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8 Distinct Low Maintenance Haircuts That Men Should Try!



8 Distinct Low Maintenance Haircuts That Men Should Try!

There are easy ways for men as well to look cool with the low maintenance haircuts. The top 8 are discussed here.


Fashion is no longer restricted to the women. Men are notching up to look their best. Right from working on their health to wearing stylish clothes, they are following real, high standards. However, hair is something that they have to struggle with a lot many times. Right from picking up a good style to maintaining it for a long time becomes a real task. One has to invest in a lot of time in researching about the styles and put in efforts to use the products and keep up with the regimen. However, there are some low maintenance haircuts for men that would let you be carefree and yet look stylish.

  1. Slick Back:


This one is very simple. Ask your stylist to focus on the middle chunk of your hair while the sides are shaved or trimmed clean. So, you will not have to look out for a hair cut for next few months. If needed, you can trim the sides on your own with an electric razor. However, you need to ensure that you wash and keep the hair clean at all times. As the name suggests, you need to slick back the hair with gel or any other hair product of your choice. The slick back style looks good on men with straight hair.

  1. Mid Fade:

low maintenance haircuts

The Mid Fade will take you a whole new level of ‘hotness’. If you work in a professional setting where you are always pressed for time then you should be looking for this cut. It will take care of your looks without demanding much in return. A clean shower, good quality hair gel, and a comb is all you need to style your hair. Get a side partition, comb back your hair neatly and you are set for the day. There is no need to head to your stylist for a cut every now and then. A simple trimming once in a month will take care of this haircut.

  1. Ivy League:


There is no chance you can go wrong with the Ivy League haircut. It is not only low maintenance but also celebrity-approved. You will have enough hair on the top of your head to style it the way you want for different occasions. Whether you want to have side partitions or slick them back, it will be your choice. But, it would be clean as it tapers down. You will look neat with this haircut at all times. Men with sharp face cuts and angular features can carry this style comfortably.

  1. Spike Up:

low maintenance haircuts for men

One of the best alternatives to low maintenance haircuts for men with straight hair is Spike Up. If you are blessed with good hair growth you should be trying your hands on this style. Your hair will be longer on the top and shorter towards the end. Every time you are stepping out of your home, you simply have to mess up your hair and set them with a gel. Even when you are setting it, try to be random to look casual but neat. While this might not be an ideal one for a white collared executive, the artists can make the most of it.

  1. Buzz Cut:


There is nothing that can go wrong with this haircut. You can flaunt this hairstyle in as many ways as you can. Since the hair is short, you will not have to keep checking in the mirror if the hair is neat and in its place. You can take a good amount of gel to set your hair. Whether you are out of bed, on a long road trip or attending an international summit, you will look your best in this haircut. This is one of the best low maintenance haircuts you can get for yourself.

  1. Wavy Haircut:


When you do not have any time to maintain or do not wish to spend too much on hair products, you should go for the Wavy Haircut. You simply let you grow as much as they want to. You can get them cut or trimmed in layers to create the wavy look. How you comb and set the hair will determine if you will be able to carry the look or not. This can look extremely casual hence people who work in a professional setting should be careful before getting this haircut.

  1. Undercut:


Many people call it a major throwback to the military style. No matter who says what, you can certainly give this one a try. Stand out to be the most charming boy on the block with the Undercut. And, if you wish to be the man of every lady’s dream then you should try this look with a beard. You will look way out of your league. Extremely easy to maintain, you will not have to look back to your hairstylist for months when you get an Undercut.

  1. Clean and Professional:


This one is for all the working professionals who wish to look their best without investing too much of time or money on it. Get yourself a decent haircut and gel your hair back neatly. You need to maintain the length of your hair. But, that will cost you a visit only once in 2 months. However, if your hair grows quickly you will have to get them trimmed once a month. This one will not require much of styling and you can carry it on all occasions be it formal or casual.

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