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10 Hairstyles For Men With Long Hair For Your Rescue!

Long Hair Men


10 Hairstyles For Men With Long Hair For Your Rescue!

Show off those long locks with our easy and interesting hairstyles for men with long hair. Grab the attention of your town with your model like looks in these hairdos.

Long Hair Men

A head full of hair is a sign of good health and of course good genes. Don’t hide the treasure you got! Those long locks can look non-trivial and sexy on men. Longer the mane, the more flattering you will look in your lengthy tresses. Most interestingly some of the hairstyles won’t take much of your precious time on the styling procedures. All you need to do is wash, scrunch and go. These eye catching styles won’t put any styling pressurize on you. Here are some hairstyles for men with long hair so that they can sport their long stately locks stylishly.

  1. Twisted Bun:

Twisted Bun

Majority of men with longer hair have the length that can just be tied into a ponytail. But this becomes a boring and regular hairstyle. This is when the twisted bun comes to your rescue. All you need to do is gather all your hair and tie them at the nape. Instead of pulling out a ponytail, you twist them loosely and twirl into a quick and sloppy bun. There is no problem if the tips stick out. They will add to your casual look and give you a chilled out vibe.

  1. Half Up Pony:

Half Up Pony

One look at the image and you will realize that this style will make you look like Brad Pitt or Kurt Cobain. This style is indeed inspired from the 90’s. You will need to pull back your hair and tie a semi bun at the back of your head. Secure the bun with a nice headband. Do not tie the bun too high or else you will ruin the look. You can keep the look casual by not pulling the pony too tight. If you have shoulder length hair then you can carry this look really well.

  1. Semi Bun:

Semi Bun

You can call it a semi bun because it is neither full bun nor twirled inside perfectly. Instead you leave out some of the hair to get that laid back look. It’s right about time that you get that surfer attitude and rock this hairstyle. It looks charming not just on the farm boys but also on the urban executive males. If you are planning to get that undivided attention then leave out some of the frontal hair for that extra dab of coolness.

  1. Braids:


Ever thought that the French braids that are so intrinsically feminine can look so good on a guy? Well, it’s time that you go back and try your hand at it. But you need to have a neat structure to the braiding. The sections have to be neat and the braids have to be clean. So, if you think you cannot do them, ask for help. They are not tricky or tough as the braids appear to be. Be ready for lot of practice to get the style set.

  1. Side Part:

Side Part

If you know how to work on the volume in a right way, then you can look extremely adorable and mature in this style. All you need to do is style your shoulder length hair to create either an intense or a carefree look. Take large section of your hair and sweep it to any one side of your head. With the help of some mousse, you can create waves. This style is an extremely good choice for formal events.

  1. Loose Bun:

Loose Bun

You are only two steps away from this extremely hot style. Pull your hair back, but make sure it is not oiled or gelled and tight. Tie the hair in a ponytail and make a loose knot of it. Take out some of the hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the bun. This is absolutely casual hairstyle that you can take to a beach or a party. If it’s hot out there then just don’t head to the salon to chop your locks. Instead, try this style to stay cool.

  1. Messy Hair:

Messy Hair with Single Braid

You want long hair without any styling fuss or grooming? This shaggy hairstyle has 2 easy steps. Wash and blow dry. If you wish to get those waves and mean, messy hair then let them air dry. Add some hippy touch to your look by tying a very thin, wispy braid. You can keep this style to take your evening walks or a coffee date. If you are in a casual work culture then you can attempt this style at your office.

  1. Half Bun-Half Ponytail:

Half Bun-Half Ponytail

This can be your signature hairstyle when you have very lengthy locks. Gather your mane with a wide toothed comb and tie a low ponytail. Make sure the pony is not too low at your nape. While you are tying the ponytail, make a loop out of it. It will leave you with some creative hair sticking out of the pony. You can carry this hairdo on casual functions and events.

  1. Asymmetry:


If you are looking for a hairstyle that can make you look professional even in your long locks then asymmetry is your style. This style creates movements in the long hair in such a way that you can look dignified and not pretentious. Side-sweep your hair off the forehead to one side to look professional. Go for highlights to bring out the movement in the hair.

  1. Sleek and Choppy:

Sleek and Choppy

When you have sleek and straight hair, you can choose for the choppy style. It can look very flattering on heart shaped face. You can get yourself some choppy finish to get eye-catching and extremely sweet appearance. Most importantly this style goes well with the formals as well as the casuals. If you are bored carrying your mane down, you can tie a little ponytail too.

Men with long hair look insanely hot and these hairstyles will give you that edgy look. Try any of these styles and enjoy the attention!

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