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Mega Hairstyles

Top Mega 10 Black Men Hairstyles To Look Handsome

Black Men Hairstyles


Top Mega 10 Black Men Hairstyles To Look Handsome

Looking for some inspirations in black m en hairstyles? Here are creative solutions to work around those natural curls.

Black Men Hairstyles

Planning to change the hairstyle? Well there are top mega 10 black men hairstyles that you can try. Long, ‘fro, natural, short or even shaved; there are ample ways for the black men to style their hair. They can look extremely handsome on you. Changing your style is just a cut away. Request your barber for any of these cuts and you are set to look like a charming Hollywood star.

10 black men hairstyles that you can try:

  1. BUZZ:


Men who are always on the run should get themselves the ‘Buzz’ style. Be it a cop or a corporate professional, this hairstyle looks neat and requires very little to no maintenance till the next haircut. The best part is that this style looks good on any face shape and hair type.

Styling: Apply a hair or scalp moisturizer for nourished and healthy hair. Use a boar bristle brush to set your hair. Using small amount of coconut oil will keep your hair and scalp well moisturized.

  1. SMALL ‘FRO:

Small Fro

If you have great curls but do not want them to be very long then you should go for this hairstyle. It will bring out the natural texture of your hair without worrying about long hair. Any hair density and face shape can carry this hairstyle effortlessly. Flaunt your natural curls and look handsome with the small ‘fro hairstyle.

Styling: Clean your hair nicely with shampoo. Apply a leave-in conditioner on your damp hair to tame the frizzy hair. Gently brush through your curls with a wide tooth comb. Do not forget to use a gel from the roots to tips. You can fluff your curls with your fingers and allow your wet hair to dry.


Twisted Up

You have this deep desire to grow your hair and yet wish to look professional? Try the twisted up hair! Interestingly they are very low maintenance and working men will not have to spend too much time worrying about caring and styling. Besides if you are in creative or arts industry, this is the best hairstyle to show off your bold and smart personality.

Styling: Start with clean and wet hair. Section your hair in 4 quadrants. Start at your neck hairline and slowly work up. Apply small amount of pomade. Twist hair from the roots to tip and allow your hair to dry naturally.


Classic Wave

There is no look that can match the classic waves. This hairstyle is just timeless and looks neat and professional at all times. Whether you have to attend this conference or rock at the concert, get yourself those waves that will make you stand out in the crowd. It looks great on any face shape and hair density but men with thick hair can carry this style more fabulously.

Styling: Apply some pomade on clean and naturally dried hair. Using the boar bristle brush, comb your hair forward. If you have recently got this hair cut use soft bristled brush.


Grown Out Buzz

When you got the Buzz and feel like living it a bit more then you can try the grown out buzz style. It brings out the texture of the hair even more. Unlike the ‘Buzz’ hairstyle, you will have to care for this one. If you wish to look prim and proper on your client meeting then you will have to trim them occasionally to maintain the neatness of the look.

Styling: Start with a small amount of hair and scalp moisturizer. Slowly brush your curls with the boar bristle brush. Then gently dab some amount of pomade. Allow your hair to set.


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Slick hairstyle looks so polished and devilishly handsome. The polished fade is most stylish and comes with an easy cut. This is extremely easy to maintain and you will not have to head to salon for maintaining the look. Care for your hair at home and you can easily get that celebrity style.

Styling: Apply a little bit of coconut butter to your scalp and hair. Brush your hair forward gently using a boar bristle brush. You can opt for organic and cold-pressed styling products that leave light aroma in your hair.


short curls

Many men desire to look smart without great efforts. Short curls hairstyle is a great way to look charming and young. All it does is combine your natural curls with trimmed hair. It is sleek, hip and seriously very stylish.

Styling: With some hair and scalp moisturizer you can nourish your hair. In order to define the curls of your hair you can use crème. When you set the hair, allow it to air dry. Make sure the crème is light and keeps your curls frizz free.


Naturally Curly

Keep your curls and flaunt it. Let them be free and enjoy your easy going style. Ask your stylist to trim your hair in a way that the curls in your hair look fine and fluffy. Curly hair is naturally dry than other hair types. Use a deep moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. This way your hair is moisturized and gets some shine. Detangling conditioner will keep your curls in place.


Styling: Dampen your hair and apply some leave in conditioner. This will set your hair. Use gel or organic oils to set your curls in proper place. A wide tooth comb will gently detangle your curls. Twist different sections of hair at the ends and allow them to air dry.

  1. ‘FRO HAWK

Fro hawk

Go old school rock ‘n’ roll style with the ‘fro hawk. This edgy style will suit any black man and is extremely easy to maintain. The stylist will have to carefully cut and trim your hair in neat shape to get that flawless look.

