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5 Simple Hair Care Tips for Men

Hair Care Tips for Men


5 Simple Hair Care Tips for Men

Get healthy hair with these easy to follow hair care tips for men.

Hair Care Tips for Men

It is needless to say that men care for their hair just like the women do. So, the hair care for them has to be more than shampooing and conditioning. A good routine can effectively help men have good hair so that they can style it well. For this you will have to invest in good hair care products and few hair care tips for men. Men who are in search of perfect hair should care for their hair from inside out. Only then they would be blessed with those gorgeous locks that they can experiment with. Besides a healthy lifestyle can certainly help the men fight back dandruff, hair loss and premature balding that they are vulnerable to.

  1. Drink Water:


Yes you read it right! Interestingly it is as easy to follow as you read it. There is no denying that you drink water, but the question is how often and how much. Keep your body hydrated with the right amount of water. That does not mean that you just gulp down the whole bottle when it strikes you. If your work style is erratic that makes you forget to drink water for a long time, then you need to change your habits. With this simple shift in your lifestyle, you will soon notice changes in your hair and in your skin as well.

Tip #1:

Place a large bottle of water on your desk. This way you will not have to disturb your workflow for a refill and you can keep sipping water at regular intervals.

Tip #2:

Or save an alarm to remind yourself to drink water. This way you will leave your seat at regular interval and get to stretch your body as well.

  1. Healthy Diet:

Healthy Diet

Your hair is made of protein. This is why it is crucial to have protein in your diet for healthy and strong hair. Incorporate fish, eggs, chicken, turkey, legumes and nuts in your meals. For better hair follicle and stronger roots eat lentils and leafy vegetables like broccoli and kale that are rich in iron. Vitamin C is necessary for your body to absorb the iron. Citrus fruits like lemon, guava, oranges, papaya and strawberries are rich source of Vitamin C. Apart from these essential nutrients your body needs Omega-3, Vitamin A, E, Biotin, Zinc and Selenium.

Tip #1:

Make a timetable for yourself so that you incorporate all these things in your meals. You can keep changing the combinations as per your mood and interests.

Tip #2:

Visit a dietician. He will suggest you the right combinations and might even help you set the right intake of each food item per meal.

  1. Exercise:

good exercise men

It goes without saying that a healthy body will have healthy hair. You must have read about the endless benefits of exercising in men’s magazines and health journals. It is time that you schedule some time for it. Try to focus on your comfort zone. Majority of men drop out of the routine or are unable to continue due to the lack of determination. This arises due to tough exercises. Pick a time of the day when you are relatively free to exercise. Begin with simpler exercises like walking or jogging. You can hit a gym and have an instructor to train you.

Tip #1:

Get a friend who is motivated in joining you. This way you will never feel alone or left out when exercising. Motivated people are more likely to continue exercising than ones who do it alone.

Tip #2:

Start by walking. Take your dog for a walk, buy grocery or visit your local park for a walk. Cycle if you can. Avoid elevators or escalators and take the stairs. A simple start is a strong one.

  1. Good Sleep:


Do not underestimate your body’s need of a good sleep. It helps you relax your body and releases happy hormones. Ideally you need a minimum 8 hours of sleep. Keeping in mind the hectic lifestyle that every city man lives in, you should look out for a minimum of 6 hours of sleep. Even if you are catching up on fewer hours, make sure you are in a deep state of relaxation. Overthinking and gadgets can deprive you from peaceful sleep. Before going to sleep make sure you switch off your laptop, tablet, and mobile phone to turn your mind away from the technological distractions.

Tip #1:

Create an ambiance that is conducive for sleeping. Choose right mattress and pillows, quilts and downs for comfortable sleep. Dim the lights and listen to relaxing music before you sleep.

Tip #2:

Meditation is known to work wonders for inducing sleep. Lie on your bed, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Try to relax every muscle in your body. Soon you’ll be asleep.

  1. Combing and Brushing:

men Brushing hair

Many men hesitate to carry combs in their pocket. In reality it is a healthy practice to comb or brush your hair twice or thrice in a day. According to a research the more you stroke your hair with a comb or brush, the better your hair will grow. Avoid stroking rigorously and try if you could do in circular motions. It improves the blood circulation in the scalp, which leads to better and stronger hair. This will help you keep your hair neat. Check for different brushes and combs that are available in market specifically designed for men’s hair.

Tip #1:

Carry a pocket comb that will allow you to brush your hair whenever you find time to comb your hair. This way you improve blood circulation and keep your hair groomed.

Tip #2:

Even if you are unable to carry a comb or brush you can use your fingers. Gently massage your head or scalp with the tips of your fingers. This will help you and your scalp feel relaxed.

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These 5 simple and basic changes in your lifestyle will help you improve the quality and texture of hair. Apart from your hair you will notice a change in your health and skin as well. They are elixir of healthy hair and life!

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