacious color. It is best keep a track on fading color or else it can ruin your look.

There is no need to settle for a single color. You can choose the temporary or semi-permanent colors and keep changing your look. Let the summer shades light up your hair this season. Be playful and young with this one transformation. Steal the look of any celebrity with great hair color for yourself and rock the summer!

9 Ideas To Maintain The Summer Hair Colors!

Summers will surely bring out the beast in you. There will be a massive change in the wardrobe and you will be excited to experiment with everything. However, when it comes to skin and hair, you have to plan your every move. Unless you are ready to care for your hair, you should not try your guts with colors. But, when you get one of the funkiest summer hair colors, give them the best care. There are numerous ways in which your hair can go awry. Right from the sun to the chlorine in the pool, everything will be against your hair.

So, how do you keep up with the hair colors this summer?

  1. Coconut Oil:

It is one of the greatest ways to protect your hair. It comes with natural SPF of around 6. This is good enough to protect your hair from fading when you are at the poolside or on the beach. All you need is gently massage few drops of oil onto the hair. If you have long strands then there is no harm in extending the same hand until the end and giving them some nourishment. Make sure you condition your hair regularly with coconut oil to maintain the color as well as the health of your hair.

  1. No Shampoo Before Swimming:

This rule is applicable only before going to the beach or hitting the pool. When you shampoo, the scalp and hair are clean. As you hit the water, it will strip off the natural oils from hair more easily. Thus, it will affect your hair color too. So, the best way to protect your hair color is to wear an SPF hair product or a hair cap before swimming. Or, you can simply condition or oil your hair to keep the colors from fading.

  1. Conditioning Hair:

The salt in the seawater damages the hair color more than the chlorine in the pool. Hence, you need to first wet your hair and dab some conditioner on the hair. It will ensure that the hair does not absorb the chlorine or the salt from the water. The best combination will be applying few drops of oil before wetting the hair and applying the conditioner. Thus, you can easily keep your hair from going dry when they are damp.

  1. Leave-In Spray:

The cosmetic industry is flooded with an array of products for skin and hair. You can look out for the leave-in spray for the colored hair. Such sprays are known for their instant nourishment as well as deep conditioning to the hair. They would protect your hair not just against the sun but also the heating damage. If you look up for the right products that match your hair texture and color, you can maintain the vibrancy of your hair.

  1. Minimal Shampooing:

While summers can make me sweat on certain days, you need to stick to minimal shampooing. Go for it only when it is needed the most. In fact, go for the cleansing cream for your hair instead of a shampoo. The cream will keep the cuticle of your hair closed and prevent the summer hair colors from seeping out. Additionally, such creams will nourish your hair as they do not have any sulfates in them.

  1. Cold Water Washing and Rinsing:

No matter how much you are tempted to have the hot or warm water showers, you should stick to the cold water hair wash. Also, if you feel tempted to shampoo your hair on an extremely humid day, you can go for the cold water rinse instead. It will take care of your sweaty scalp, keep the cuticles closed, and the hair color from fading. So, every time you hit the beach or a pool, you can try rinsing your hair under the cold shower.

  1. Cover Your Hair in the Open:

This is the thumb rule for colored hair in all seasons. Use turbans, scarves, hats or caps whenever you are outdoors to protect your hair color from the sun. One smart tip is to invest smartly in the ones that would go well with your outfits. Instead of using them boringly to cover your hair, turn them into your hair accessory when you are outdoors. Learn how to tie the scarves in an interesting manner. Thus, you maintain the radiance of your colored hair for a longer time.

  1. I.Y Hair Masks:

Hit the internet and find out different hair masks that you can prepare at home easily. The avocado hair mask is the most popular to maintain the summer hair colors. Avocado comes with elements that are known to do wonders on hair colors. All you have to do is crush avocado and mix it with honey, olive oil, lemon, and buttermilk. Allow this to sit on your hair for 30 minutes. Rinse it with cold water and you will notice it healed your damaged hair.

  1. Vitamin E Products:

Every time you hit a store or want to invest in hair care products, go for the ones with Vitamin E. They are good for hair especially the colored ones. Also, if you have been using hot tools like ironing or curling then you need to relax your hair from the damage. Vitamin E rich products are known to restore the health and shine in your hair. However, you need to cut down the use of too many harsh products on your colored hair.

With these basic care tips, you can keep your colored hair in the best condition this summer.

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