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11 Long Curly Hairstyles In 5 Minutes [Video]

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11 Long Curly Hairstyles In 5 Minutes [Video]

Look your best everyday with these gorgeous long curly hairstyles!

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Waking up every morning with long curly hair can strike you with one thought, which hairdo for today! But we are here for your rescue. Do away with the worries and wake each day with cheerful smile on your lips. Bringing you the regular hairdos in a fresh new style. They were always there but you never gave them a chance. The most interesting fact is you can tie them within 5 minutes. Without straining your hands and fingers, you can get any of these stunning hairdos. Below discussed are 11 long curly hairstyles.

  1. Two Twists:

Without using the comb simply section your hair. There is no rule to get a perfect parting. Embrace your natural curls and work around them. Get some section of one side and start twisting it. Repeat the same with the other section. Tie both the sections behind your head in the middle it with a hair clip or a bobby pin.

  1. One side Hair:

This is a hairdo where you will love to take sides. Pick your favorite side and twist the hair. Do not go for tight twists and let the curls bounce. Keep the other side voluminous with your curly locks. In case any short curls stand out tuck them in neatly with a bobby pin.

  1. Low Bun:

Gather all your curls at the back of your head. Pull them gently so that your hair looks natural and not brutally beaten. Tie a bun gently at the nape. Use a headband if necessary to keep the curls locked in that position. If needed you can comb your curls to get a neat look. Or simply use your hand to gather the locks and get a messy bun.

  1. Front Curls & Low Bun:

Take a step further with your Low Bun hairstyle. Try to pull out a few locks in the front delicately. You can decide on the section and there is no need to follow the exact same location shown in the video. Learn about our face shape and pull out the locks. Look amazingly Victorian in this hairdo.

  1. High Ponytail:

No girl with long curly hair can go wrong with this hairdo. Simply comb in the front section of your hair with paddle brush or your regular comb. This will gather those little curls that might stand and ruin your look. Keep the ponytail high and spread out the curls to keep the look casual.

  1. Messy Bun:

Pull your hair together on top of your head. Use a headband to tie the bun and carefully wrap the lose strands around the tied hair. This will create an effect that you have tied your bun with your hair. Pull out some of the locks in the front to add some glamour to the messiness. But if you are not comfortable you can keep the locks tied in the bun.

  1. Hair Down with Bump:

All you need to do is get a little pout in the front and keep the rest of your hair down. The bump or the pout gives an elevated texture to the otherwise plain curly hair. It is so easy that you will be ready in minutes for your day.

  1. One Twist Hair:

All you need to do is get a rough side partition. Twist the voluminous section of your hair and clip it with bobby pin or any fancy pin. If you wish you can try trucking the other side which has lesser locks. If your face structure carries the style well, you can keep it.

  1. Sleeked Back Bun:

Neatly comb back your hair and tie a high ponytail. Use a serum or gel to set the hair so that the curls appear straight and sleek. Gently twist the hair and tie the ponytail into a bun. Use bobby pins if needed to secure the bun. Try pulling out some locks from the side to get a diva look.

  1. Bumpy Braid:

Get a bump in the front section of your hair. Tie the rest of your hair in braids. You can try the regular braid. If you got skillful fingers you can go for the fishtail braid. Try anything that you are comfortable wearing and tie in lesser time.

Here comes the ‘one extra hairdo for happiness’:

  1. Two Twist Braid:

Get two front sections for your hair. Twist them back just like you got for the ‘Two Twist’. This time use a headband. The next step is to braid the hair till the end. You will get a Greek look within minutes.

While you were worried for one great look for the day, you got 11 here! Do not hold yourself back from experimenting by mixing different basic hairstyles to create your own style. Practice with buns and braids to get the natural look effortlessly.

Keep Calm and Look Drop Dead Gorgeous!

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