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Mega Hairstyles

5 Most Stylish Mens Long Hairstyles!

Mens Long Hairstyles


5 Most Stylish Mens Long Hairstyles!

Redefine hotness with these mens long hairstyles.

Mens Long Hairstyles

The recurring theme this year for men is the long hair that rivals their female counterparts. Those long, flowing locks are no longer a thing from the old romance novels. Growing number of guys are stomping the catwalk with their long and voluminous mane. The lines between the men and women hairstyles are now blurring. If you wish to perfect those long hairstyles for mens then here is your guide. Choose a length to style your hair and get those naughty and admiring looks.

  1. Mens Long Hairstyles: Curl and Wave

Mens Long Curly and Wavy hairstyle

Men with voluminous and free flowing hair will be proud to wear this wavy mane. The longer you grow your hair, the better your curls will be demonstrated. But be sure that your stylist gives a right shape to your mane that compliments your face type. You will have to maintain the length so that the curls look well on you. Do not wait for a long time to trim your hair. With the help of hair gels and styling products, you can create different hairdos with boar bristle brush. Smoothen out the top hair and curl your bottom hair to get the over-all wavy effect. Apply liquid shine to your locks for shiny and dreamy look. Creating this look will take time and you will have to be patient while learning to get it.

Tip to Maintain the Style: Use hair care products that will keep humidity out and control the frizz in your hair.

  1. Mens Long Hairstyles: Beachy Look

mens Beachy Look hairstyles

Beachy look does not imply that you have to live at the beach to get it. Be a little patient until your hair grows till your chin. The length of the hair has to be uniform all over. Your hair stylist will then chip some at the bottom to give it a light layering. This will add some movement and texture to your hair. If you happen to live in a place that is blessed with sunny climate, your hair will get a natural sun-kissed look. If not then get an Ombre highlight for your strands. This look does not require much maintenance. The more you keep it unkempt, the better you will look. But that does not imply that you can ditch trimming your hair for a long time.

Tip to Maintain the Style: Sun-lightened hair will get you a natural look as opposed to the traditional highlighting. Use sea-salt spray to get the natural beachy look.

  1. Mens Long Hairstyles: Rock ‘N’ Roll

mens Rock ‘N’ Roll hairstyles

Bring back the 50’s look and turn the world upside down with your gorgeous hair. Longer hair can be made more be fun and happening with the rockstar look! Fortunately, you need not wear those big-hair bands. There is no need to run out and get the perm for your long hair. Keep your locks slick and straight so that they fall on your shoulder. If you have straight hair you can choose to keep a uniform length all over. Get some light layers or bangs around your face to transform your look. In case you have waves or curls in your hair, you can smooth them out. Use a flat iron on your dry hair to get the perfect, straight look.

Tip to Maintain the Style: Style your hair with the straightening balm or serum. Hair wax can help you piece out the tips of your hair.

  1. Mens Long Hairstyles: Thick and Shiny

Mens Thick and Shiny hairstyle

If you are amongst the fortunate lot that is blessed with full and thick hair, then grow it out and show it off. Let the people give you an envious look for showing off your gorgeous mane. Get them cut in long layers so that it highlights the frame your face. Blow dry your wet hair in one direction and get yourself an intense look. Keep tossing your hair with fingers while you dry it under the heat. You can scrunch your hair to bring out the volume and shine. Men with lighter shade of hair will find their hair shiny. The ones with the darker hair will notice added shine than the lighter haired men.

Tip to Maintain the Style: Use a shampoo and conditioner to add some extra shine to your hair. You can try the light hold shine pomade to control the waves and style of your thick hair does.

  1. Mens Long Hairstyles: Pulled Back

Mens Long Pulled Back hairstyle

There will be times when you will want to tie all your hair so that you can concentrate on your work. When you want to play or participate in sports, it is best to tie your mane than get them mucky. Pull back all your hair and tie them in pony tail. Make sure you tie the pony low and do not crown it on your head like a girl. In case you know to tie man-bun, go for it. If your hair length is around your jaw line then you can simply pull back the top half of your hair. It will give you a low ponytail. Be careful when you pull back your hair. Pulling harshly will damage your hair and weaken the roots. Choose the right rubber bands so that they do not add tension to hair and reduce the breakage.

