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Hair Salons North London You Must Give A Try!

salons North London


Hair Salons North London You Must Give A Try!

Book yourself a royal treatment at the top salons north london. Give your hair the best that they deserve and pamper them with all the love and care from hair experts.


Trusting a random hairdresser doesn’t come easily. You need a neat professional who can extend their love and care to your precious locks. However, finding a hairdresser in a wide metropolis–London can be nerve wrecking. The trick question is – “will any budget salons in north London offer you a good value service?” Hair salons are the specialists who cater to the different needs of the hair. Be it colouring or relaxing the hair, you need a specialist to treat your hair in the right manner. Listed below are top salons north london for varied hair treatments.

#1For: Good Hair Health:

Ever wondered there can be a salon that works like a hair clinic? The Philip Kingsley Clinic is like the Mecca for the people who have hair issues. The team comprise of trichologists who understand hair and its health. All the straightening, styling, colouring takes the health out of the hair. No matter how many home remedies you try, you cannot reverse the effects. This is one of the salons north london that brings back the gloss in your hair. You get to choose from their myriad of hair treatments that hydrates and soothes the mane.

If you want to try all the crazy hairdos without damaging your hair, then you need to fix a session here at the earliest!

For Appointment: +44 (0) 207 6294004

#2For: Hair Colour:

If you are planning to change your hair colour, then you need to look for a specialist. You can get the best updates on trendiest colour for hair in FOUR. Stylists here take colour change very seriously and will discuss every option with you in detail. Only after thorough consultation and your confirmation, they would execute the plan. This means the stylist will not allow you to mess with your hair at any cost. Every colourist here is trained and skilled with unique colour styling. They bring down even the softest shade perfectly so that you get what you expected.

Right from the rainbow colours that shower happiness to softest pink hues that play games in the light, you can get it all only here.

For Appointments: 020 7297 9600 OR

#3 For: Hair Makeover:

Set up a few years back, Percy & Reed is already making quite some noise in the world of tresses and locks. The stylists know how to play with their tools and create a masterpiece. If you have been planning to change your looks and hunting for the right moment, well the time is now. It takes enormous understanding to study the face structure and come up brilliant suggestions. There is lot of psychology involved to understand the fears and possessiveness of a person who approaches for a makeover. This is one stop worth waiting for among the salons north London as your hair will be in safe hands.

Whether you wish to get yourself a well-groomed look or a complete makeover, you know where you should be headed.

For Appointments: 020 7637 4634.

 #4 For: Bobs:

What feeling do you get upon reading – George’s Northwood’s Bob Bar? With just few years’ experience, this man is making wild experiments in short hairstyles that you should try. For all the lovelies who have been dreaming of short hair but couldn’t risk it for the wrong stylist may ruin your locks, here’s your holy grail. This is the place where you will be surprised after getting the short haircut for all the right reasons. You will be served with the best ‘carte du jour’ to make your pick. Up until now short haircuts only meant risks but here you get to play it safely. How? Well the genius has come up with the technique of bob-wigs to see if the cut will suit you or not.

Next time when anyone challenges you for a shorter hair, put a brave face on and accept it as you know you are going to nail it!

For Appointments: 020 7580 8195.

#5 For Classic Cuts:

Very few people got this sensuous taste for vintage makeovers. Paul Edmond brings to you interesting classic haircuts but with the modern twist. Stylists here will make you feel like a princess who deserves nothing but the best. You get to create a new style by simply recreating an old hairstyle from the 70’s. Every stylist here has the ability to pay attention to little details in haircuts. The result is that the moment you get your hair trimmed or cut here, you step out of the salon feeling like a celebrity. So, it is not an out-of-fashion hairstyle you get but the glorious charm that you get to reclaim.

Relish the moment when you get the high when your hair is gorgeously cut.

For Appointments: +44 (0) 844 770 9410 OR

In the matters of heart and hair, you shouldn’t be taking any risks. And when they both are intertwined, you should be settling only for the best. For all the pretty ones who feel the love for their hair, trust our hand-picked maestros who will spell magic on hair. From extreme makeovers to colouring, treatments to niche cuts, here are the best five who rule the northern London. Make sure you bookmark these salons north London or secretly pen them down in your secret beauty book.

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