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5 Amazing Short Haircuts For Women 2016 You Must Try!

Feminine Mohawk


5 Amazing Short Haircuts For Women 2016 You Must Try!

There are short haircuts for women 2016 will give you the best look for the coming year. Give yourself an extreme makeover as you need to take on the New Year fiercely.

Let the delicate and feminine features like the nape, neck, and face reveal boldly with the stunning short haircuts for women. The cuts are beautiful and let you reflect the charming persona that you have been hiding all those years. Be it an official conference or a wild party, a boring office presentation or a music festival, look always your best with the styles that are refreshing and new. It is said that the best way to stay stylish is to create your own style. In a hasty run to keep up with the fashion trends, we made your task a little easier with 5 haircuts for 2016.

  1. Feminine Mohawk:

Feminine Mohawk

This is an absolutely edgy and mean look only you have the guts to carry it. You can have your personalized variation of this cut. Determine the length on the top of your head and style it with the pomade. You should begin with dry hair for best results. A strong hold styling cream is best to create some dramatic height on the top. Girls with the thin or finer hair and a heart shaped frame should go for this cut out of the short haircuts for women 2016.

  1. Asymmetrical Bob:

Asymmetrical Bob

The wavy and asymmetrical look is most perfect when you are looking for an adventurous cut. The layers in the bob fall haphazardly and this hairstyle is more towards the wilder side. You can style them whacky with your round brush for a smoother look. Or you can use a curling iron to curl the sections of your hair. Try scrunching your hair after spritzing some hairspray to get those loose waves. Keep your hair as natural as possible. This look goes the best with round shaped face but given the good reputation of the short hair, it will look good on long, oval face as well.

  1. Traditional Pixie:

Traditional Pixie

Remember the elegant and cute love of the Jay Gatsby’s life? Well, you can look like her too. With the traditional pixie, you can go for a longer fringe to add a little charm around the frame of your face. If you wish, you can curl them or opt for the messed up look. Texture cream is extremely helpful when you are working on those curls. Don’t forget to spray some light hold spray to get a look that last for hours. Interestingly, this haircut works well on women with fine hair. It frames well around an oval face shape. But don’t forget to get hold on those hair accessories that will pull up the look.

  1. Edgy Editorial:

Edgy Editorial

Who wouldn’t want to get the look that appears to step out right from ‘The Devil Wears Prada’? Well this editorial-inspired haircut is fun to create and super easy to maintain. All you need is a stylist who can give you bangs the right way. Curl them, swirl them, play as much as you can with them. Part your hair in the middle or at the sides and work with the curling iron. Work section by section with backcombing brush. Using a light hold finishing spray can help you keep the look throughout the day. Even though the haircut is short, the layers will be longer.

  1. Layered Bob

Layered Bob

Get rid of that extra weight that your hair puts on your head with this sleek haircut. This is short, sleek, and involves a lot of texture. Only a magician with scissors can get you the perfect style. It looks amazing when you work on styling them with your blow dryer. Use any wet hair styling products and dry your hair while working with amazing the brush. You can style your hair the way you want. Layered bob frames beautifully around the any face shapes except for the wider face. Also, if you have thin hair, you should stay away from this hair style.

Hire the best stylist to get these haircuts. They need to be precise and neat to get the right effect. Also, it takes a lot of meticulous calculation and experience to determine the length that will fit around your face. Allow the effervescent and buoyant you to take the flight. Rise above all and set a trend with any of these styles. Get the chance to be looked upon as a style diva, a fashion icon. Create the drama to get enough attention by working on these short haircuts for women with accessories like headbands, clips, bandana etc. Top it with some attitude and you are set to sizzle the town.

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