Tip to Maintain the Style: Use the snag-free hair elastics to prevent damage to your hair. They come in sober and fun colors so that you can have a pulled back look for formal or casual events.

Next time when you are wondering what to do with your mane, go through these options. While some are effortless and look the best when you keep them natural, others might need practice. Stack good hair care and styling products. They will always come in handy when you are styling your hair. Take a cue from those runaway models and stay away from the scissors. After all, women are enchanted by men with long hair. Stay stylish and play it cool!

8 Good Hair Tips for Mens Long Hairstyles

Yes, the human hair is technically dead but it certainly needs your T.L.C [Tender. Loving. Care.] so that you look your best at all times. It is a myth that only women need the attention and care for their hair. Mens long hairstyles need a good routine for hair and scalp health. There are problems like greasiness of hair, build-up, split ends, breakage, hair fall, thinning etc. And, how do you care for them in between your visits to your hairdresser?

  1. Say NO to Over-Washing:

Men with long hair, especially the ones who work out in the open feel that they need to wash their hair every day. However, it is high time that one should get rid of this habit. You need to simply cover your hair when you are outdoors to protect them from the heat, winds, and grime. Limit washing your hair once a week or maximum twice a week. Do not forget to use a conditioner after washing your hair. If you have dry and frizzy hair use sensitive hair care products.

  1. Caring with Oils:

It is not just the long hair that one should focus on but also the scalp. Eventually, if the roots are not healthy, the hair will not grow strong either. Hence, invest in some good hair oils. Massage the scalp once every week. Follow circular motions while massaging and apply gentle pressure. Do not scrub too harshly. Leave the oil on your scalp for 3 hours and if possible overnight. Wash your hair after that. Oils will nourish the mens long hairstyles for good health and condition them for a soft look.

  1. Caring with Eggs:

Eggs are fully loaded with proteins. It is good that you eat them every day and nourish your hair from inside out. However, it is also good to occasionally treat them from the outside. Depending on the length of your hair take eggs and apply them to your hair. Start from the end and move up gradually towards the roots. Wash your hair with cold water. There are egg hair masks to nourish and condition the hair. Learn about the recipes and try them for your hair.

  1. Long Hair Takes Time for Wash:

Don’t give into the peer pressure of being mocked for taking too long in the shower. When it comes to washing long hair, you will need the time. Start with warm water to get rid of the dirt, grime and excess oil from your scalp and hair. Ideally, you should be using conditioner first to lock in the natural oils in your hair. Dilute the shampoo and massage it into the scalp. Lather it properly all over the hair. Rinse. It is not mandatory to repeat. Use cold water to wash the hair. Hot water strips the shine and oils out of hair. Make sure you do not leave any suds in your hair.

  1. Don’t Rub Hair Too Harshly:

Hair is a delicate organ of your body be it of a woman or a man. Hence, you need to be extremely sensitive in dealing with them. After washing your hair, do not rub or squeeze them too harshly. Rubbing can dry your hair quickly but it will be damaging them too. Go for towel drying. If you are in a hurry, pat them gently to get rid of the excess water and let them air dry. Ditch the habit of rubbing the hair with the towel as you see in the commercials.

  1. Protect from the Pool:

Swimming pools are known for their chlorine content and everyone surely knows how damaging it is for skin and hair. The pool water can cause the mens long hairstyles to grow dry and brittle. Hence, you should avoid going to pool. Whenever, you have to, first wet your hair thoroughly and apply a good conditioner. Put on your swimming cap and then dive into the pool. This routine will protect your long hair from the havoc.

  1. Stay Away from Styling Products:

Too much of anything can be stressful for your hair. So, do away with your hair care products. Stick to your basics. There is no need to use hair spray or gel to set your hair in a particular way. Brush them neatly and style them regularly so that they get the natural flow. Using the hair styling products can make them look heavy and unreal. Break the habit of pushing the gels into your hair and use a comb or your fingers to set them the right way.

It might look cumbersome to follow a regime for your long hair. However, when you take all the efforts to grow your hair, why not a little more to keep them healthy and strong? Adhere to your routine at all times. Pamper yourself on some days with salon treatments. Cut or trim your hair regularly to maintain a neat look.

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