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4 Simple Black Women Hairstyles [Video]

simple black hairs


4 Simple Black Women Hairstyles [Video]

Get the rockstar look with the black women hairstyles.

simple black hairs

It can be frustrating to style the curly hair. You cannot afford to have a bad hair day when you have that huge mass of curly mane. There can be times when you just want to have some simple styles for your hair. No matter how hard they try there are women who cannot train their fingers for complicated hairstyles. Here are 4 simple black women hairstyles that can make your day. They are easy and whacky. What more? You can tie them within minutes and rock your long day. Here are the instructions to sport the four hairstyles.

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The Mane:

  • Gather the hair that falls on the top of your forehead and pull it slightly back.
  • Pin them on top of your head using a bobby pin.
  • This hairdo creates a mane effect and you can stylishly carry your curly hair.

Two Way:

  • Carefully gather your hair from the sides so that they come together in the center of your head.
  • Pin them from both sides.
  • If your hair is too long and covers your eyes then you can tuck a pin under the hair to make the bangs look neat and short.

Lady Mohawk:

  • Comb your hair on one side. It should appear straight and neat. Use a gel or serum if you want.
  • Using a bobby pin, tuck your hair from front to back to get the mohawk effect.
  • Repeat the same on the other side to get the rockstar look.

The Prohawk:

  • This hairdo is a step further from the Mohawk. Do the Mohawk style carefully.
  • Twist the back of your hair and give it a giant twist.
  • The volume of your curls will fall on the top of your head to give you the wonderful hairdo.

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Few Handy Tips:

  1. Keep your hair brushes close to you. You may never know which one you might need while trying these styles.
  1. Bobby pins are the next accessory that you will need in abundance. Invest in good quality pins. You can even buy the studded pins to glam on certain occasions.
  1. Use healthy and safe hair care products while styling your hair. Do not hesitate to use them whenever you feel the need to manage your unruly hair.
  1. Keep your hair clean by washing them regularly. Use products that are specifically meant for the curly hair so that they are easy to manage.
  1. Healthy hair is easy to manage and style. Nourish them so that you feel confident and style them the way you want.

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