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7 Super Hot Mens Long Hairstyles Ponytail To Swoon The People Around!

Mens Long Hairstyles Ponytail


7 Super Hot Mens Long Hairstyles Ponytail To Swoon The People Around!

Why not experiment with your style when you own a long mane. Style those long locks with any of the mens long hairstyles ponytail inspiration shared here.

Mens Long Hairstyles Ponytail

Men with longer hair hunt for hairstyles that they can carry well even in their offices. While the best ones are regarded to be the ones that are left open, but there is a lot of room to play. Long hairstyles ponytail with simple twists can help you create an edgy look. To set a trend of your own like the celebrities, you have to be a bit brave. If you are hunting for trendy hairstyle ideas, then we have stylish ponytail ideas to share with you. Twist your hair in a ponytail and swoon all the ladies or even the men in your town.

  1. Messy Bun Ponytail:

Messy Bun Ponytail

This is the easiest hairstyle in ponytails that you can try. Grab a wide toothed comb or a paddle brush to gather your mane. Tie a ponytail that is not too tight or too loose. Instead of pulling all your hair out of the ponytail leave the end in the head band. It creates a little ponytail bun. Try to pull out the end of your hair out to add some polished messiness. You might have seen several musicians and rockstar sport this one out of the long hairstyles ponytail. But it can be carried well with for formal occasions as well.

  1. Short Ponytail:

Short Ponytail

When you have the added length in the front and a medium hair at the back then you can choose for this style. Leave some section of y our hair open in the front or tuck it behind the ear. Pull the rest of the hair behind and tie them in a transparent head band. Use a gel or shine crème to smooth the hair. Let the strands of hair naturally out and don’t try to pull them forcibly into your pony. The aim of this style is to keep the style casual as well as sophisticated.

  1. Ponytail with Hairband:

Ponytail with Headband

When you have wavy and long hair, tying them up can be a bit daunting task. Thanks to the styling products and a simple hairband, you can take care of the unmanageable hair. Pull back your hair as much as you can with the help of the styling products. Tie them tightly as you will not want the hair to fly out. Gently press the hairband to keep the front hair from distracting you. Choose the hairband wisely. Don’t go overboard with the fancy ones as they can make you look more feminine than manly.

  1. Top Ponytail:

Top Ponytail

This can make any boy turn into a man if accompanied with a beard and a moustache. Neatly bring all your hair on top of your head and tie a ponytail bun. Don’t tie too tightly as it can ruin the symmetry of your face. Make sure you have pulled them neatly and tucked them properly in a bun style ponytail on the top of your head. This style looks magically cool on casuals like denims and T-shirts as well as impeccable with the formals like suits.

  1. Half Way Up:

Half Way Up ponytails

The image proves that the half way up style is very manly and works for almost all hair types. Right from sleek, straight hair to wavy and curly long hair, anybody can pull up into a half ponytail for a cool and a rugged style. All you need is to pair it with well with a fine clothing. Create a style that defines you and sets a character. Look like a celebrity with this hairstyle. Beard or no beard, you can look amazing in this style without any two thoughts.

  1. Half Way Up Bun:

Half Way Up Bun ponytails

Look no less than a charming prince in this hairdo. Pull back gently all your front hair at the back of your head and tie a loose half way up pony bun. Leave the remainder of the hair that you pull of your ponytail bun downwards. Whether you are on the beach or on a professional tour, this hairdo can help you charm the people on your way. It is simple, stylish and very manly. While it looks the best on a straight hair, do not hesitate to get it even if you have wavy hair.

  1. Low Ponytail:

Low ponytail for men

Whether you have very long or medium length long hair, you can try the low ponytail when you are in a hurry. Comb your hair neatly backwards and tie a ponytail at the lower back of your head. Make sure it is not at the nape of your back but a little up. Tie it neatly with an elastic head band. If you are attending a conference or a meeting, you can set them with a gel to get a sleek look. Otherwise you can simply choose for a casual and bit messy style.

Any of these mens long hairstyles would work well when you are dressed well. It creates a character for you and works well when you are trying a build an image and reputation for yourself. When you want the town to talk about for all the right reasons, style yourself with any of these hairstyles. Break the stereotypes and experiment with your looks. The best part about owning the long hair is that you can keep playing with your style. Don’t stick to one look for a long time. Dress up according to the event and you will surely win some hearts and steal some glances.

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