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Hairstyles For Men Tips On Maintaining [Video]

hairstyles for men tips


Hairstyles For Men Tips On Maintaining [Video]

Get some serious tips to maintain your latest funky haircut.

hairstyles for men tips

Who says that men can’t style and maintain their hair? There are ample ways to give a lift to your personality. Hair is the best way to get a good change. A little trimming or styling can certainly transform you. But without the right care and maintenance it is impossible to look stunning at all times. With 6 styling Hair Care tips you can maintain your hairstyles for men to look funky and fun.

  1. Residue Build Up:

Staying away from the residue build up can help your hair from the damage. What is residue build up? Well, recollect all the hair products that you use to style your hair! They tend to stay on the strands until you wash them clearly. Even the conditioner and the moisturizer that you use for your hair will leave a residue.

How: Use any regular or anti residue shampoo to get rid of the residue. For the green products that have natural and herbal ingredients. They will clean your hair safely without stripping the natural oils.

  1. Style Wet Hair:

If you have a big event or you wish to style your hair, always go for the wet hair. The best way to style the hair is by washing them. They are clean and are easy to work on. Any styling product works well when they are added on the hair. You can get your desired hairstyle when you work on your wet hair. Also, when you blow dry them they will take the right shape.

How: Clean your hair properly by washing them with a shampoo. If you are in a hurry and shampooing is not possible, wet them with the help of a spray bottle.

  1. Volume:

Men with short thin hair often end up with a flat look. The right hair product can help you add some volume into it. When you have to style your hair, adding the volume can get you the right look. The key is to use the products that are suitable for your hair. Go for the herbal ones. Natural hair serums add good volume, leave lesser residue, and nourish the hair. There are several products like serum, powder, gels. Not every hair reacts in the same way to the products. Understand how your hair reacts by testing the products first. Only then commit to the products.

How: Use the products sparingly and work on the roots to get the right bounce. At times overusing can spoil your hair instead of adding volume in it.

  1. Products:

Right from shampoo and conditioners to gels and pomades there are so many products that flood the markets. You cannot just jump onto anything that you like and ruin your hair. Stick to basic hair care products. There are several brands working on creating products meant for men’s hair. Learn about the products that are healthy and give your hair the right texture and finish. The lesser chemicals they have the lesser damage to your hair. Look out for nourishing products that would nourish your hair when you use them while styling.

How: Read the ‘Ingredients’ and ‘Instructions to Use’ while buying the products. Be an aware consumer. If the ingredients don’t make sense, research a little using search engines. Dermatologists or hair stylists will give you an expert advice on the right products.

  1. Sprays:

There might be few occasions when you go for a hairdo. It is essential that you use a hairspray to keep the look at its place for a longer time. Use only a couple of spritz all over your head to set the look that you wish for the day. It will help you lock the look. At times it is not necessary to use the spray when you are using the styling products. The styling foams are meant to achieve the look while the sprays keep the look in place. You can skip either of the products while working on your hair. You know your hair better and decide on using the products.

How: Cover your forehead or else you are at risk of spraying it in your eyes. Keep the right distance while you are setting your hair with the spray.

  1. Consistency:

It is great to style your hair in different hairdos but it would be good to stay consistent. This way you will be sticking to a set of hair products. It has two benefits. First, you will not use different products everyday that means lesser build up and residue. Second, your hair will not have to suffer different styling. Go for elaborate styling only on special days.

The best tip to maintain your latest haircuts is to nourish them with great care. Invest in good hair care products and restrict your use on styling products. Opt for healthy, herbal, and natural products. Few simple tips, a good hair care regimen, and you are ready to look stunning always.

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