Styling: Get some pomade and apply gently on your damp hair. Brush your hair gently towards the crown with the boar bristle brush. Allow the pomade to air dry.


Long Curs

Get the lovely loose curl patterns and look like an artist. Grow out your hair and get it cut in formal layers to get a right style. S-curl will enhance the texture and loosen your curls to give you that long look.

Styling: Start with your damp hair by applying a leave-in conditioner. Get some gel and apply it from your roots to tips. Get rid of the excess moisture gently with any microfiber towel. Allow your hair to dry.

Black men’s hairstyles depend heavily on the way they are cut. Get talking with your stylist and see which of the discussed options will work well on you.

Taking Good Care of the Black men hairstyles!

A good hairstyle reflects your personality. However, there are many men who complain about messy and dry hair despite the care they take. This is the most common problem reported by black men. They face a different challenge when it comes to dealing with the dryness and fragility. If you are amongst those who love change and keep browsing for black men hairstyles, you need to read about hair care too. Even the most basic care regimen can retain the health and shine of your hair.

  • Hair Care Essentials:

Many people tend to correlate the brands with quality. More expensive the hair care product better would be the results is what they assume. However, what you need to understand is the nature of your hair. The hair of black men are known to be too brittle and break often if braided or brushed too harshly. Hence, you will need Vitamin rich hair products and not the expensive ones. Even the homemade treatments can do tremendous good to your hair. The key is to keep the scalp and the hair moisturized.

  • Tools for Hair:

The reason you complain of poor quality or damaged hair is because you are not using the right tools for your hair. A standard hair comb will be ideal for short hair. However, you should be investing in a good hair brush. For black men hairstyles or long hair, you will need an afro or a wide toothed comb. There are soft brushes to flatten the frizz or tuck in the stray hair. Whereas, there are hard brushes for defining the style prominently. In any of the cases, you should use the combs and brushes sparingly.

  • Techniques to Use Tools:

Even if you have invested in the most innovative combs and brushes, you should know how to use them. There are certain strokes that stimulate blood circulation and boost hair growth. Being harsh can damage the scalp and break the hair. The first thing to remember is never to use a comb on wet hair as it will damage the quality of your hair. Allow your hair to dry naturally and then comb. For detangling your hair, do not use combs or brushes. It can put unnecessary strain on them. Use oil on the patches to deal with the tangles.

  • Go Easy on Shampoo:

It is a myth that you should shampoo your hair every day to keep the hair clean and the style neat. However, shampooing too often can turn your hair dry and brittle. It is because of the chemical content in the products. They strip of the natural oils in your hair. You can switch to natural or herbal shampoos and conditioners. But, even with such products, you need to be discreet. Shampooing once or twice a week is a fair practice.

  • Moisturizing Daily for Healthy Hair:

Irrespective of the fact whether you shampooed or not, you need to moisturize your hair. This is to replenish the lost hydration due to climate other conditions. One of the simplest ways is to apply few drops of hair to the roots. This will make your scalp and hair softer. For better results, you can use almond oil or virgin coconut oil. Take a very small portion and massage it with fingertips onto the scalp. Make sure you spread it evenly all across the head and do not stick to just one section.

  • Black men hairstyles:

Before planning to get any hairstyle, research extensively. Do not blindly follow the current trend, but check if it is suitable for your hair type. A few days later, the hairstyle should not affect the health of your hair. Talk with the stylist to know your options. Discuss the hair care for the specific style. It will give you a fair idea about the products and routine that you will have to engage in. Only if you will be able to follow it you should commit to the style. Or else, you should look for something simple and easy.

  • Healthy Styling Products:

This is something you need to buy carefully. Seldom, you will come across healthy styling products. But, when you do, make sure you invest in them. Go very easy on the waxes, gels, and hair sprays. Avoid buying products that are heavily alcohol or petroleum based. They will only flake your hair. Replace it with the styling oil and you will contribute to healthy hair. You need to consider the aftereffects of each product and then decide whether to buy or not.

  • Visiting the Salon:

Do not think that once you get your hair styled, you can visit the salon next for getting it trimmed or changed. In order to maintain the style as well as check on the condition of the hair, you should visit the salon. Your stylist can guide you in the most accurate way about caring for the hair. He is the one who will suggest to you specific products that would suit your hair type. In fact, if you have any hair styling issues, it is the hair expert who can guide you the best.

If you stay dedicated to your hair care regimen, you will surely notice the change in your hair. They would be easy to style at the same time grow strong. All that you need to do is hunt for the right products and stick to them to get the maximum best from them.

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