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Sport The New Look With Any Of These Haircut Styles For Men!

Haircut Styles For Men


Sport The New Look With Any Of These Haircut Styles For Men!

Try the new, hot boy look with these haircut styles for men.

Haircut Styles For Men

Current haircut styles for men are witnessing the reworks of old and classic styles. There are slick backs, fade, and undercut in trend now. In last couple of years vintage men’s hairstyle has experienced a comeback. If you are looking for a haircut then it is time that you consider the trendiest men’s hairstyles. The more men are growing conscious about their looks, the better styles are resurging. Men are willing to experiment to look attractive. Short haircuts remain to be the reigning kings because of their clean cuts and the precise styling.

Short haircuts styles that look well on men:

  • Shaved Cut:

men Shaved haircut

This haircut is more of an art form than a hairstyle. It is a misunderstanding that this haircut can’t be modern. You can choose to shave a section of your head to get a neat look. Choose side parting on both sides or on one side to create your signature style. Every morning you can wake up to look fresh and classy effortlessly with this hairstyle.

Do it: If your hair is fine or medium thick and straight to get the right look.

Don’t Do it: If your hair is curly or wavy or you will get an unkempt look instead of a neat one.

  • Curly Cropped:

men-Curly Cropped-haircut

Blessed with curls? There is no need to straighten the hair to get a clean look. This haircut will restrict your unruly curls and keep them tamed. You can now confidently embrace your curls and accentuate your look. You will have to decide on the length of the crop and chop your curls accordingly. Let your stylist guide you with the right length. Instead of stifling your curls, you can use its texture for increasing your style quotient.

Do it: If your hair is curly and thick to get the desired look.

Don’t Do it: If your hair is straight, it will leave you with a disastrous hairdo.

  • Prohibition High and Tight:

men Prohibition High and Tight haircut

This haircut style has made a very strong comeback. It is masculine and trendy that will give you a killer look. Interestingly it works with majority of masses. While it will give you a deep and intense look, you can style your hair for official meetings. This badass haircut is popular among the women. If you wish to draw attention towards you, quickly get this haircut.

Do it: If your hair is straight. This cut works with any hair type from fine, medium, to thick.

Don’t Do it: You should put the scissors down if your hair is wavy, curly or rough.

  • Caesar Haircut:

men Caesar Haircut style

This one is a popular buzz cut but only for the good reason. Respecting the laid back and easy going nature of few guys, stylists have come up with this hair cut. Its short length is easy to maintain. You will find it so simple to spike your hair. A little dab of styling cream or gel and you are ready. If you are looking for a budget friendly haircut then this haircut will certainly save loads of bucks on hair care and styling products.

Do it: If you have unruly and wavy hair then you can style them with this cut to get a neat look.

Don’t Do it: If your hair is straight this cut might not work out well as it will not hold the spikes well.

  • James Dean Look:

men James Dean Look haircut

Remember that dreamy and godly star of the 50’s who made the women croon? Well it’s your turn to be a ‘rebel without a cause’. This haircut is classically romantic and requires very less care for maintenance. It has its body and pomp but at the same time it will give you clean cut good for your office. Go for this stylish yet relaxed look by asking your stylist to keep medium length on both sides.

Do it: If your hair is curly, wavy or even medium to thick, you will look like James Dean.

Don’t Do it: Do not attempt if your hair is very fine or silky straight.

  • Casual Cut:

men Casual Cut hairstyle

Let’s just accept that men would want a stylish look without putting efforts. The simple casual cut will give your hair a neat look without doing anything. Simply slide back your hair with a styling gel and a quickly brush through them. All you need to do is keep your hair shorter on the sides and a bit longer on the top.

Do it: If your face has a strong frame and your hair is straight you can get this look without any hassle.

Don’t Do it: If your hair is wavy and curly, do not attempt for this cut.

  • Pompadour:

men Pompadour haircut

A side parting and pompadour will give you a magnanimously glamorous look. Such haircuts are the most common scene in the fashion industry. You can choose the varying lengths and celebrate this look. Think about your comfort and keep your hair long or short. Use pomade and gently work on your style.

Do it: Only if you have soft and straight hair and ready to work on the style you can opt for this.

Don’t Do it: Lazy boys and men with wild, wavy hair should stay away from this style.

  • Bed-head:

men Bed-head haircut

Desire to get one of those boy bands or surfer-types look for yourself? All you need to get is the bed-head look. The stylist will get your hair cropped in layers. Do not go by its name. It requires meticulous efforts to get the expected look for yourself. This bed head mop is all about young and playful look. You can opt for this look if you are into sports, music or arts. Working in the corporate professionals should not go for this cut.

Do it: If you have naturally curly and wavy hair then you should be confident for this style.

Don’t do it: Straight and fine hair will be unable to pull up this look.

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